Quote of the Day, 10/07 Edition

rp_Rob_Leatham_image.gif“Anyone who undertakes any kind of serious (competition) training program is going to find themselves as the local hot-shot, unless you live in Arizona.” 

- Steve Anderson

Having gone from the über-competitive realms of Phoenix Rod and Gun and Rio Salado to the more laid-back reaches of central Missouri, I can DEFINITELY sympathize.

The Eight Wonders Of The Modern Gun World

An offhand comment I made awhile back got me thinking: What are the Eight Wonders of the Modern Gun World? What eight guns created since then end of WWII have features that are so outstanding they rise above all others? In no particular order:

  • The reliability of Glocks
  • The action on a Pre 1964 Model 70
  • The adaptabilty of an AR-15
  • The trigger on a good 1911*
  • The popularity of the Ruger 10/22
  • The ergonomics of the CZ75
  • The accuracy of the S&W Model 41
  • The flexibility of the Thompson Contender

* Yes, I know the 1911 pre-dates World War II, this was more about how the custom 1911 has zoomed in popularity since WWII. 

Ok, what should get taken off? What should be added?

Wayne LaPierre To Announce He’s Breaking Up The NRA



Faced with overwhelming and relentless opposition from Michael Bloomberg’s grassroots “Every Town For Gun Safety”, Wayne LaPierre will announce that he’s disbanding the National Rifle Association at the conclusion of this week’s NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis

“Look, everyone”, Wayne said at a press conference today, “We gave it a good run, but it’s over. We just can’t win against the dozens of people who have joined Michael Bloomberg on his new crusade. I mean, have you seen what they’re doing on social media to show how they can get people involved in gun safety and educate people about the realities of firearms? The NRA just can’t compete with that kind of know-how, so it’s time to call it a day and go home.” 

Michael Bloomberg was busy purchasing the entire state of Rhode Island as a location for his new mansion and was unavailable for comment.