Ozymandias, USPSA GM.

Take a few moments to read about the rise and fall of this niche sport, and ask yourself if there are any comparisons to practical shooting.

Practical shooting hasn’t reached the point where there’s million-dollar payouts, and Lord knows it’ll probably never be shown on network TV, but if something like bowling can catch the country’s attention for a few decades, why can’t USPSA?

He Went Full Metcalf. Never Go Full Metcalf.

To be honest, the only reason I can come up with why a “Gun Culture 1.0” writer like Dave Petzal would write something like this is because he doesn’t understand that his love of the outdoors and desire to put food on the plate is pretty much identical to my love of competition and desire to stay safe as a member of “Gun Culture 2.0”.

It’s not one or the other, it’s BOTH.

A Moment’s Notice

The tornadoes that hit Southwest Florida this month affected me but lightly. The power went out at work (we have a backup generator), I had to dodge a few extra palm fronds on the drive home and worst of all, the swimming pool was FILLED with yucky tree stuff, so I couldn’t go swimming when I got home.

Winters are rough in these parts.

The problem was, though, that once again, there were some fairly lousy things happening not too far away from me, and once again, I had left the gear I’d assembled to be useful in such a situation somewhere else. I had my go-bag in my car, but it was in my car as the rains pounded, wind howled and the lights went out, not near me, and my tactical man purse was left at home, because hey, I have my go bag near me, why do I need a smaller, lesser-equipped version?

Note: “Near me” is not “with me”.

I’m taking the man-purse into the office with me now, and I’m building a smaller version (without the scary pointy-stabby things) that I can keep inside the office will be a priority for me in the next few weeks, something that includes the stuff I talk about here.

Lesson learned.

Pausing for a moment.

It saddens me that I’ve not done this before, but not going to SHOT this year reminded me just how cool the people in the gunblogging biz can be.

So I’d like to take a moment to thank, in no particular order, Jay, Kevin, Bitter, Sebastian, Scott, Ben, Luke, Jaci, Robert, Michael, Unc, Marshall, Jeff, Phil, Ron, Larry, Allen, Ed, Dan, Richard, Tom, Bob, Jon, Tam, Alf, Grant, Anthony, and a whole lot more.

For a bunch of nobodies, you all are really something.

All They Want From You Is Your Death

Michael Bane (and others) are doing a bang-up job of helping us interpret what the new reality of active terrorist cells inside North America means to the armed citizen. The thing is, though, we’ve seen something like this before: To quote from an article I linked to four years ago:

Generally, violence can be broken down into two very broad categories: social and asocial. Social violence is what, in the natural world, would be the types of violence common within a single species. This intra-species violence does not follow the dynamic or use the same tactics as violence against other species.

The dominance game of snakes wrestling or bears pushing and mouthing is not the same as the way the same species hunt prey. Asocial violence does not target the victim as a person, but as a resource. Asocial violence is the domain of the predator and the humanity of his victim does not enter into the equation.

The resources those perpetrators of asocial violence we call “muggers” are looking for is your money. The resource an active shooter is looking for, whether he’s motivated by a twisted God or the voices in his head, is your death. A mugger might be placated by handing over your wallet, but there is literally nothing on this world you can give to the active shooter that will make him end his rampage.

Well, aside from a headshot, that is.

Alright, CZ, Let’s Get With The Program

The Evo 3 Scorpion was/is a runaway hit, thanks in no small part to leveraging the cool factor that Colion Noir brings with him, and the P07/P09 is rapidly becoming the gun of choice for the new “Carry Optics” class in USPSA. You’re better than you were two years ago, but you still need help. Aside from the new Tac Sport, your new pistols at SHOT this year seem a little… whelming.

Let’s face it, your options for concealed carry suck. Yes, there is the new Omega Man Trigger version of the P01, but we’re still talking about a gun that’s heavier and thicker than similar polymer striker fired guns, and when it comes to concealed carry, heavy and thick are not good. Polymer, striker-fired mini 9mm’s (Glock 19 and smaller) have been the new hotness for at least the past three years, and in response, you come out with… a gun that’s even BIGGER than the P07.

Uh huh.

What’s one thing that all these sub-combact, single-stack (ish) mini 9mm’s have in common? They’re all striker-fired. One may argue (and I have) that striker-fired guns are great for beginners, but all the XD-‘s and 43’s and Shields and whatever are starting to run together. You know what’s not offered in a small, slim, 8 round (or so) capacity pistol? A traditional single-action/double-action trigger.

In a world where a seven pound pull and a break not unlike a staple gun is considered great and long ten-pound DAO triggers are not unheard of, a polymer gun with a nine-pound first pull / five pound second would become a shooter’s best friend. Team that up with a spring system that allows for easy slide manipulation and the ergonomics you’re already known for, CZ, and you’d take over the market.

The pieces are there with the Rami-P and the Omega Trigger. Now make it happen. And send me a T&E when you do.