The Army Rejects the Beretta M9A3 Pistol


Supposedly, the M9A3 is now telling everyone that actually, THEY rejected the Army first, and they’re now seeing someone new who’s TOTALLY AWESOME and not like that total lame-o loser military contract they were seeing last year.

Reports that the M9A3 is, in reality, curled up on the sofa, wearing a camo Snuggie and listening to James Blunt songs while scarfing down their third pint of Ben’N’Jerry’s remain unconfirmed at this time.

It’s Tam’s internet, we just play in it.

As seen on the Book Of Face:

A thread I have never ever seen on a firearms forum:

“Hi, everybody! Well, with the news stories that have been on lately, my boyfriend has decided that he wants to start CCWing. He’s been resistant to the idea before, so I didn’t try to force him, but now that he wants to carry, I realize I have no idea what would be a good gun for a man. You married ladies, what kind of gun is popular with the fellas in your life?”

Because that would sound %$@#ing retarded.

That’s all for me, folks, I can’t top that today.

Derp Man’s Hand

Let’s do the rundown, shall we?

  • Unsafe gun handling? Check!
  • Tactical beer bellies? Check!
  • Obnoxious hardcore rock? Check!
  • Specialized scenarios disguised as drills? Check!

With a special added bonus: Doing all of that akimbo!!

They do firearms training programs for youths. Here’s a tip, if you let your kids anywhere near these guys, it probably could be considered child endangerment.

Thanks to Grant Cunningham for exhuming this piece of firearms training excrement.

Update: They’ve pulled the video. Dang it, I  knew I should have mirrored it.

Update 2: Found it on Facebook. Enjoy.

No. Not this.


Found this on a Facebook group that I belong to:

“Imagine you and your family are in a store shopping for whatever reason, that store ends up with an employee that was fired hell bent on revenge, or a gas station where you’re simply grabbing fuel and a soda, all of a sudden it’s being robbed at gun point, well I’m the quiet guy who’s in the isle (sic) next to you who has trained and trained and trained and trained, and guess what I also carry a firearm. I am your silent protector, there’s no police officer there only me, the national guard is not there, only me, not even a Navy Seal team can get there fast enough to save your life. Yet I am there, I am a responsible gun owner with a license to carry a firearm, not only for the safety of myself and my family, but also for you and yours.”

It was meant as a plea to others who don’t believe in the right to keep and bear arms, but it sounds more like Tom Joad delivering a Batman speech.

If I *ever* start to talk like this, reach in to your monitor and gently tap me with a clue bat. I am not a “silent protector”, I’m just some dood who wants to keep on living, no matter what.

Quote of the Day, 10/07 Edition

rp_Rob_Leatham_image.gif“Anyone who undertakes any kind of serious (competition) training program is going to find themselves as the local hot-shot, unless you live in Arizona.” 

- Steve Anderson

Having gone from the über-competitive realms of Phoenix Rod and Gun and Rio Salado to the more laid-back reaches of central Missouri, I can DEFINITELY sympathize.