C’est Une Guerre

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Just remember, this is not a war.

C’est Une Guerre.

The gulf that exists between the Obama Administration’s words and deeds is stupefying!  Right now JDAMs, Tomahawk cruise missiles, F-15Es, A-10s, and AC-130 gunships are being employed in offensive military operations against the government of Libya.  Call it “Kinetic Military Action” if you will but it still sounds like war to me.

The confusion and inconsistency that is evident by Obama’s actions both belie the seriousness of military intervention and the national interests of the United States.  No matter what you call it, the hammer of force can’t be made less deadly by changing the words which describe it.  The justification to all this is to prevent a humanitarian crisis.  As Wretchard writes:

Military force against a foreign nation ceases to be war and becomes a kind of humanitarian assistance. It is on par with responding to natural disasters.

Even some liberals can see through the Administration’s obfuscation regarding the motives behind American involvement in Libya.  All this without Congressional approval, which raises serious Constitutional issues about Obama’s actions.

This video sums it up the “logic” of some supporters of Libyan intervention…

Just remember that Obama is awesome!

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