Quote of the Day, 09/22 Edition

September 22, 2009 | By exurbankevin | Filed in: Democrats, Kevin, Medicine, Politics, Quotes.

“Every time Obama appears on TV to deliver the same tired arguments that
they’ve already rejected, the more he looks like an empty suit to
Americans. ”

Ed Morrissey

That’s exactly it.

Years ago, there was a series of silly TV ads on Phoenix-area television for Sonoyta Motors, a used-car dealership up in Glendale. The ads had the owner/manager of Sonoyta dressed up in a white tux with a white mask + cowboy hat and calling himself  “The Loan Arranger”. They were dumb and idiotic and utterly ineffective, but they were EVERYWHERE. Did they make me or anyone else with an IQ above room temperature want to buy a used car? No. But they were memorable for their ubiquity and inanity, so much so that to this day, I’ll bet our Phoenix readers can name The Loan Arranger’s sidekick.

But it didn’t do any good. Sonoyta Motors is long gone. Constantly being on TV with a memorable tagline and an engaging personality isn’t enough. At some point, people have to want what you’re selling. And people are not buying into ObamaCare.

(p.s. His sidekick was his donkey, E-Z Credit. Now, can you name me his girlfriend?)

6 comments on “Quote of the Day, 09/22 Edition

  1. Exurban Jon says:

    Carlotta Sales (if memory serves).

  2. Exurbankevin says:

    [Ed McMahon Voice] Yes! You are correct, sir! [/Ed McMahon Voice]

  3. Dan P. says:

    If you want to revisit ubiquitous Phoenix-market commercials from the 1980’s, then who can tell me what business was at 252-3700?

  4. WriterX says:

    And if the President wants to be taken seriously, he should avoid tired talk shows like Letterman. Unless he only wants to appeal to perpetually unemployed 20-somethings and Canadian tourists.

    P.S. Carlotta Sales?? That brings back TV memories, none of them good.

  5. Exurban Jon says:

    I don’t know that number. But do you know what 264-1444 was for?