Still not here

Not going to be here for a while, either. The store opens on Wednesday, and for the next two weeks, I’m working 12 hour days.

The good news is, I’m putting rounds downrange, and will be doing so more often now that we’re open. Got to shoot a Sig P226 TacOps this weekend (niiiiiice), a PX (not impressed), an H&K P30 (good, not great), a ZevTech Glock (best Glock I’ve shot, which is like being the skinniest kid in fat camp…), and a Ruger LC9s (MUCH improved).

Stay tuned.


Little bit of advice: If the target demographic for your product tends to own lots and lots of guns, headlining a pro-gun control rally might NOT be considered a wise career move.

But why let that stop you?

On July 17, country singers Tim McGraw and Billy Currington will headline a fundraiser for gun control group Sandy Hook Promise in Connecticut. McGraw’s “A Concert For Sandy Hook Promise” will also feature country singers Billy Currington and Chase Bryant.

What, were the Dixie Chicks not available?

Sauce for the goose…

Just thinking…

How many “progressives” are out there right now defending the rights of a minority to live as they please in the state of Indiana (and else) would BLANCH at the idea of defending the rights of people (minority or not) to protect their lives as they please?

Why is one civil right worth fighting for and another one should be banned?

The Peephole Gets A 21st Century Upgrade

I like this little gadget. It’s small, unobtrusive and gives you a record of who knocked on your front door.


When someone knocks, the device wakes up, takes a picture and reconnects to your Wi-Fi network. It then sends a picture and a timestamp to Peeple’s servers. And you finally receive a push notification on your phone to check out who is at the door. Because the device only needs to wake up when someone is knocking, the battery is supposed to last six months on a single charge.

Between this and the wide variety of inexpensive alarm systems out there, there’s really no reason NOT to have an alarm system these days. Look, we talk about dogs, safes, signs and firepower all we want, but the fact of the matter is, nothing protects your home from fire or other disasters while you’re away: Why not add an alarm system to give your home a fighting chance while you’re not there?

The current revolution in personal empowerment that allows us to shop for anything we want when we want to, read the news we want when we want to and protect ourselves outside the home without a cop also allows us to easily protect our homes when we’re not there.

A mile wide, an inch deep

Something I’ve found out after almost a year on the other side of the gun counter: If you want to work in the industry, having some knowledge about a bunch of firearms related things trumps knowing every little thing there is to know about, say, the AR-15. You never know who is going to walk in the door / send you an email / call on the phone, so being able to talk intelligently about sporting clays with one guy and then switch over and chat about concealed carry for women five minutes later is a very, very useful skill.

And not just “Yeah, my Dad had a gun like that, but I never shot it” type conversations, either. If I have one piece of advice for anyone who wants to get into the industry, it’s shoot a bunch of guns in a bunch of different settings. Don’t just go to one range and do one type of shooting all the time: If you plink, try shooting clays. If you shoot scatter guns, try precision rifle. Take a good pistol course. Shoot 3 gun, bullseye and go hunting. Learn a little bit about a bunch of things, because that helps you understand HOW your customers use their guns, and that helps you sell them the guns they want and or/need to enjoy those activities a little bit more.

In not-April Fools Day News

Gunsmoke Guns, featured on the Discovery Channel’s “American Guns” reality TV show, was searched by the ATF yesterday.

Agents of the Internal Revenue Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were working outside Gunsmoke Guns, located at 9690 W. 44th in Wheat Ridge, Tuesday afternoon.

The office of the U.S. Attorney says no charges have been filed in connection with this search at this time.

Gunsmoke Guns was searched by a different federal agency, the IRS in March of 2013. At the time, a spokesman said that search was part of an “ongoing financial investigation. At this time, there is no information about whether the current search has any relation to the IRS’ work.

I know there’s a chance this is another “Red Jacket” type of incident, where it turns out there was actually quite a large fire beneath all that blue smoke, but I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t the ATF being vindictive towards a high-profile gun store, especially given the politicization of both the IRS and the DOJ.

Running on past promises

The rollout of the Glock 43 has highlighted something interesting in the gun world, the ongoing legend of Glock reliability.

First, a word about brand loyalty (or as some call it, being a fanboy).

I’m an unabashed Apple Fanboy. I don’t just drink the Apple Koolaid, I snort the raw powder (it’s faster that way). In 1988, the user interface of the Mac operating was a wonder to behold: Nothing else existed like that UI at the time, and it was another five years before Windows even approached the same ease of use with Windows 3.1.1. Today, though, to be honest, while the iOS interface is good, I’m really intrigued by the Windows Phone UI more than I am iOS.

In other words, over the last 35+ years, through innovation and experimentation, the other brands in the marketplace have caught up (and maybe even surpassed) the brand leader. Even more recently, Dell Computers absolutely dominated the market by creating a supply chain that allowed them to build premium computers for a discount price. However, once the other manufacturers out there figured out how to build a similar supply chain, Dell’s market advantage withered away, and they became just another computer manufacturer.

In 1988, the reliability of the Glock was a wonder to behold, it truly was earth-shattering/ground-breaking/insert metaphor here. But just like the Mac/Windows race, maybe it’s time to look at things with fresh eyes. Have the other companies out there figured out how to build a gun that is just as reliable as a Glock? I dunno.

Is it still true in 2015 that Glocks are head-and-shoulders reliable above everyone else, or has everybody and their dog caught up with Glock in the past 35+ years? That’s an entire generation of gun owners who have grown up with the Glock: Can truly say that NONE of those people have figured out a way to surpass the Glock on reliablity, or do we want to switch the dogma of the 1911 for the dogma of the Glock?

Now here’s where some might say “Ah-ha, you’re a known CZ fanboy!” and well, yes, I am. I also know the limits of CZ’s. I wouldn’t recommend one as a daily carry gun because they’re heavier and wider than similar guns. I still carry my P07 (it’s on my hip as I type this), but it’s not my “go-to” recommendation for most gun owners. Now, do CZ’s make a great competition gun? Oh yeah. Would I recommend my beloved Macs to someone setting up an enterprise-level retail environment? Oh no. I know the limitations of my manias of choice, and live within them.

Bottom line is, if your gun passes a 2000 round challenge, carry it with confidence. Anything else is just arguing Coke vs. Pepsi.