I hate wasting good stuff on an away game.

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Michael Bane went off on Obama/Holder/Sharpton/et al’s current machinations to re-make America in their own image, and I chimed in. Walter Russell Mead’s work on the death of the Blue social model has been outstanding and the guide post I’ve used these past two years. The elaborate social/cultural machinery of the technocrats have built of the past • Read More »

Confederate Flag Musings

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I was at the Crossroads of the West Gun Show in Phoenix a few days ago checking out various firearms and other items on display. Such expositions are a great place for freedom-loving people to conduct business and support their civil right to bear arms. However, there were a few displays of one particular symbol • Read More »

First, the good news…

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The LAPD is arresting dozens of members of the Mexican Mafia. Federal prosecutors announced a sweeping indictment Wednesday morning against the Boyle Heights-based street gang, which they say has “deep ties” to the Mexican Mafia prison gang. At least 38 members of the Big Hazard gang were indicted under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt • Read More »

He knows if you are sleeping, or drinking a Big Gulp

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He knows if your gun’s ok, so be good for 5 bills’ sake. Baltimore to offer $500 if you squeal on your neighbor’s illegal guns. In an effort to reduce violent crime, Baltimore officials and Metro Crime Stoppers are giving $500 rewards for tips that lead to illegal gun forfeitures. If a tip leads to • Read More »

Another tradition soon to be lost

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It is traditional for ex-Presidents to stay out of the spotlight after their term(s) in office are over and let the next President have his/her shot at things without someone second-guessing their decisions. Does anyone REALLY think that our current Narcissist-In-Chief will follow that tradition, rather than jump into the spotlight and try to make • Read More »

I have seen the future of academia, and it is North Korea

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Keep this article in mind the next time someone tells you that the “science” of global warming is settled because “95% of scientists agree it’s so, therefore, it must be so”. It was the fall of 2011, and I was teaching English at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology in North Korea. Two hundred and seventy young men, • Read More »