The Carbine In Context


My AR-15′s and the SU-16C aren’t my “go-to” weapon. It’s not even my secondary weapon, (that’s the Mossberg I have in my safe room), the rifle is my third choice: It’s gun that I would use if I need something more than my CCW gun if I’m outside the house. I’ve taken a really good defensive carbine training class, but I need some defensive shotgun training, as (God forbid), that would be my secondary weapon I’d go to not my AR-15.

Oh, and I need a good class in first aid/trauma. That too. 

Lower For Hire

Speaking of that Fealty Arms Lower, I know have an extra one hanging around, or at least I will when my 80% lower FINALLY ships. I’ll use the Fealty lower to build a lower for my long-range gun, and the CavArms lower is now dedicated to my CMMG .22 adapter and my 3 Gun AR is just about where I want it (I do need to swap out the handguard and gas block on it), so I actually don’t actually have a need for another AR-15 right now. 

I know, since when does need have anything to do with guns? 

I’m leaning towards making a 9mm “pistol” out of it via a Sig Arms brace, and a pistol 9mm upper, but what would you suggest? 

Pink Is The New Flat Dark Earth

jaci shooting a pink arMy Team co-blogger Jaci J. has some words of wisdom for her fellow female firearms enthusiasts: If you like your pink guns, you should keep your pink guns. 

Personally, I think a AR with the Black Watch tartan on it would be REALLY cool, but that’s just my inner Scotsman talkin’…

Go check out her story at Shooting

Today Is Buy A Gun Day

And for once, I have something to contribute

First up is the Fealty Arms Lower I won at the Superstition Mountain Three Gun match. 


It’s a lower, so it counts, right? 

The second is something even cooler, a left-handed Savage Model 16 in .308. 


I haven’t bought this one (yet), it’s a T+E gun for an article I’m writing on left-handed long-range shooting. It has a Millett TRS-1 scope and a Harris Bipod and I’ve got new rings and a 20 MOA base  for it on the way. 

If you’re thinking it looks like a cool gun, you’re right, it is! 

So any cool BAG Day schwag to report?

BlingBling BangBang

 Robbing a small jewelry store has to be right up there with tugging on Superman’s cape and spitting into the wind. Some people, however, are destined to learn life’s lessons the hard way. 

And sometimes, you get expelled from the school of hard knocks. 

Elgin jewelry store owner shoots burglary suspects

DGCElgin police are investigating a deadly shooting in which a jewelry store owner opened fire on suspected burglars. 

Just before 1:00 a.m., they got a call about shots fired along Highway 290.  They discovered the owner of the Harper’s Jewelry Store, between Ochoa and Main Streets, shot and killed a burglary suspect.

Police say the owner was in a back room when 41-year-old Robert Trevino broke in and tried to break a jewelry case.  That’s when the owner shot him and opened fire on several other people in the parking lot.

Ok, not a big fan of the “opening fire on other people in the parking lot” bit (unless they were shooting as well), but who among us was surprised to learn this? 

Trevino had an extensive criminal record. Police say he was recently implicated in a burglary at the same jewelry store two weeks ago.

I, for one, am shocked, SHOCKED at that news. Thanks to John The Texaner for sending this one in.

Dead Goblin Count: 475 (Linebaugh)

Default Settings.

Once people figure out that you’re a “gun person”, the question will inevitably arise, “Hey, so I was thinking about getting a gun for self-protection: What do you recommend?”

When I got gear questions when I was a photographer, I knew what they were looking for was a quick fix to taking better pictures. The real fix was shooting a lot more film and analyzing their mistakes, but every once in a while I’d talk to someone who knew what they were doing and had reached the limits of what their camera could do. At this point I’d usually recommend a Nikon FM, a 35mm f2 and Tri-X. Because old school. 

So what do I recommend for a pistol? Shockingly, not a CZ. I really love my CZ75 and my P07, but the fact is a double-action trigger is a hard thing to master, and the time and bandwidth needed to reach a level of comfort with such a trigger is better-spent elsewhere for a beginning shooter. Don’t get me wrong, I think double-action triggers are just peachy, it’s just not a place I’d start with a beginning shooter. 

When people ask about a self-defense gun for beginners, unless they talk about a need for concealability or easy shooting, I usually end up recommend the Smith and Wesson M&P series for first-time shooters.


Shocker, I know. 

Ok, why? 

  • I’ve gained a new appreciation for the M&P after owning and shooting my Shield
  • It’s easy to find accessories for
  • It’s an easier transition to other pistols than the Glock
  • It’s striker-fired so there’s only one trigger pull to learn
  • It’s easy to shoot
  • 9mm is (theoretically) common to find

Ok, so was my thinking out of line? What would you recommend?