SHOT Show 2014 Predictions

11_shot_show_logoIs it REALLY that time of year again? RTB has his list, here’s mine.

  • CZ will add the P09’s changeable grip panels to the PO7 and announce that the semi-auto versions of the 805 BREN will be available for civilian purchase sometime in 2014.
  • More AR’s. Yawn.
  • Less zombies. Yay!
  • Taurus will come out with “Pro Shop” versions of the 24/7 and PT1911 much like the S&W Pro Series.
  • With the success of marketing Jessie Duff for Taurus, look for pistol makers to add more women as pro shooters.
  • Speaking of people named Jesse, I predict the booth for Jesse James’ “Firearms Unlimited” will attract a lot of media and/or strippers.
    His AR-15’s and 1911’s will look pretty and sell a lot of t-shirts, but the variances and black arts of ATF regulations will prove too much for him and he’ll have to close up shop.
  • Please, God, no more .410/.45LC wheelguns.
  • Caracal will re-introduce the Model C with moar safety stuff.

Yes, there will be a new media meetup. Not sure where, but it will probably be on Tuesday night sometime.

Your best guesses?


SHOT Show 2014 Predictions — 5 Comments

    • Actually, what I’d love for Taurus to do first is to trim their semi-automatic handgun lines down to an even dozen or so. We have the 24/7, which isn’t the Millennium, which isn’t the Slim, which isn’t their Model 92 clone, which isn’t their new “concealed carry” line…

      Then, and only then, should they do Pro Shop versions.

  1. What I’d like Taurus to do is keep a gun in the production line for 5 years.
    If they can do that, it might be a clue that it’s a good design that works, Taurus will support it and people actually want it.