In Praise of John McCain

July 18, 2008 | By admindude | Filed in: Kevin, Politics.

Ok, enough of the Obama-bashing for now. Time to praise the GOP candidate and our senior Senator, John Sidney McCain III, because baby, he could use it.

I’m supporting John McCain for President because he’s been wildly, spectacularly and utterly correct when it comes to fighting radical Islam, and now that one front (Iraq) is winding down and another one (Afghanistan) is heating up, we need someone as Commander In Chief who is willing to take the fight to the enemy and keep on fighting until we are victorious, even when all others around him are willing to surrender and quit.

I’m supporting John McCain for President because he has a 20+ year history of getting things done in Washington, and isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers within his own party in the process. John McCain knows you have to pick your battles wisely and holding onto dogma at the expense of doing what’s right is no way to run government effectively. The people of America want a government that works for them, not one that mired in rhetoric and partisan bickering.

I’m supporting John McCain for President because he absolutely abhors wasteful government spending, and with the GOP beset by spending scandal after spending scandal, the party needs someone like him to show them once again what limited government really means.

I’m supporting John McCain for President because he learns from his mistakes. When his immigration bill was soundly derided by conservatives, he re-grouped and eventually confronted those who would throw open the borders on their home turf with his new understanding that the borders must be closed before any immigration reform can begin. Anyone can make a controversial speech on their home turf: Doing it in the face of the enemy requires courage, something that John McCain has in abundance.

I’m supporting John McCain for President because I trust him to appoint judges who understand the Constitution as it is written but who will still have a chance to pass inspection by a Democratic Congress. Throwing Bork after Bork at the Judiciary Committees only leads to gridlock, backed-up court dates, and even lower approval ratings for both parties.

I’m supporting John McCain for President because he is the heir to the mantle of Theodore Roosevelt. Considering that T.R. cleaned up New York, re-built the Navy, founded the National Park System, stomped on the Spanish army and navy, wiped out corruption in big business, won the Nobel Peace Prize and has his face on Mount Rushmore, is that a bad thing?

While I supported other candidates in the early part of the primaries this year, I’m proud to now support John McCain for President, because I believe the system works and it has given us the best man for the next four (or eight) years of our country. John McCain is, was, and always will be a leader who reminds all of us, even in our darkest hours, just how great the United States can be. 

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