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May 12, 2010 | By admindude | Filed in: Uncategorized.

Los Angeles (along with the rest of California) is in full meltdown. The city is facing a budget shortfall of almost half a billion (that’s billion with a B) dollars because of mismanagement, rose-coloured income projections and a ballooning public payroll, so naturally, the #1 item on their agenda is… 

Chastising Arizona for cracking down on illegal immigration

Los Angeles has become the nation’s largest city to boycott Arizona for enacting a tough state law aimed at fighting illegal immigration. The City Council voted 13-1 Wednesday to approve sanctions that could include canceling some $8 million in contracts.

The resolution calls for the city to stop doing business with Arizona but officials must decide which contracts the city can break without risking a lawsuit. 

Easy for them to say: They have a fence, Arizona doesn’t.

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