How easy is it to buy a gun online?

June 21, 2017 | By exurbankevin | Filed in: Guns, Kevin.

Well, it depends on what online gun store you use and what you’re looking for.

First off, let’s dispense with the myth that buying a gun online means you don’t have go through a background check.


Every new gun you buy online, every single one of them, has to be shipped to a dealer in your state who will perform the same background check on you as if you’d bought the gun in his store. Now, to be fair, this is not true if you wade into the Wild West of the used gun market, but even then, if I’m buying (or selling) a gun in that environment, I insist that the seller provide written confirmation that he or she is legally able to sell the gun, and I also insist for written proof that anyone who buys a gun from me is able to legally own a gun.

Now, if you don’t want go through that, you buy from a reputable online store that sells new guns, which offers many advantages over buying used:

  1. You know what you’re getting. This is a big deal, because yes, the seller of a used gun may SAY things like “I’ve put 500 rounds rounds through it without any problems,” but the fact is, you have no way of proving that, nor do you have any way of proving how often he/she lubricated and maintained the gun.
  2. You’re dealing with a reputable dealer. Some dude on the internet doesn’t really care if you don’t like the deal you made with him, but a good dealer, who lives and dies with customer ratings on social media, does care about such things, because they want repeat customers.
  3. Used guns are not that big of a value. Yes, there are some great deals out there, but it’s kinda like buying a used stereo: Unless you really know what you’re for, it’s more trouble than it’s worth.
  4. You get better customer service with an online gun store than you do when you’re buying a used gun online. Heck, you get customer service itself: Most people who sell used guns really don’t understand such things as “repeat business”.

Me? I like shopping for a new guns online. Even if I’m not in market for a new gun right now, it’s nice to take a browse through Grab A Guns online gun store or something similar, and see what’s out there in the market right now.

Heck, who said that window shopping had to be limited to actual windows?



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