Magazine Capacity Bans Don’t Work. No, Really, They Don’t.

And the science! is on our side:

For now, the bottom line is this: large-capacity magazines do not lead to higher casualty counts in mass shootingsIt is the desire of the perpetrator to shoot a lot of people leads to higher casualty counts. The choice of a large-capacity magazine may reflect that desire, but it does not seem to facilitate its realization. Lacking large-capacity magazines, the shooters could realize their evil intentions with other widely available means. (emphasis in the original)

Magazine capacity bans are the ballistic equivalent of “hate speech” laws: They limit a fundamental human right in the name of “public safety”. They’re completely ineffective, but appear (to some) as a way to help solve the problems of hatred and murder, while doing little to address the root causes of these problems.

Match Report: IDPA At SWFLSPA, November 23

They say that club matches are learning experiences, and boy howdy, did I learn a lot this week.

Stage 1: One of my better stages. I had noticed, by watching previous shooters, that there was a lot of “Down Six” and “FTN”‘s happening on the third target in the first array, so I made sure to drop an extra round on it on the way to the next array. This also set me up for a slide-lock reload after that array was done, saving me even more time.
Score: 24.03 Points Down:9

Stage 2: A learning experience. I went the safe route, going for center-mass on the right bear trap and head shots on the left one. In retrospect, I should have put the pedal to the metal and gone for center-mass on the second mover, just to see if I could do it. As it is, I ended up with a hit on the head of no-shoot. Whoops.
Score: 17.04 Points Down: 4

Stage 3:

Yeah, the wheels came FLYING off here. I knew going into the match that shooting on the move is an issue for me: I’ve been shooting more USPSA than IDPA as of late, and in USPSA Production, you tend to plant, shoot, and then reload while you’re moving to a new shooting position. Because I hadn’t practiced or done shooting on the move for awhile, I went down dozens of points on the stage. On top of that, I had a serious brain fart, dropping a not-empty mag on the ground and followed that up with a double-feed malfunction. The only good things I can see from this stage are how I handled the double-feed and my initial stage strategy was pretty good. I guess.
Score: 44.78 Points Down: 44(!)

Stage 4: Redemption. Good movement, good hits on the targets, decent stage planning (I probably should have taken only two shots on the move; taking three meant I had an extra transition at the very end of the stage). I might have had a better time with faster shooting, but I’m satisfied with my accuracy on the stage, and that matters more in IDPA than raw speed.
Score: 26.45 Points Down: 6

For me, IDPA is more about tuning up my carry gear more than winning the match. Everyone else at the match was shooting from “shoot me first” vests, and as usual, I was shooting with my CZ P07 and it’s new trigger (more on that later…), drawing from a Crossbreed Supertuck and concealing with an untucked t-shirt. I could go faster with other gear, but I shoot what I carry in IDPA. The good news is, with one or two few Down One’s, the no-shoot on Stage 2 and the epic meltdown on Stage 3, I’d be with a whisker of “Most Accurate” for the match. I’m seeing my sights almost all the time now, so now it’s time to get even better.

When Black Friday Comes

When black Friday comes, I’m gonna dig myself a hole
Gonna lay down in it ’til I satisfy my soul
Gonna let the world pass by me, the Archbishop’s gonna sanctify me
And if he don’t come across I’m gonna let it roll

I’ve got some thoughts on some Christmas presents for the gun nut in your life that don’t require to you to list out your loved one’s favorite calibers and ammo loads over at



Smarty Pants

I am not morally opposed to so-called “smart guns”: Technology marches on, and let’s face it, electronics WILL become a part of a gun some time in the future, more so than the red dot sights we have today. We have anti-lock brakes and traction control and active shifters in our cars and our cars are faster and safer than ever before, so it makes sense that integrating electronics into our guns will help keep us safer as well.

But that day is not today, nor tomorrow. Not when the best smart gun out there is a jam-o-matic. Let the military and the police test “smart guns” for thirty years, then (and only then) pass it on down, unaltered, (that means NO “kill switches”) to civilians. Please don’t ask me to take chances with the lives of my loved ones if other first responders won’t take that same chance on an unproven technology. It took thirty years for AR-15’s to go from military issue to America’s #1 rifle, so let’s allow the military to work out the bugs in smart guns and then we’ll see if they work for civilians as well.

Time Is Life.

It occurs to me that what we are fighting for in a mass casualty situation is time. Time is distance, and time also allows you the ability to move to cover and being behind cover gives your more time to choose the best option for the situation. Not having any time to make any decisions means you’ll probably fall prey to panic, and that is not a good thing when your life is on the line.

Hunting is May Issue. Practical Shooting is Shall Issue.

Thinking more about last week’s article for Bearing Arms, everything about hunting is about getting past the gatekeepers. You need your safety class, then your tags, then you need to find someplace to hunt or someone to show you where to hunt. There are checkpoints along the way to make sure you’re the “right type of person” to hunt, and even then, you may not get a chance to hunt if you don’t have the right connections.

In other words, “May Issue” concealed carry.

Practical shooting, though, is different. If you have something even close to the right gear for the match and have a basic understanding of gun safety, you shoot. You may have to go through a safety briefing and have a more experienced shooter guide you through the match, but if you show up, you shoot.

“Shall Issue”.

Which path leads to growth? Well, that one’s not hard to figure out.