Channelling Heinlein

“With national governments in collapse at the end of the XXth century, something had to fill the vacuum, and in many cases it was the returned veterans. They had lost a war, most of them had no jobs, many were sore as could be over the terms of the Treaty of New Delhi, especially the P.O.W. foul-up — and they knew how to fight. But it wasn’t revolution; it was more like what happened in Russia in 1917 — the system collapsed; somebody else moved in. The first known case, in Aberdeen, Scotland, was typical. Some veterans got together as vigilantes to stop rioting and looting, hanged a few people (including two veterans) and decided not to let anyone but veterans on their committee. Just arbitrary at first — they trusted each other a bit, they didn’t trust anyone else. What started as an emergency measure became constitutional practice in a generation or two.”

– Robert Heinlein, “Starship Troopers“, published in 1959.

“Sam Andrews, a former Defense Department contractor who is now a weapons engineer in the St. Louis area, set to work. Under the auspices of a national group called the Oath Keepers, Mr. Andrews accelerated plans to recruit and organize private security details for businesses in Ferguson, which are receiving the services for free. The volunteers, who are sometimes described as a citizen militia — but do not call themselves that — have taken up armed positions on rooftops here on recent nights.”

“‘It’s really a broad group of citizens, and I’m sure their motivations are all different,’ said Mr. Andrews, who is in his 50s. ‘In many of them, there’s probably a sense of patriotism. But I think in most of them, there’s probably something that they probably don’t even recognize: that we have a moral obligation to protect the weakest among us. When we see these violent people, these arsonists and anarchists, attacking, it just pokes at you in a deep place’.” 

– The New York Times, “On Rooftops of Ferguson, Volunteers Patrol, With Guns“, published on November 29, 2014 

Turns out that RAH was off by 20 years, but other than that, looks like he nailed it. Again. 

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November 30th, 2014 by KevinC

The Long Slouch Through Our Nation’s Institutions Continues

Mrs ExKev is watching a special on Fox about how radicals like Ward Churchill and Bill Ayers influence the thinking and policies of our nation’s universities. 

Me? I’m not watching it. More liberal readers of this blog may be surprised to hear this (as they all pretty much believe we on the right watch Fox like Winston Smith watches his telescreens), but I don’t like watching Fox News, or CNN or any TV news. Why would I sit and have someone read the internet to me? 

I digress. 

What struck me about this special was how ineffective this tactic of indoctrinating the youth has been for the left. Yes, a generation of young people has sat in college classes and absorbed a lot of socialist nonsense through osmosis, but the end result of all of that has been: 

a) The Obama Presidency
b) The coming candidacy of Mrs. Bill Clinton
c) The possible candidacy of Elizabeth Warren

Not exactly the Inklings, there.

The biggest issue that I see with the left’s takeover of our schools isn’t in leadership (probably because today’s colleges stand as much chance of producing leaders as the Dallas Cowboys have of producing touchdowns…), but rather how a liberal arts degree from a good school is a ticket into the ever-expanding world of government bureaucracy. 

The problem isn’t with what our college students are learning, the problem is what they’re doing with their degrees, and how they’re producing (or more likely, NOT producing) something to enrich our country and our culture. 

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November 29th, 2014 by exurbankevin

Ben Carson STILL doesn’t get it.


” (Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson) had every right to protect his life. But I do think that there are probably other techniques that could have been used.”

“For instance, in a lot of places, police officers aren’t even allowed to go into the more dangerous areas by themselves. They’re always paired. Or you know, people use tasers, people learn how to shoot people in the legs to stop them from charging, things of that nature. And I seriously doubt that he’d been given that information.” (emphasis mine).

Failed Republican Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson

A word of advice to Dr. Carson: When you’re to the left of Christ Christie of gun rights, it’s time to say goodbye to any hope of being the GOP’s candidate in 2016.

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November 28th, 2014 by KevinC

Turkey Time

I have a relatives who do not hold the same religious beliefs I do, and we have a great time at Thanksgiving and other semi-religious events because I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut, enjoy their company, let family be family, and be a witness to what I believe in, not a spokesman. 

What’s the difference between the two? A witness testifies when called upon, and does so from first-hand knowledge. A spokesman talks whenever possible, and may or may not know what they are talking about. One is trusted, the other… not so much.

Moms Demand Action has not learned that lesson, but then again, zealots are always the last to understand.

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 12.59.08 PM

Because nothing says “Thanksgiving!” like being a Puritanical prude. 


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November 24th, 2014 by exurbankevin

Legal Immigrants Just Took It In The Shorts

My family did it right. We played by the rules, and emigrated to the U.S. in 1983. It took us a lot of time and money to get our immigration visas to the United States, and I love it here. It’s an amazing country, and I’m honored and proud to live here.

However, this country is now looking to take those same rules and throw them onto the trash heap of history for no apparent reason at all, and that makes me INCENSED. 

There is one political party who claims to be for “the little guy” and wants to help those oppressed others against those who rig the system in their favor.

Well, the system has now been rigged against me. Where is that political party now? They’re doing the rigging. 

Friend of the little guy, indeed.

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November 21st, 2014 by exurbankevin

The problem with a cult of personality is…

…that its appeal is, well, personal.

People who follow that personality aren’t a part of the equation when the person they follow isn’t a part of the equation, either.

Evangelical Christians know this from hard experience: Time and time again, a preacher arrives on the scene who dazzles everyone and promises his followers the Sun, Moon and stars in return for their faith (and a small cash donation), and time and time again, that preacher is shown to be a fraud with feet of clay and a heart of stone.

And now the secular messiah, the Kwisatz Haderach, the Lightbringer, is being shown to be just another hustler pushing himself up while pushing others down.

