They put up their posters saying “We earn more than you”

The judge said five to ten, but I say double that again
I’m not working for the clampdown
No man born with a living soul
Can be working for the clampdown
Kick over the wall ’cause government’s to fall
How can you refuse it?
Let fury have the hour, anger can be power
D’you know that you can use it?

The voices in your head are calling
Stop wasting your time, there’s nothing coming
Only a fool would think someone could save you
The men at the factory are old and cunning
You don’t owe nothing, so boy get running
It’s the best years of your life they want to steal

Punk is libertarian.

Detroit Glock City

Regular contributor Ed sends this one in.

DGCPolice: Break-in suspect shot, dies after crash

Detroit police say a break-in suspect who was shot by homeowner has died after crashing a getaway vehicle into a nearby home.

Sgt. Michael Woody says two people tried to break into the home on the 15000 block of Glastonbury early Thursday through a window and a third was sitting in the vehicle.

Woody says the homeowner shot at the suspects, who returned fire. He says the person in the vehicle was hit and the two other suspects fled on foot.

FOX 2′s Roop Raj reports a woman in the home that was crashed into was injured. Police didn’t immediately say whether the gunfire or crash killed the suspect.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that an overdose of injected lead didn’t exactly turn him into Parnelli Jones overnight.

Dead Goblin Count: 476 (Enfield)

Is It Time For A New Kind Of Gun Review?


Grant Cunningham has the courage to notice the elephant in the room: Most gun reviews aren’t all that useful

The reports (on the Remington R51) were almost universally positive: raves were given for the gun’s feel, its accuracy, and even its reliability. It looked, according to the people who were there, like Remington had hit one out of the park.

Come mid-January, at the all-important SHOT Show Media Day at the Range, and the R51 was conspicuous by its absence. It was just a scheduling mix-up, everyone was assured, and when they got to the show proper the next day there were plenty of display models on hand. 

As guns trickled out to the public, a different story about the R51 emerged: the triggers were awful, the slides felt like they were moving in a sandstorm, and worst of all: the guns just didn’t run. People wrote of not being able to shoot a full magazine successfully, and accounts of broken parts and incorrect factory assembly were being pasted all over the ‘net. It was turning out to be a disaster of a new product. 

Grant has three reasons why there was/is a disconnect between what was fondled at GunSite and what showed up on the shelves of your local gun store, and they’re all very good ones.

One of the things I’ve noticed about gun reviews is they tend to exist in a vacuum, as if the gun itself had no purpose for being other than itself. This is true for art, but not so true for guns, because tools where meant to be used, that’s why they’re tools and not sculptures. 


So the question then becomes, what task was this tool designed to assist, and does it succeed in doing so? What is the job that an Remington R51 is designed to help with, and does it succeed in assisting a person to accomplish that task? 

Start with knowing what makes a good hammer, then review hammers and judge a hammer by how well it drives nails. Same is true with guns: I really like NutNFancy’s “Purpose of Use” approach to his reviews, and I’d love to see that idea spread to the traditional media as well. 

If this, then that doesn’t work.

Great bar fight

Found on Reddit: A great story about how a night out shooting darts spun out of control.

It was me, my sister and some of her friends. My sister and her friends were playing darts in the bar, I was joking with some other guys. A group of either four or five women and a male made their way from the otherside of the bar and immediately started pushing around my sister’s friend who we’re going to call Amanda.

Amanda didn’t want any part of that and ran over to me, to hide behind me. I had no idea what was going on. The aggressive male was hurling threats at everyone, the bar owner was telling him to leave, Amanda was telling them to leave her alone, she had no beef with anyone. Before I could fully figure out what was going on, the aggressive females started throwing punches at Amanda.

I tried to separate the girls when the aggressive male began to hurl threats at me. I just ignored it. It didn’t take long for s*** to get ugly after that. I saw out of the corner of my eye, my sister getting pulled by the hair into the aggressive group, they were viciously beating on her head. At that moment, I redirected my attention to my sister.

