Dirt Sandwiches

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Just remember, voters elect guys like this.

As Greg over at Espresso Pundit notes, scandalous behavior is not unique to one party.  Covereage of it is however, witness the near silence of the local MSM regarding Representative Daniel Patterson.

Oh, you haven’t heard?

Its old news but my guess is few if any people outside of Tucson political circles know anything about Daniel Patterson’s situation this past fall.  It has all the elements in a good old-fashioned political scandal.  Here is a little glimpse:

Since moving out of the family home in June—less than six months after his wife had a double-mastectomy operation for breast cancer—he has not told Schaffer (his wife) where he is living, she said, although she asked him when he visited their daughter.

Eventually they got divorced and all is well now.  Mr. Patterson is back in the State House and his ex-wife is presumably getting spousal maintenance and/or child support.  Nothing to look at here, move along everybody…which is exactly what the local MSM did along with the Democrat Caucus.  Problem solved and forgotten, if it was even remembered in the first place.

Still, Daniel Patterson exhibited bad behavior during this episode.  He was able to survive another election and carry on as before, for the most part, but this will taint his legacy.  What a cad!

Speaking of dirt sandwiches, looks like Scott Bundgaard remains Senate Majority Leader, at least for now.  He will stay in his position for a while longer, at least until more embarrasing information leaks out regarding his SR-51 tussle with his ex-girlfriend.  In the near to mid-term though, his political career is over.  I think he is hanging on in an (ultimately futile) attempt to remain a power-broker in Arizona Republican political circles.

As I wrote before, Senator Bundgaard has made several bad decisions in the past.  The latest one shows he makes mistakes and does not take responsibility for them.  Instead, he wants the public to believe that he is a victim and is being wrongfully persecuted.  If the past is any indication though, I’d say Scott Bundgaard is the common thread in series of incidents that demonstrate a lack of character and good judgement that an elected official (much less an adult man) should not exhibit.

Character counts, no matter what party you represent.  So voters, remember this when the 2012 Elections take place.

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