A Church for Men

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And now for something completely different.  Despite having grown up in the church, going overseas on a mission trip and being trained as a bass/baritone, I don’t listen to contemporary Christian music, or CCM as it’s commonly called.  Why? A number of reasons.  An almost complete and total lack of soul. Listen to the CCM, • Read More »

How to fix the mess in Ferguson

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Think that dealing with a heavily-armed police force is something that’s happened only in a world of M4’s and MRAP’s?  Think again.  The English dealt with this same issue almost 200 years ago, and Sir Robert Peel laid out nine rules to help society and an armed law enforcement play nice together.  To prevent crime • Read More »

Oh Captain! My Captain!

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In 1989, I was attending Mesa Community College, pursing a degree in Journalism. I was a photographer on the student newspaper and for the first time in life, part of the cool kids crowd.  I had spent the last ten years wrapped up in the world of role-playing games, hanging out with geeks into the • Read More »