Chicks with guns

Shelley nails it here.

If you look at a lot of the products that are successfully marketed toward women, whether it be a soap, make up or running shoes (Nike does a great job of this) you’ll find that there are lifestyle campaigns that go hand in hand. Many companies collect inspirational stories about their products or provide communities to discuss the lifestyle that goes with the product. That is showing respect and showing commitment, it is more than just a product with features, it’s a product that can and wants to be part of your life. 

I’d add something that came up in a discussion with the (female) Director of Operations at a local indoor range. She said most women think of gun ranges like they would a strip club: It’s a male-only place with something vaguely unsettling and probably morally wrong going on inside.

This isn’t helped by the fact that the layout and merchandising of most stores are NOT women-friendly. A poster of the latest AR variant that’s built from the ground up to kill zombies and has rails on top of it’s rails may appease the Call of Duty crowd, but it will scare an already-scared single mother right out the door. Good marketers understand that they are very rarely their own target market. 

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Make ’em feel at home

I agree with everything here. When it comes to customer service, most ranges just don’t get it. 

I have this theory that running a shooting club, a training facility, or even a match, puts you in the hospitality business. And the way you get customers – in this case shooters – is to treat them like a good restaurant or hotel treats its guests.

No shooter has to go to the range this weekend. They go because they want to, and if you want them to come to your range then you need to make them want that experience over the myriad of other recreational opportunities that are going after their wallet.

So that means making them feel welcome and appreciated. 

And then there’s the matches at said ranges, which is another story and it usally is found in the horror section of the library. Memo to local pistol matches: Not all of us grew up shooting with Rob Leatham and Brian Enos. A lot of us are new, and new shooters need more patience and guidance.

Handing us the clock on our first match ever? Not cool.

With the influx of new shooters and the rising popularity of practical shooting, it’s crucially important to remember that match participants and range visitors are the customers, not the product. Anyone range or match that doesn’t keep that in mind is limiting their growth. 

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Open Season

Gun owners CLOBBBER anti-gunners on blogs, figuratively speaking, of course. 

We have hugely popular online video channels like FPSRussia, Hickok45, NutnFancy and FateOfDestinee. 

We trounce the hoplophobes on Facebook

So why don’t have a dominant prescence on Twitter, Tumbler or other micro-blogging outlets? 

Quick, name me the top gun nut firearms enthusiast on Twitter? 


And a quick check of Klout shows that my humble Twitter feed is right up there when it comes to guns.

Seems like there’s an opportunity out there in microblog land…

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McMillan returns fire

Just posted on their Facebook page

In response to Bank of America’s public statement:

The statement we [McMillan] posted was an accurate account of the events that transpired late last week. McMillan Group has been in good standing with B of A and a loyal customer for the past 12 years. We were told that we must finalize all of our accounts because we manufacture firearms.

McMillan cannot speak for Bank of America’s company wide policies, but we can speak out about our personal experiences.

We [McMillan] kindly suggest that if Corporate Bank of America has no policy against conducting business with firearms manufactures, then they should communicate these policies with their regional Vice Presidents and other management. 

Oh, and that horse you rode in on? Him too. 

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You make the call

If the George Zimmermann / Trayvon Martin mess has taught me anything, it’s that the armed citizenry needs to mind it’s own business when armed. We’re not cops, nor should we want to be. 


What if you’re out an evening bike ride through the park, and this transpires right in front of you

… they found a black male and female struggling on the greenbelt. Laslavic said the man was on top of the woman and was attempting to pull her into some nearby bushes. 

What you would do? Me, I’d stop and help the women, just like these two guys did. 

Police said during the struggle, two people rode by on their bikes and stopped to help.

One of the bicyclists jumped off of his bike and went to the aid of the woman.

Good for him. But things went pear-shaped, and quickly. 

Police said the suspect pulled out a gun and shot the man in the back of the neck and the female victim in the leg.

Despite being shot in the neck, the bicyclist was able to run to a nearby fire station to get help. Police said he was transported to a local hospital with serious, but non life-threatening injuries. The other bicyclist was not hurt.

Moral of the story: If you jump in to help someone in distress, be prepared for almost anything. 

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Lucky Thirteenth Report

The job search ain’t goin’ so well, so it was off to the range for some recoil therapy. 

Dot Torture Drill

Dot Torture Drill: 48 out of 50. 

Yeah baby! Not bad for my second time trying this drill with my dead-stock CZ P07, and things could have been better had I paid attention on that center dot. 

El Presidenté Drills

P07 1 P07 2 P07 3 CZ75 1 CZ75 2
Target One 4A 4A 2A2C 4A 4A
Target Two 2ACD 4A A3C 3AC 4A
Target Three ACDM 2A2C 2ACM 2A2C 3AD

Time 10.43 12.23 10.62 9.27 9.13
A’s 7 10 5 10 11
C’s 2 2 6 2  
D’s 2       1
M’s 1   1    
Points 33 56 33 56 56
Score 3.16 4.58 3.11 6.04 6.13
Draw 2.53 2.56 2.44 2.18 2.16
Reload 2.51 3.06 2.52 1.76 2.23
Avg. Split 0.47 0.62 0.54 0.47 0.37

I blame those two Mikes on the P07 runs on me getting too anxious to see my hits on the last shot.  Besides that, though, I had my best score ever with the P07, and my fastest reload ever with the CZ75. Also, my split times were durn close to each other with both guns. 

I may not be competing much as of late due to my funemployment, but at least my skills aren’t withering. 

And for giggles, I ran through a F.A.S.T. drill at the end of the session (yeah, I know, you’re supposed to shoot them “cold”, without any warmup).

My time?

8.69, with one miss. I ain’t turnin’ into a robot mutant cyborg anytime soon, that’s for sure…