Stop mass murderers by stopping suicide

Take a minute or two to read this post over at Great Satan

Mass murderers never ask themselves, “And after I kill all these innocent people, how will I escape?”

The “escape” is a pre-planned suicide – whether delivered by one’s own hand or by a police sharpshooter.

The vast majority of the mentally ill are not violent, but those who become suicidal represent a special threat to themselves, and sometimes others. The so-called suicide “contagion effect” travels like a virus from one suicidal mind to another suicidal mind via the media, and most mass murders follow another event previously publicized where a “like me” suicidal, rage-filled young man kills others and then himself. 

Only by preventing the development of his suicidal desire, ideation, intent, capacity, planning and, yes, frustrating his attempt to acquire the firearms that his rage requires to express itself can we hope to find a compassionate and sustainable solution. Early detection, assessment, and treatment of emergent suicidal behavior in known at-risk populations will at least give us a chance for reducing violence in our nation. 

So as the gun debate unfolds let’s not get lost in the bushes of how many bullets a Bushmaster holds, but view it through this lens:

  • Almost all mass murderers die by suicide.
  • Suicide is preventable.
  • Prevent suicide and you prevent violence. 

Read the whole thing, and share it wide and as far as possible. If we’re going to debate the causes of mass murder, let’s debate the actual causes, and not limit ourselves to one of many available means. 


Stop mass murderers by stopping suicide — 1 Comment

  1. The batman shooter is an example of one not he’ll bent on suicide. There are others. I do agree there is a serious mental illness issue that is not being addressed in this country. Add to that the lack for a healthcare plan and you have the ingredients for tragedy.

    The healthcare industry constitutes 20% of total GDP. The leading cause of bankruptcy is due to health related expenses. There is no national mental hospital for treating mentally ill, but we do have a jail/prison systems at every level, local/state/federal.

    If we do t allocate resources towards treating mentally ill who can’t afford it themselves, we will continue to see mass murders and other mayhem. Regardless of method, gun is just one method. Remember anthrax and the unibomber? You can kill a lot more people with a U-Haul truckload of fertilizer than you can with a gun.