Strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

Your tax dollars paid for this: Obamacare, The Game




From the “Learn More” section (I swear this isn’t a parody site). My comments are in italics. 

  • Improving private market reforms including ending lifetime and most annual limits for health insurance coverage, increasing transparency about how insurers use consumer’s premium dollars and eliminating discrimination by insurers based on an individual’s pre-existing conditions. (Anyone who expects “Increased transparency” from the administration that brought you the NSA and IRS scandal needs medication, and this is just the site to help you get the Xanax you need!).
  • Strengthening the U.S. safety-net and public health benefits programs, including investments in primary care provider training and placements, expansion of public health coverage to more low-income Americans and investments in community health centers. (If by “strengthening” they mean “start a death spiral“, then this is correct.).
  • Creating new insurance marketplaces in each state, known as Exchanges.  These competitive marketplaces will provide individuals and small businesses protections when buying their insurance, including defining what services plans have to cover so people can make an apples-to-apples comparison of plans when shopping.  The exchanges will also help lower and middle class Americans without insurance cover the costs of their insurance with federal subsidies. (New marketplaces… that don’t work, and probably never will.).
  • Helping young adults access health insurance coverage by allowing them to stay on their parents’ plans until they turn 26. Five hundred thousand more young adults have health insurance coverage because of this provision as of September 2011. (Unfortunately, because of the increased costs to businesses, none of them have jobs to pay for their new coverage. Whoops.)
  • Investing in projects and programs to reduce wasteful spending and fraud in the nation’s public programs, including Medicaid and Medicare. ($640 Million for a website, and they talk about “wasteful spending”. Uh huh.).
  • Providing help to small businesses with lower income employees in the form of a tax credit for those who provide insurance to their employees. (By going out of business and/or tossing them into exchanges that don’t work. Thanks, Obamacare!).

I swear, who needs drugs, when reality itself is this messed up?

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October 23rd, 2013 by exurbankevin

Why are Canadian Environmental Protestors So Violent?

Man, if you think Canadians get upset over hockey, you haven’t seen them get upset over potentially making a ton of money from oil drilling. 

They’re NOT protesting that they want money. They’re protesting that they’ll be making money. 

No, I don’t get that either

Dozens of shale gas protesters cut down trees and blocked Route 134 near Rexton on Monday, vowing not to back down until they are granted a meeting with officials from the provincial government and SWN Resources.

Initially, the protesters formed a barrier to prevent exploration vehicles used by SWN Resources from accessing Route 134, which connects Rexton with Route 11, the main highway between Moncton and Miramichi.

Tensions have flared over the possible development of a shale gas industry in New Brunswick and in particular, the use of hydraulic fracturing, also known as hydro-fracking.

So the native tribes of New Brunswick, part of impoverished Atlantic provinces, want to keep out the oil companies who will make them LESS-impoverished. 

Ok then. 

Good thing they’re being all nice and calm in their poverty. 

Oh, wait

Canadian police say they have arrested at least 40 people in eastern New Brunswick at the site of a protest over shale gas development that turned violent.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Thursday the people were arrested for firearms violations, threats, intimidation, mischief and violating a court-ordered injunction near Rexton.

Activists complain the landscape is getting trampled along the way.

 The RCMP say at least five of their vehicles have been destroyed after they were set on fire, Molotov cocktails were thrown at officers, and at least one shot was fired by someone who isn’t a police officer.

Yeah, that’ll help raise the standard of living in New Brunswick. Way to go, First Peoples. Let’s make sure your minority/victim status is extended for a few more decades.

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October 17th, 2013 by exurbankevin

Thought of the day

If you’ve convinced yourself that it’s in the public’s best interest for them not to stop and look at a mountain, how much further do you have to go until you’re convinced yourself it’s in their best interest to get into a boxcar?

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October 6th, 2013 by exurbankevin

If you’re coming here from the forums…

This my where I type out my unhinged political rants. 

My unhinged gun-related rants are over at Misfires And Light Strikes

And yes, I am looking forward to this. More about it on Monday. 

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October 4th, 2013 by exurbankevin