No, the DHS is not buying up all the .22 Long Rifle ammo

The Rosicrucians made them do it!

Also, Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, and Wal-Mart isn’t halting sales of AR-15 and tactical gear because they’ve bought into some liberal gun-control agenda.

There’s a simple reason why you won’t find AR’s, tactical shotguns and assorted accessories on their shelves: They’re not selling.

We are in an AR-15 glut right now. You can find lower receivers for under $50 all over the place these days, and entry-level AR’s are going for less than $600.

This is not a sign of a scarcity of goods.

AR manufacturers have an uphill climb ahead of them: For the last 20 years, there has been no other reason needed to buy an AR other than it was either banned or it MIGHT be banned again soon. Thousands and thousands of ARs were sold on the basis of a ban that was going to happen, had happened or might happen again. In other words, for the last 20 years, actual and artificial scarcity were the drivers behind a very real (and very profitable) demand for AR style rifles.

But those days are over. There wasn’t a nation-wide assault weapons ban passed after Newtown, and the chances of such a ban grow slimmer every day as more and more people clue into the fact that they are their own first responders. That doesn’t mean that anti-gunners aren’t going to keep trying to ban AR’s through other legal and extra-legal means, but the chances of another Brady Bill are pretty much over. We are in a post-scarcity world when it comes to guns, and this especially true of ARs.

There are other reasons why Wal-Mart would want to get out of the AR game:

  • Selling guns is a pain: Make too many mistakes on your 4473’s, and the ATF shuts you down, not matter if you’re Wal-Mart or not.
  • The margin on guns suck, usually 20% or less. Wal-Mart would be better served turning that shelf space into something with 25% (or better) margins.
  • As for accessories, they’re like reloading supplies: Either you carry EVERYTHING, or you carry nothing, because the customer will want the product you’re not carrying more than they will want the products you do carry.

Walmart makes their money at the gun counter by selling knives, ammo, eyes and ears. Anything else is secondary or even tertiary. So calm down everyone, there’s no reason to don the tinfoil chapeau over this. Let’s save our time and energy for the things that REALLY matter, like chemtrails and how the Rosicrucians and the Greys are taking over the world.

Function, meet form. Form, function.

Thinking a little more about this post, (thanks for the FB mention, Grant!), having look/feel be part of gun-buying decision is not a bad thing at all, because it means that gun culture is treating guns as part of our everyday life.

An example.

I’ve been car-shopping for a while now, and I’ve settled on either a Honda Civic SI, a Ford Focus ST or a Volkswagen GTI. Why? Because all three are sporty, fun to drive and have four doors so I can stuff the kids in the back seat.

Please note that practicality was in third place.

If I were doing this as a purely rational decision, I’d be looking at a small minivan or a Honda Fit or something that Consumer Reports would recommend as being safe, boring, reliable and gets good gas mileage.

Like my current Honda Civic hybrid, the car that I want to replace.

So I’m willing to compromise a decision on a mechanical device that I’ve entrusted with the safety of myself and my family and let things like looks, performance and how it makes me feel cloud my judgement.

Man, am I a bad person or what?

Bug, meet windshield. Windshield, bug.

See this? This had all the makings of a fun little range trip…


… right up when I got twelve rounds into the Dot Torture, whereupon my extractor blew into an even half-dozen pieces, ending the things right then and there.

And I was 12/12 on the DT at the time, too. Sonuva…

Maybe I shoulda stayed in bed…