A Man In Full

I like the Sheriff’s thinking here. My goal for the past few years hasn’t been to become Todd Jarrett in my middle ages but to be competent with whatever gun is placed in front of me, and more than competent with my defensive firearms. It’s an on-going process and progress has been much slower than I wanted, but there has been progress. I’m fairly confident in my ability to defend my life and my loved one’s lives with my defensive pistol, to the point where I’m now concentrating on the more “gamer” elements of pistolcraft. Next up is taming the long-range game because that will help with 3Gun as well. I’ll never be as good as some (if not most) because I started too late and let the other cares of this world interfere with my goals, but I’m competent and confident.

Here’s hoping I never have to find out how competent I really am.

The Cluebat Might Be Working


At least one writer is figuring out how STUPID the media sounds like when they talk about guns.

That gun writers crow when the media makes mistakes like this indicates how little regard there is for the media from the pro-gun community. There are several ways the media can remedy this situation. For starters, treat guns like any other beat (as the Guardian has done with Lois Beckett). Media outlets tend not to send sports writers to cover the Supreme Court or style writers to cover a murder. Ignorance undermines authority. If you want to report on guns, you need to understand the differences between various weapons and how they are used. Spend time at a shooting range and learn how to fire a gun. Be able to interview an NRA member without scorn or derision.

More over at Ricochet.

Update: The Guardian shows that you can do a report on the NRA without making morons out of NRA members. Well done.

Current Every Day Carry, Part Two

Shield carry

Last week, prior to the massacre in Orlando, I changed up my non-office concealed carry gear. I went from carrying a full-size 9mm handgun back to carrying a sub-compact 9mm S&W Shield, and added in a small trauma/1st aid kit to my belt, under my shirt. I weighed the benefits of having double the ammo on me with the P07 versus having a tourniquet and some Quikclot on me, and came down in favor of medical supplies. I have good friends who are really smart who suggest at least 30 rounds are the minimum ammo load to carry these days, but the 8+1 (plus another eight) in the Shield should be enough to get me to my home or to my car, where more things are there for my use (including more first aid gear). Also, I’m just as confident with my ability to make the shot with the Shield as I am with the bigger P07. I’ve shot the Shield in competition and I’ve trained with it as well. I know it works, and I know what I can do with it.

I decided to carry a trauma kit on me because “near me” is not “with me”. I’ve had first aid kits near me for quite some time now, but I decided to carry one on me because the 3-5 minutes it would take to retrieve a tourniquet from my car is also about as long as it would take for me or a loved out to bleed out from a gunshot wound.

That’d suck.

To see how everything carried and how heavy it seemed, I carried all that gear on a walk in the hot Florida sun up and down the beach Saturday afternoon. Believe it or not, everything there concealed under an untucked white t-shirt, and I didn’t notice the weight all. More importantly, no one else noticed it, either. Mission accomplished.

Clockwise from lower left:

… Or Assuredly We Shall All Hang Separately.

Let me state my biases up front: I’m not a fan of the LGBT community.

There, I said it.

But you know what I’m even less of a fan of? Mass murder.

And even more than that, I realize that to the people who support and encourage the massacre in Orlando, there is no functional difference between an evangelical Christian like myself and a homosexual: We are both perverts in their eyes and deserve to be killed.

Let’s table the discussions about baking cakes and which bathroom to use for another day and load up some spare magazines. If they’re willing to shoot up a gay nightclub to appease their god, they’re willing to shoot up a Baptist church as well.

Current Every Day Carry, Part One

Sccy's the limit

I’ve not been happy with my P3AT for quite some time now. The gun has a pretty nasty trigger bite, and even the upgrade to a Galloway trigger hasn’t helped things, it is just not a fun gun to shoot.

That’s a big problem because a gun you don’t shoot is a gun you don’t practice with, and that means your ability to use the durn thing is in question (even bigger problem). However, a solution has presented itself in the form of my second generation Sccy CPX-2. I carried a Sccy in an office environment for a couple of years, and it hides well in a pocket holster. However, after having three of the darn things break on me during practice sessions, sanity took hold and I started carrying something else.

I got this gun after Sccy swapped out my cranky, unreliable first generation gun for their newer version. Wth a more ergonomic grip than the first version, the new Sccy is comfortable to shoot and is definitely more accurate than the P3AT it will be replacing. As an added bonus, given the recent massacre in Orlando, the added firepower and accuracy of the Sccy over the P3AT might come in handy if things go south. I carry this gun at least four days a week, so having a firepower upgrade for the gun I carry the most is a good thing.

