And now, a word from Larry Correia.

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Larry Correia posted this on Facebook just now, and I’m stealing it and re-posting it here. Enjoy.

I love how the day after the election the Libertarian Unicorn Calvary rides in to explain how the two parties are EXACTLY THE SAME and NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

Yeah, I can totally see your point, except for the Republicans being better on economics, business, foreign policy, taxes, entitlements, welfare (both individual and corporate), national defense, healthcare, guns, framing any policy disagreement as racism, reading your mail, tapping your phones, using the IRS to attack opponents, running illegal guns to Mexico to frame American gun owners, and basic f***ing math, they’re totally the same. Yes, you want an ice cream cone RIGHT NOW and the republicans didn’t give it to you, so they’re totally the same.

Yes, the Republicans suck. But they are a far more manageable form of suck. Republicans are gonorrhea, Democrats are brain cancer. Any problem you can name with Republicans, you can name the same problem worse with Democrats. There are SOME freedom loving Republicans in office, yet there are ZERO freedom loving Democrats in office.

So thanks for letting us all know how you are pure as the driven snow, and all sins are equal in your eyes. Other than their being EXACTLY THE SAME in totally different ways, the two horrible Republican crimes I keep seeing get tossed out there this morning are opposition to gay marriage and the war on terror. Except that most Republican opposition to gay marriage evaporates once you frame it as a religious freedom issue, and not a bunch of statists forcing religious people to do things that religious people don’t want to do issue. Hell, after last night we elected gay republicans (both openly and LIndsey Graham) and sane gay people are sick of being unemployed and yelled at by Social Justice Warriors too.

As for the war on terror, the only reason that the whole Obama killing of American citizens without trial thing is an issue is because it was brought up and made into a spectacle by a bunch of young Republicans! Derp.

BUT EXACTLY THE SAME. Because you rode up on your unicorn upset that the new majority didn’t give you your f***ing ice cream cone RIGHT NOW and they can’t magically fix every ill and override a veto so EXACTLY THE SAME.

Thank goodness most of America realized they needed to stop the slide to crazy town and voted for the manageable bunch rather than the ones who think Pol Pot and Mao were just swell. Meanwhile the Libertarian party was too busy arguing about the definition of moral perfection to get elected to dog catcher.

So no, they’re not EXACTLY THE SAME. f***ing deal with it.

The “Libertarian Moment” isn’t going to get here because of the Libertarian Party, it’s going to get here because society demands such things.  If you want to change the country, you need to be in the game, not on the sidelines.

2 comments on “And now, a word from Larry Correia.

  1. Yes, the best can be an enemy of the good and often is…but beware being misled by the mouthings of fringies. The free society, in which men are restrained only from doing harm to one another, is a worthy ideal. That the LP has become an asylum with the lunatics in control is the worst thing that could have happened to the liberty movement.

    All that having been said, it’s time to get our forces marshaled for the next big political challenge: ensuring that the newly installed Republican majorities don’t immediately go back to Democrat-style business-as-usual, betraying those of us who believed that restoring them to power was a stroke in the defense of freedom.

  2. Steve says:

    That’s cavalry, not calvary