Democrats should have been more suspicious of the notion propagated by many partisan analysts over the last six years which postulated that the president’s electoral coalition of minority voters, young people, and single women is the new Democratic base. 

Surveying the four national elections that have occurred in the Obama-era, analysts will find virtually no evidence to suggest that the Obama coalition is synonymous with the Democratic coalition. When Barack Obama is on the ballot, his coalition of voters shows up at the polls. When he isn’t, they don’t; even despite his personal appeals.

Evangelical Christianity has the advantage of divine inspiration and 2000 years of history to help it weather the slings and arrows of outrageous preachers. The Democrats have neither of these. Gonna be a long, hard road ahead before the can rebuild from the damage that Obama has done to them.

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November 12th, 2014 by exurbankevin

The New Party Of No

Let me explain this simply, clearly and plainly.

If you ally yourself with schoolteachers, restrictive sexual mores, speech codes and domestic spying, don’t be surprised when young people rebel against you


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November 6th, 2014 by exurbankevin

And now, a word from Larry Correia.

Larry Correia posted this on Facebook just now, and I’m stealing it and re-posting it here. Enjoy.

I love how the day after the election the Libertarian Unicorn Calvary rides in to explain how the two parties are EXACTLY THE SAME and NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

Yeah, I can totally see your point, except for the Republicans being better on economics, business, foreign policy, taxes, entitlements, welfare (both individual and corporate), national defense, healthcare, guns, framing any policy disagreement as racism, reading your mail, tapping your phones, using the IRS to attack opponents, running illegal guns to Mexico to frame American gun owners, and basic f***ing math, they’re totally the same. Yes, you want an ice cream cone RIGHT NOW and the republicans didn’t give it to you, so they’re totally the same.

Yes, the Republicans suck. But they are a far more manageable form of suck. Republicans are gonorrhea, Democrats are brain cancer. Any problem you can name with Republicans, you can name the same problem worse with Democrats. There are SOME freedom loving Republicans in office, yet there are ZERO freedom loving Democrats in office.

So thanks for letting us all know how you are pure as the driven snow, and all sins are equal in your eyes. Other than their being EXACTLY THE SAME in totally different ways, the two horrible Republican crimes I keep seeing get tossed out there this morning are opposition to gay marriage and the war on terror. Except that most Republican opposition to gay marriage evaporates once you frame it as a religious freedom issue, and not a bunch of statists forcing religious people to do things that religious people don’t want to do issue. Hell, after last night we elected gay republicans (both openly and LIndsey Graham) and sane gay people are sick of being unemployed and yelled at by Social Justice Warriors too.

As for the war on terror, the only reason that the whole Obama killing of American citizens without trial thing is an issue is because it was brought up and made into a spectacle by a bunch of young Republicans! Derp.

BUT EXACTLY THE SAME. Because you rode up on your unicorn upset that the new majority didn’t give you your f***ing ice cream cone RIGHT NOW and they can’t magically fix every ill and override a veto so EXACTLY THE SAME.

Thank goodness most of America realized they needed to stop the slide to crazy town and voted for the manageable bunch rather than the ones who think Pol Pot and Mao were just swell. Meanwhile the Libertarian party was too busy arguing about the definition of moral perfection to get elected to dog catcher.

So no, they’re not EXACTLY THE SAME. f***ing deal with it.

The “Libertarian Moment” isn’t going to get here because of the Libertarian Party, it’s going to get here because society demands such things.  If you want to change the country, you need to be in the game, not on the sidelines.

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November 5th, 2014 by exurbankevin

A Delicate Balancing Act

In 2008, Republicans had to balance not ticking off conservative Christian voters, who at the time were an essential element in the party, with the fact that one of their heroes, George W. Bush, had become absolutely toxic on the campaign trail as a whole. 

In 2016, it’ll be the Democrats who will go under the sword of Damocles. Barack Obama’s popularity numbers will be even lower than they are today (assuming that’s even possible…), but he will probably still be popular with African-American voters, who are as critical to the Dems as Evangelicals are to the GOP. 

So how do you court the voters you need to win without looking like you’re supporting a candidate that everybody else absolutely loathes? 

McCain didn’t figure that out in 2008, and I doubt that Hillary, Biden or Warren will figure out how to do it in 2016.

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November 5th, 2014 by exurbankevin

First in Arizona, then in the rest of the nation.

Michael Barone talks about what today’s elections will mean for the Democrats

President Obama’s ideology — expanded government, Obamacare — has been less widely acceptable and his reputation for competence is currently in tatters. He was able to eke out re-election with a reduced percentage by good organization. But he leaves his party in trouble.

Yes, Hillary Clinton leads in polls for 2016. But her numbers have been sagging. And other Democrats poll worse against not-very-well-known Republican alternatives than I can remember any party’s potential candidates polling in the last half-century.

Why does that sound so familiar? Oh yeah, because that’s just how Janet Napolitano left Democrats in Arizona when she bolted for the Obama Administration

With Napolitano gone, Camacho worries about a Democratic “power vacuum” in her absence, though some political observers suggest the void will be filled by Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard, the state’s highest-ranking Democrat.

Re-running a perpetual second-place finisher like Goddard didn’t work out so well, and re-running Hillary in 2016 is going to work out just as well for the national party as it did for Arizona Dems. 

That’s not to say that things are rosy for the GOP after today, either. It’s up to them now to provide an alternative to the wretched hive of suck and fail that has been Obama’s big government style of (non)leadership, and if Republicans see their mandate as Compassionate Conservativism v2.0, they’re also facing a short trip to the dustbin of history

People are voting for the GOP right now because they’re not Obama, and that’s a valid reason to vote. It is not, however, a valid vision of government, and that’s the battle that the Republican party faces these next two years.

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November 4th, 2014 by exurbankevin