A cop who gets it

Ron Avery gets it: CCW carriers aren’t the bad guys, it’s the actual bad guys who are the bad guys

Rather than seeing CCW as a necessary evil, I would look upon it as an opportunity to work with your citizens. In talking with CCW carriers in my courses I have had numerous opportunities to get their point of view on this subject. By and large, they are very pro-law enforcement and will go out of their way to help you should the need arise. I treat them with respect and as a resource.

Law abiding citizens do not expect to be treated like a felon — nor should they be. They will be angry if you prone them out, spread eagle them against a wall, or take their firearm from them without just cause. Good point to remember: A little thought and common sense goes a long way here. 

A CCW license in Arizona will cost you around $125-150 for training, ammo and fingerprinting. This alone tends to discourage felons from legal carry, and we haven’t even gotten to the need to pass a background check yet. I carry not because I want to be a cop, I carry because I am and always will be my own first responder. 

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After Top Shot is over

Millions of people watched the Top Shot finale last night, and a good percentage of them aren’t shooters. 

It’s up to us, the shooting community, to get them involved in the shooting sports and show them that guns aren’t evil or killing machines or murder weapons waiting to happen: Guns are tools, and when used right, they can be (and are) a LOT of fun. 

  1. If you’ve got a friend or coworker who’s into Top Shot but isn’t into shooting, take them to the range. 
  2. Sign up to be a mentor at outofoptions.wordpress.com, and let people know on your blog that you’re open and willing to teach people how to shoot. 
  3. Join the NRA. Seriously, this is like Step Zero. No one does more to promote gun safety and the rights of gun owners than the NRA, and if you shoot, you need to join the NRA. Period. End of sentence. 

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USPSA/IDPA targets and stage props are available for free download and free use in Google Sketchup

Testing 1, 2, 3

Now stage designers can see how a stage flows and looks in before one target stand gets hauled out of storage. Sketchup is easy to use and learn (heck, my nieces used it to re-design their bedroom) and has become the de-facto standard in consumer-level 3D CAD programs.

It may take too much time to create a stage in Sketchup versus Stagebuilder or Powerpoint for club matches, but this is *perfect* for Area Championships and big matches, as it allows a stage designer to pre-flight and run a virtual walk-through on a stage as it’s being planned. 


Save the planet. Buy a gun.

It ain’t Birkenstocks and hemp shirts that’s saving the American wilderness, it’s AR-15’s and flyrods

“To date, hunters and fisherpersons have shelled out over $20 billion “on behalf of the environment.” A study by the National Shooting Sports Foundation found that for every taxpayer dollar invested in wildlife conservation, hunters and fishermen contribute nine.” 

Shouldn’t be that surprising. After all, more shooting ranges = more wildlife

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Michael Bane linked to this excellent article on the advantages of a lever-action rifle as a defensive firearm, and that got me to thinkin’… 

1. The 1911 platform is going through a renaissance as of late. Para, Remington and Ruger have all introduced reliable, accurate entry-level 1911’s in the last few years, and that trend shows no sign of ending soon.

 2. There are distinctive advantages of having your sidearm and defensive rifle share ammunition types. 

Given that, why doesn’t anybody make a lever gun in .45 ACP? 

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