Ten Years Of Punditry And Mayhem

Jon, Todd, Steve and myself started Exurban League ten years ago today.

What a long, strange trip it’s been. I live in Florida now, and this blog is pretty much shut down. Todd and Steve don’t blog (never really did, to be honest), I’m writing over on my gun blog and a bunch of other places, and Jon is Editor In Chief of Ricochet.com.

We started late in the blog world, and we missed catching the wave of blogs that drove many people to the top of the journalism ladder, but thanks to our great good decent adequate writing skills and a wry sense of humor, both Jon and I have both come a long way, for which we credit God’s grace, good luck and a lot of hard work.

With a little nepotism and sucking-up thrown in for good measure.

Please consider joining Ricochet as a way to keep up with we have to say. Some of what we write is pretty good, the rest is merely brilliant.

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August 17th, 2016 by exurbankevin

Local Boy Makes It To The Big Time

Four guys were hanging around a coffee shop on a Saturday morning in 2006, solving all the world’s problems in just a few hours. We’d known each other from college, and all of us shared a passion for technology, Christ, our families, and our country.

Oh, and Salma Hayek. Her too.

We decided to start a blog to let the world know we’ve solved everything that ails it, and the rest, as they say, is history. Two of the guys from the coffee shop made a few posts and then never wrote again, and a fifth friend joined in as well, but two of the guys wrote often, and started to get some notoriety for what they wrote.

Now one of those two guys is the editor-in-chief of Ricochet.com.

Congratulations, Ex(urban)Jon.

On a related note, I think I’m going to begin powering down this part of the blog and move my political rants to the member feed of Ricochet. I believe in their model, and it’s time to support it with money and content. I’d encourage everyone reading to join Ricochet, it truly is a unique outpost of civility in the ever-increasing vulgar wasteland of the ‘net. Other things working against keeping up the blog is that I’m not wired in to the local scene like I was in Arizona, and I’m just not as motivated to write about politics as I was in 2008. The gunblog will continue, but it will be moved to the MisfiresAndLightStrikes.com domain and spun off on it’s own.

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September 26th, 2015 by KevinC

A Very Unfortunate Coincidence

A very unfortunate logo coincidence…

Might want to work on a redesign Vern.

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November 5th, 2009 by exurbansteve

Ummm….I gotta go

Piss-Powered Cars Move Closer to Reality

Hydrogen power has long been hampered by the lack of an inexpensive,renewable fuel. As it turns out, the solution may be right underneathus. Researchers at Ohio University have discovered that hydrogen can beproduced from urine using an electrolytic process at only a fraction ofthe cost of generating hydrogen from water.

the rest …

Just doing my part to fight global warming.

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July 8th, 2009 by admindude

Presidential Debate Live Blog

Will John McCain become the first Presidential candidate to spontaneously combust live on network TV?

Will Obama demonstrate his tax plan by redistributing the wealth of the studio audience in front of their very eyes?

And will this debate be interesting, informative and exciting (unlike the others) ?

All this, and more, on the next episode of Soap the 2008 Presidential Debates.

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October 16th, 2008 by admindude


McCain seems to have a thing for good looking women.

History will read.

DNC – First African American nominated
RNC – First woman nominated (Correction: First woman for the Republican Party)

RNC – First Woman to serve.

Maverick: “How you like me now?!?”
(This actually makes Obama more like Jester, in more ways than one, but this time its above the hard deck)

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August 29th, 2008 by admindude

Oh please, oh please, oh please…..

oh please.

“Speculation reached dizzying heights that the 47-year old two-term
governor of Minnesota (Tim Pawlenty) would be the man to appear by McCain’s side on
Friday in Dayton, Ohio for the dramatic debut.”

If McCain really intends to only serve for one term, I really hope he is thinking about president #45.

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August 28th, 2008 by admindude

Kids with my disease

We here at ExurbanLeague in the fine tradition of conservatism take the initiative and do not wait for the government to solve our problems. My wife is trying to raise awareness and money through a program with American Express. Below is a copy of an email she sent out to family and friends.

you probably know,
I walk with a walker and have a disease known
as Generalized Dystonia.  I ask you to
take a minute and log on to the site below. Find the video click on the button
below it that states Nominate this Project.   That is all I ask of you, you need read no
farther unless you want to know more.

If you have time, please read the project and
watch the video of children with different forms of Dystonia.  This painful and disabling disease struck me
suddenly 14 years ago.  Look at the girl
in the wheel chair and you will see how the disease affected me at first.  Praise the Lord that a miracle occurred for me
– I am no longer wheel chair bound nor constantly moving because of muscle
spasms.  The disease affects me
differently now. But, these little children suffer not only physically but also
socially, mentally, emotionally and often needlessly.  The money from this project will help

I have asked many things of you over the
years.  This is my disease – the disease
that has affected every aspect of my life – and the lives of so many other
adults and children (who are misdiagnosed and
never get the treatments that have helped me walk).  Learn more about these kids; help them!  Please.

Grace and Peace to you, Patti

YOU CAN.  Thank you.  We are not yet winning.”

Here is the original project description and link.

“I’d like to tell you about a project on Members Project.  It’s called “Symposium
for families impacted by dystonia,”
and with your support, it could
get funding from American Express.  To
nominate this project for potential funding, please go to Symposium for families impacted by dystonia
. Members Project is an exciting initiative that
brings people together to make a difference in the world.  It’s simple. 
People go online to share ideas for projects — and ultimately vote on
which projects will share $2.5 million in funding from American Express.

In 2007,
Members Project provided clean drinking water to children all across Africa.  What will
Members Project do this year?  The
decision is yours.  Please nominate this

If you are an American Express Card member, please login and vote. Your participation in voting for this project would be greatly appreciated.

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August 28th, 2008 by admindude

Don’t believe the hype

yeah, boyeeee.

I must admit I rolled my eyes when I first got this link to a video in an email, but while listening it appears the creator of this video did a little research.

I am no history or political scholar, but I know at least two of our regular readers are, (:cough :cough..Dave, Doug…:cough), and they may be able to shed light on the validity of the comments and connections in the video.

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May 5th, 2008 by admindude

I’ve been busy

I have been taking a lot of flack from my exurban brothers about not blogging. But I have been very busy attempting to start a software company. Beside the fact that I am not a natural writer.  But to let you know that I have been working, I will show you a tutorial video I have been working on.

(HT: Don Giannatti)

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April 1st, 2008 by admindude