Bring Back the Ruger PC-9

Ruger Pistol Caliber Carbine

And the Marlin Camp-9 while we’re at it.


A few reasons.

  • There are very few inexpensive but nice 9mm carbines. There’s the Beretta CX4, and then my choices are pricey (9mm upper), average (Kel-Tec Sub2k) or charitably low-end (Hi-Point).
  • Caracal’s coming out with one, so is Tavor and Saiga’s got a new one too. If they’re weren’t the demand for them, they wouldn’t make ’em. Speaking of which…
  • “Tactical Carbine/Shotgun” matches are popping up all over the place, allowing people shoot 3 Gun-style matches without having to deal with rifle-strength targets or have a 300+ yard range nearby.
  • A 9mm Carbine makes a dandy home-defense long gun, giving you the increased control and added thump of more muzzle velocity of a long gun without the over-penetration worries of a rifle-caliber carbine.
  • And it makes a dandy bug-out gun, too. Having to carry around one kind of ammo and carry one set of magazines makes a lot of sense when you’re dealing with limited space and weight. A 9mm carbine maxes out at about 100 yards, but that’s all you’ll be likely to need in anything other than a complete and total “SHTF” scenario.

Memo to Ruger: Take the PC-9, slap on the furniture from your tactical Mini-14, and you’re there. And Marlin, same goes for you.

And feel free to hire me to write your ad copy for you. Again.


Bring Back the Ruger PC-9 — 3 Comments

  1. I too would like to see more pistol caliber carbines brought to market, but a small point of fact…

    You stated that there is less chance of overpenetration with pistol calibers, but I believe a number of entry teams are now moving to .223 as an entry round because the high velocity causes the bullets to fragment when hitting something even as insubstantial as drywall. I believe that 9mm, .40 and .45 will all penetrate drywall more or less intact and pose a much greater risk of overpenetration.

    I only bring it up due to the number of comments I have heard this week stating that the AR platform has no use in home defense. It does, and for this reason.

    • I think the jury is out on the .223 as a home defence round. I’ve seen the tests on Shooting Gallery that show it destabilizes and loses energy quickly, and I’ve seen other tests where it keeps going and going and going

      Where I think .223 is limited in a home mainly because it’s LOUD. I know suppressors and all that will help, but still, it’s a rifle round going off in a tight spot, and that hurts.

  2. I would love to buy a Kel tec sub 2000 but are hard to come by. Just checked the auction sites and prices have jumped up on the ones that are for sale almost double current retail of $409. I wish they would make one that would take the S&W M&P mags .. Lone Wolf is constantly sold out & back ordered on their product too .. times are tuff for pistol caliber with pistol magazine carbine people !