Without even thinking I started yelling at the aggressive girls to let my sister go and punched one of them. The male, the ringleader, then began to move in my direction hurling death threats at me. This was no longer just a stupid little scuffle, this turned into an extremely dangerous situation. I as far as I could tell, I was the only male trying to stop the fight. The aggressive girls were no match for me, but they were seriously going to town on my sister. The male on the other hand was about the same size as me and I had no idea if he had any weapons or not.

At this time I felt the best course of action for me was to step back from the crowd, draw my weapon and aim for the ringleader. Maybe y’all might disagree, maybe not. Hindsight is 20/20 and in retrospect no one got seriously injured. But in this moment, I had no way of predicting the flow of the fight. I felt that both my sister and I were in grave danger.

But I couldn’t protect us like I should have been able to. Because in Texas, a bar with a red liquor license is a mandatory gun free zone. I had made the decision earlier to leave my gun in the car.

Fortunately, everything ended well for the good guys, but yeah, this is pretty close to a no-win scenario as you can get. Sometimes, you can do everything right (including abiding by your state’s laws regarding CCW) and still get into a world of hurt. 

Wayne LaPierre To Announce He’s Breaking Up The NRA



Faced with overwhelming and relentless opposition from Michael Bloomberg’s grassroots “Every Town For Gun Safety”, Wayne LaPierre will announce that he’s disbanding the National Rifle Association at the conclusion of this week’s NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis

“Look, everyone”, Wayne said at a press conference today, “We gave it a good run, but it’s over. We just can’t win against the dozens of people who have joined Michael Bloomberg on his new crusade. I mean, have you seen what they’re doing on social media to show how they can get people involved in gun safety and educate people about the realities of firearms? The NRA just can’t compete with that kind of know-how, so it’s time to call it a day and go home.” 

Michael Bloomberg was busy purchasing the entire state of Rhode Island as a location for his new mansion and was unavailable for comment.

Finding out what matters most.

My mother-in-law passed away last week at the age of 89. She had been going slowly downhill for the last two years because of a major stroke, so if anything, this was a blessing, as she is free from the pain of this world right now. She was smart, loved learning and had a deep passion for animals. She was very, very proud of her collection of books and would talk about her most recent purchases whenever we visited her house.

And now, almost all her worldly goods are either in a bookcase in our house or in the bins at the VNSA waiting to be sold.

Would we give up all of those books of hers we now own for 10 more minutes with her (pre-stroke) self? 

You betcha. 

Losing a loved one who took pride in the things of this world puts all the other things into perspective. Yes, we keep some of the books she owned and pass them on to her grandkids in much the same way that my sons will inherit their grand-dad’s M1903, Remington 870 and S&W K22.

But it’s not the same as having them around us. As with anything else in this world, don’t get too caught up in the WHAT, concentrate on the WHY. 

“You know, I wish I had time to buy a few more guns”, said nobody on their deathbed, ever. 

The Carbine In Context


My AR-15′s and the SU-16C aren’t my “go-to” weapon. It’s not even my secondary weapon, (that’s the Mossberg I have in my safe room), the rifle is my third choice: It’s gun that I would use if I need something more than my CCW gun if I’m outside the house. I’ve taken a really good defensive carbine training class, but I need some defensive shotgun training, as (God forbid), that would be my secondary weapon I’d go to not my AR-15.

Oh, and I need a good class in first aid/trauma. That too. 

Lower For Hire

Speaking of that Fealty Arms Lower, I know have an extra one hanging around, or at least I will when my 80% lower FINALLY ships. I’ll use the Fealty lower to build a lower for my long-range gun, and the CavArms lower is now dedicated to my CMMG .22 adapter and my 3 Gun AR is just about where I want it (I do need to swap out the handguard and gas block on it), so I actually don’t actually have a need for another AR-15 right now. 

I know, since when does need have anything to do with guns? 

I’m leaning towards making a 9mm “pistol” out of it via a Sig Arms brace, and a pistol 9mm upper, but what would you suggest?