Another tradition soon to be lost

December 3, 2014 | By exurbankevin | Filed in: Democrats, Kevin, Law, politcs, Politics.

It is traditional for ex-Presidents to stay out of the spotlight after their term(s) in office are over and let the next President have his/her shot at things without someone second-guessing their decisions.

Does anyone REALLY think that our current Narcissist-In-Chief will follow that tradition, rather than jump into the spotlight and try to make the story all about him?

Me neither.


Why is Sharpton in the White House? Simple. Obama is looking for tips for his post-Presidency. Obama started out as a  “Community Organizer” and that’s where he’ll finish as well. With consistent sky-high approval ratings in the black community, he’s going to be a kingmaker among Democrats for years to come.

One comment on “Another tradition soon to be lost

  1. exurbanDoug says:

    My guess is Al Sharpton’s back taxes won’t be discussed during the meeting.