Ok, Tracking Point, Now I’m Interested.


300-yard Target Lock Range, 7 mph Max Target Velocity, Night Vision

Key Capabilities

  • Allows owners to protect their home and property 24-hours a day
  • Night vision capabilities (with IR illuminator attachment)
  • Works with standard off-the-shelf ammunition
  • The knock-down performance of the 300BO
  • Can be financed for up to 48 months (payments as low as $160/month)

True, $6k is a bit much for what is essentially a .300 Blackout AR with a thermal sight, but considering a thermal sight by itself costs almost three grand, that’s not bad. The financing option is also interesting as it greases the skids into owning this gun and allows Tracking Point to make a few more bucks with every sale. Tracking Point is selling this as a defensive gun, but to me, with thermal sights and .300BLK, it just screams “HOG RIFLE!!!!”.

It’s nice to see the Tracking Point technology filter down to us mere mortals this way, and the price/features curve is definitely bending downward on this sort of thing. The next few years of rifle development are going to be quite interesting.



For the first time in the last few years, I won’t be at SHOT. It’s a bummer and a half, because I’m going to miss seeing some tremendous people and seeing all the new stuff, but on the other hand, I’m liking how the new job is going and I have a TON of firearms-related side work to do right now.

In fact, last year at SHOT, I said that one of my goals for the upcoming year was to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) about an upcoming product.

Mission accomplished. Twice.

So while I may not be making a living working in the gun industry right now, the fact is, the new job is pretty awesome with a lot of potential growth and long-term viability. After two years of upheaval and chaos caused by some rather unprofessional activity by firearms professionals, having some long-term security is a good thing.

And besides, my hotel room for Louisville is already booked, so there’s that.

Product Review – Patrol Officer’s Pocket Trauma Kit

Advantages: Great Price, Has Everything You Need
Disadvantages: “Pocket” Is A Metaphor
Rating: Four Stars Out Of Five

I’ve had a trauma kit near me for quite some time now, either in my car, my range bag or my tactical man-purse. However, near me isn’t with me, so I decided to look for an option that allowed me to have a trauma kit on me day-in, day-out.

I originally looked at the Cleer EDC Trauma Kit because it’s tiny, but the $75 price tag gave me pause. Instead, I went with the Patrol Officer’s Pocket Trauma Kit by Rescue Essentials because I could buy three of the darn things (one for my range bag, one for me, and one for my wife to have at her work) and a carry pouch for less that the cost of one Cleer Kit.

Memo to self: You get what you pay for. The Rescue Essentials Kit has everything you need and is actually a really good value, it’s just that calling it a “pocket” kit stretches most commonly-held definitions of “pocket”.

Allow me to demonstrate. This is the kit next to a Blackhawk! double-stack mag pouch.


imageThe trauma kit is MUCH thicker, which means it’s pretty much un-concealable under an un-tucked t-shirt, my preferred method of concealment. No, that is NOT a tumor.

Don’t get me wrong: I love this kit, and it will replace the homebuilt C.A.T.S tourniquet/Israeli bandage kit I currently have in the range bag and tactical man-purse. The SWAT-T tourniquet, in particular, looks to be a tremendous value and is very easy and intuitive to use. However, this is not an everyday carry item. If you’re looking for something to toss into a gear bag “just in case” or something to have at work to deal with the new realities of jihad workplace violence, this is for you: Buy one (or three) and have them close at hand. If, however, you’re looking for something to have even closer on-hand, do as I’m doing, and get a Cleer EDC.

Product Review: Smith and Wesson HRT Knife

Americans, especially those from the Texas/Arkansas region, have a soft spot in their hearts for Bowie knives, and current and former Marines tend to bitterly cling to their Kabars. My affections, however lean more towards the Sykes-Fairburn dagger. Maybe it’s because I grew up reading about the exploits of the Commandos and the 1st Special Service Force, but I’ve always loved that wicked little knife, and had something like this in my dorm room in school for slicing apples and the like*.

Because of my Scottish heritage, I’ve also loved the skean dhu. I like the idea of a compact little holdout blade that serves a bunch of purposes, one of which is self-defence in supposedly “weapons-free” areas**.

So I was VERY happy to unwrap this little thing on Christmas morning.


Not a bad little knife. I usually steer away from off-brands like Smith&Wesson, in favor of CRKT, Kershaw, Gerber, et al, but this little thing had decent reviews from people in the know, so what the heck, I added it to my wish list, and now it’s mine. The knife is very well balanced and feels light in my hand. The sheath is leather and solidly-built, with a snap to secure the knife in the sheath and clip for mounting in your boot, belt or wherever. The handle is steel and easy to grip and feels more solid in your hand than any folding knife ever will. The blade is 440 steel and is powder-coated black (Yeah, I know, but it looks good.) so be wary that continued heavy use will degrade that finish. On the other hand, it’s under $20: If the knife starts to look too raggedly, buy another.


I don’t wear boots that often and I don’t really see an easy way to carry it on a day-to-day basis, but I do like this knife. I’ll fully admit this wasn’t a logical, needs-based item for me: I don’t have a self-defence purpose for this knife, I just like it.

Sometimes, we buy things for a reason, and sometimes, we buy things because of how they make us feel. This little knife was definitely the latter, and I’m totally okay with that.

* I’d get kicked out of school and arrested for that today, much less for the throwing knives I had right next to that knife…
** Plus ça changé, plus ça meme chose.

Guns and the Christian

No one doubts that a policeman who carries a gun and watches over society can do such things and still be a Christian: Why, therefore, is there any doubt that an armed individual like me can carry a gun and watch over a small portion of society (my family) and yet still have a deep, abiding faith in God?

Over at Ricochet.com, we reference St. Augustine, John Wesley, Jules Winnfield and the unlimited parmesan cheese on an Olive Garden salad whilst laying out why you can pack heat and take communion at the same time.

Who Are The People Getting Shot In Your Neighborhood?

In my neighborhood, not a lot. That’s not the case in other Congressional Districts in Florida.

Florida District 24: Rep Frederica Wilson, Democrat. 70 “gun deaths”  NRA Rating (F), $0 in contributions.

Florida District 20: Rep. Alcee Hastings, Democrat, 40 “gun deaths” NRA Rating (F), $0 in contributions.

Florida District 14: Rep. Kathy Castor, Democrat, 40 “gun deaths” NRA Rating (F), $0 in contributions.

Florida District 5: Rep. Corrine Brown, Democrat, 91 “gun deaths” NRA Rating (F), $0 in contributions.

Why, it’s almost as if there’s a 1-1 relationship between how much a person promotes gun control and how effective they are at stopping crime, or something.

You’re Not Paranoid, They Actually Are Coming For Your Guns.


For the second time in the august history of the New York Times, they have published an op/ed on the front page of the paper. The last time they did this, it was a screed against the candidacy of Warren J. Harding, who went on to win the election with 60% of the vote. This time, they come out in favor of disarming American citizens, including confiscation.

Certain kinds of weapons, like the slightly modified combat rifles used in California, and certain kinds of ammunition, must be outlawed for civilian ownership. It is possible to define those guns in a clear and effective way and, yes, it would require Americans who own those kinds of weapons to give them up for the good of their fellow citizens.

How many crimes against humanity have been committed in the name of the “good of your fellow citizens” ? And what happens when we don’t decide to give up our guns? Are the editors of the New York Times ready to send their sons and daughters into battle to fight their fellow Americans for their right to a “safe space”?

Congratulations, NYT, you’ve just insured a GOP majority in the House and Senate for the next two years at the very minimum.