Clockwise From Upper Left:

  • Sccy CPX-2, the version without a safety.
  • Two mags, one with a pinkie extension, one without.
  • CRKT Pazoda – I love this knife because it doesn’t stick up out of my pocket but is still fairly quick to get into action with just the support hand.
  • iPhone 6+, Magpul case.
  • Pocket Holster. To be honest, I forget who makes this holster, and I’m too lazy to chase it down right now. I think it might be a Galco.
  • Ridge Wallet – A birthday present from my wife. It’s trim, (2/3rds the size of my old wallet) and blocks RFID quite nicely.
  • 21 Rounds of Federal 124 gr HST.
  • Keychain – Leatherman PS, Photon Micro II.

All of this disappears quite nicely into the pockets of my work khakis, yet still gives me the four things I recommend besides a CCW gun.

Mission accomplished.

The Biggest Atrocity Would Be If We Learned Nothing From The Horror.

A few helpful links to help prevent another attack like the one in Orlando this weekend:

  • Like him or lump him, Gabe Suarez was ahead of the game on this sort of attack. Read and learn.
  • There’s a natural progression for the serious civilian who carries a gun that goes from realizing the need to carry a gun, then carrying a gun, then having the realization that if people shoot at you and your loved ones, you might get hit and and die so you want to be prepared to deal with that reality. Greg Ellifritz has a coupleof great links on emergency medical gear for people who don’t wear a badge and gun, go check them out.
  • The killer and his wife may have scouted Downtown Disney before the attack. This brings things home for me a bit: I was in Orlando last month on a family vacation While we didn’t go to Disney World this time, it’s on our list of things we want to visit soon. The theme park we did go to on that vacation had a bag search and wanded us with metal detectors, but despite that, I walked into the park with my Boker knife in my pocket. Takeaway from this: You are never as safe as the security guards say you are.
  • Oh, and I wrote stuff at Ricochet about this as well.

Long Range Day

One of the more sucky things about Southwest Florida is that the are no long-distance ranges here. Louland goes out only to 100 yards, Hansen tops out at 200 yards and while Altair can go out to a mile, unless you eat snakes, it’s off-limits on non-match days.

This does not make me happy. In Phoenix, Rio Salado and Phoenix Rod and Gun both went out to 500 yards, and Ben Avery topped out at an even thousand. In Missouri, I had the Owensville Gun Club pretty much all to myself whenever I wanted it, which went out to 600 yards.

In this part of Florida, though, there just aren’t the options to stretch it out, which means I have to drive 100+ miles up to Manatee Gun Club to get out to 1000 yards. There’s an upcoming Precision Rifle match at Altair next month, and I want to get decent DOPE on my long gun before the match.

Savage left handed

Back from the range (it’s Sunday evening as I type this) and I managed to get good, usable data out to 400 yards with the Savage until I packed it in for the day. The heat and the humidity were making for some brutal mirages which were obscuring the view in my spotting scope.

On the plus side, I did manage 1.25 MOA at 400 yards with Hornady Steel Match .308. I’m certain that’ll improve as I improve, and it will improve even more once I start working up a load for this gun.


Cheaper Than Derp.

Sumdood posts a good question in a gun forum on Facebook:

I have a question for the group. I carry a .45 that uses a single stack 8+1, my question is should I carry extra mags? And how many?

Of course you should carry a spare mag. Guns malfunction, and a good portion of the malfunctions with a modern semi-automatic pistol involve problems with the magazine. You should carry a spare mag and a flashlight and a knife and a phone (and maybe a lighter and some from of medkit) because stuff happens, and Murphy rules the universe.

But that’s not the answer he gets. Rather, he receives 30+ posts which repeat, in form or another, “You need three spare magazines on you at all times because you never know when you’ll need to shoot 31 terrorists in the face and you’ll need an extra round just to be sure!!!1!!”. (The other 30+ posts denigrate the 1911 and/or .45 as a defensive firearm option. Somethings never change…).

I’ve never shot a terrorist in the face (yet), but I have had to walk through a dark parking lot when a flashlight came in handy. I have shot my carry gun in a match and had it burp on me, and an extra mag came in handy when it did. I have needed a knife to open up packaging and the other useful things that knives do. I have had one of my sons need a bandage at a moment’s notice, so having a small medkit nearby is darn useful.

Life isn’t a video game with three dozen bad guys per level and power-ups and health packs scattered around everywhere. I carry things that will help me deal with what has happened and what’s likely to happen, along with just a teensy little bit of what’s unlikely to happen (but would be really, really bad if it did) as well. If I get into a situation where a pistol and a spare mag is not enough to get me to safety and/or a rifle or a shotgun, well, then it’s time to slap a colander on my face and go full Rockatansky.