Let the West Coast B@stards Freeze In The Dark

February 28, 2013 | By exurbankevin | Filed in: Arizona, Environment, Humor, Kevin, politcs.

Blackout in the Golden State

Once again, California is facing rolling brownouts this summer due to its insistence on using unproven, untested but (allegedly) “renewable” power sources. 

The epidemic of power outages and “rolling blackouts” which nearly shut down California in the early 2000s may be returning. Back then, the culprits were unscrupulous energy providers like Enron and a poorly-thought out process of deregulation. This time, renewable energy would be to blame, as the state has pushed to increase the use of solar and wind energy without ensuring that there is enough traditional power generation to keep the grid stable on cloudy, windless days. 

And more than likely, just like last time, Californians will turn to Arizona’s Palo Verde Nuclear Generation Station for help. Californians will come running to Arizona for help (again), and this time, let’s make sure our response is more than a snidely written memo.

Californians want our power? No problem. They just need to agree to…

  1. A moratorium on California-based banks arbitrarily shutting down the accounts of Arizona gun manufacturers
  2. A statement for the California chapter of the Conference of Mayors declaring that SB1070 is the settled law of Arizona and they have no right to comment on it. Oh, and the Lakers suck. That too.
  3. A sales tax holiday for all Arizona tourists from May to August of each year.
  4. CCW Reciprocity with Arizona, effective immediately. 
  5. Lifetime passes to Disneyland for all conservative Arizona bloggers. 

Ok, that last one may be stretching it a bit, but it would sure help with this year’s summer vacation plans for my family…

Learn from Alberta's mistakesThe thing is, I’ve seen this sort of thing before when I was growing up in the oil-rich Canadian province of Alberta. The Federal government in Ottawa saw Alberta’s oil wealth as money that needed to be “spread around” to the other provinces, and as a result, the oil patch in my home town tanked, taking the rest of the economy with it, which is why we moved to the U.S. 

Alberta’s loss is Arizona’s gain, I figure. 🙂 

I hope the residents of Copper State learn from the history of the Wild Rose Province and hang on to their resources, or at the very least, sell them at market prices (or better than market prices….). Californians are not going to change their overspending, hope for change-y ways if they don’t suffer the consequences of their bad decisions, and a few rolling blackouts are a GREAT way to build demand for a reality-based state-wide energy policy. 

2 comments on “Let the West Coast B@stards Freeze In The Dark

  1. willis says:

    Yes, But Gov Brewer is no Joe Klein !

  2. TUrd Ferguson says:

    Wonder if you’ll be singing the same tune when Arizona has to go hat in hand to get more water from surrounding states. Enjoy the slow descent into an exurban ghost town.