A pack, not a herd.

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Grover Norquist lays out the case that America isn’t having a “libertarian moment”, it’s having a libertarian MOVEMENT.  “So forget ‘moment.’ Think trend. And consider the once-impossible political shifts that have taken place over the past 30 years. The relevant dividing line is not right versus left or Republican versus Democrat but the expansion of • Read More »

It’s a good day when Michael Barone agrees with me.

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This has been a bugaboo of mine for quite a while now: We are entering into an era of increased personal empowerment unseen since the invention of the printing press. I don’t HAVE to watch the evening news to know what’s going on, I have my podcasts and RSS feeds. I don’t HAVE to limit • Read More »

Creating Christian Media For Men

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Or CCMM, for short. I’ve been rolling around ideas inside of my brain about getting men back into the church, and getting worship services back to being like worship and not like a concert.  1. Break the Fourth Wall. And the Third Wall. And the Second Wall, too.I realized what modern church worship really is • Read More »

Daily Carry.

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When I had my little misadventure last month, I was in the midst of testing out gear for a daily carry messenger bag to have near me no matter what. Something as simple as always having a ready and available source of water makes a big difference on a 2 hour road trip, and the • Read More »