Measure by measure, drop by drop

“I have never, ever met a gun owner who actually believed that more guns would make people safer on the whole. What they do believe, particularly those with military backgrounds, is that their corner of the world is safer if they themselves have a gun.”

- Jeb Golinkin

Well, Jeb, I believe that society would be safer on the whole if more people were responsible gun owners, and a lot of my friends and colleagues believe that as well.

More responsibly armed “civilians” = fewer victims. Fewer victims = less crime. Less crime = safer society.

A rock is not split in two by the actions of a single drop of water: It is split in two when the water becomes irresistible.

Five Year Itch

Gunblogging is not dead. Not while I’m still here.

Five years into things, and what have I’ve learned?

I learned I’m a little bit different than most gunbloggers, and indeed most people in the industry. Despite my unnatural affection for everything made by Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod, I really have no attachment to the guns themselves, and rarely write about “OMG! Look at this shiny new blaster that just came out!”. Guns are a means to an end for me, and that end is a safe, secure future for my family.

Period, full stop.

If anything, I identify more with the “Gun Culture 2.0” blog than I do with über-tactical crowd. This isn’t too shocking, as marketing is nothing but applied sociology.

Adjusting your outlook

Now that I’ve had a few months to get used to living in urban Florida, I’ve made a changes to my go-bag and bug-in kit.

First off, I ditched the extra hydration bladder and added a machete. Water is NOT an issue here in swamps as it is in Arizona, but dense vegetation is an issue, however.

Secondly, after talking with co-workers who have lived here since childhood, when a hurricane hits, the electric power will be unavailable for upwards of a month. As our family currently lives in an apartment, our gear and planning need to adjust to that new reality.

Cooking-wise, I don’t have access to my gas grill, so instead I purchased a pair of Sterno stoves and a boatload of extra fuel. A generator is also out of the question, so I went with an inverter instead. The little four-banger in my Honda drinks gas in small sips and we don’t have any major electrical needs beyond our phones, so we should be good for weeks.

Food wise, we have a month’s worth of Wise Food Storage products. We were able to buy one “four week” package each month by skipping one fast food meal a week, and now we’re eating healthier and are set for emergency supplies for a week.

With regards to dealing with the cleanup, I don’t have space for a chainsaw, but I do have space for an axe and a shovel. Prepping isn’t about having all the cool toys, prepping is being able to ride out events with as little disruption as possible.

Pistols are Catholic. AR-15’s are Protestant.*

At my shop, we have a wall pretty much 100% dedicated to AR-15’s …

The Cool Wall

… and a yards-long display case dedicated to 1911’s.


One is the most popular model of rifle in America today, and the other is a very popular design of pistol that has served this country for decades.

The thing is, though, I can pretty much mix and match components out of all the guns on the AR wall. Spike’s lower with a CMMG upper with a Troy hand guard? No problem!

Try doing something similar with a 1911, without the services of a gunsmith and CNC milling machine. And God help you if you want to mix and mingle parts from polymer guns from different manufacturers.

How come if I want to buy a pistol I must make a commitment to a single cause, to a single manufacturer, but if I want to buy an AR, the sky is the limit? Why must I worship at the One True Church of CZ for a pistol, when my AR gets to pick and chose from a rich banquet of theology and/or gun parts?

Sig is showing us that no, your gun does NOT have to be a closed system. Want to change calibers or frame sizes? Go right ahead. Maybe someday, we’ll be having S&W slides on a Ruger frame. Until then, the heretics will get burned, and Glock devotees can worship at the feet of Gaston in peace, knowing that their faith is unquestioned.

For now.

* Quite the catchy headline, no? Blame Umberto Eco for it.

The new CZ is here…

… and apparently, the Israeli police department does not use holsters, but rather drags their pistols behind the car from callout to callout. The gun is in BAD shape, externally.


Sure looks good in pictures, though.

The good news is, the frame to slide fit on the gun is TIGHT and the trigger pull is a clean 12 pounds on double and 6 pounds on single. The plan is to send this gun off to Angus Hobdell and have him install a new hammer, trigger and fiber optic sights (much like he did with my other Pre-B) and then bead-blast the sucker and Cerakote it.

Any ideas for a finish?

Maker’s Mark

An interesting read about what happens when a techno-libertarian in the heart of Blue State San Francisco realizes he can make an AR-15 in his office at Wired magazine.

“When I finally slotted in the pins to attach the upper receiver—a component that looks much more like a gun than the lower receiver and whose total lack of regulation is, frankly, bizarre—they made a pleasant chink.”

Aside from the tragic ending (he surrendered his handiwork to the local cops), it’s a great read about someone figuring out that a) gun control is useless and b) guns are really fun!

I won a gun

First it was the new CZ, now this. I won A Daniel Defense DDM4V1, courtesy of Friends Of The NRA.


The DDM4v1, the original Daniel Defense Rifle, is built with a Cold Hammer Forged 16” M4 Profile barrel with a Carbine gas system.  It comes installed with our proprietary front sight base which is precision CNC machined from a solid billet of 4140 steel.  This FSB features a serrated curved design to minimize glare and is salt bath nitride treated minimizing corrosion and wear.  The DDM4 Rail 12.0™ FSP allows the operator to mount a weapon light or aiming device forward of the front sight for optimal ergonomics and a clear line of sight.  Quick disconnect attachment points are integrated to the front and back on both sides of the rail for fully ambidextrous sling attachment.  This rifle also comes with the newly designed, rugged and comfortable Daniel Defense Buttstock and Pistol Grip.

Yay me!

It’s a good gun, but I think I’ll sell it and use my ill-botten gooty to pick up a 1911 for Single Stack and tweak the new CZ for use as a backup for Production.