A rope, a light pole, some assembly required.

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Not so long ago, the anti-war left and the media (but I repeat myself) were all outraged, OUTRAGED over the Iraq War and ChimpyBu$Hitler’s evil overlord, Darth Cheney, were (allegedly) lining their pockets over the misery of others.  We all by now know that Dick Cheney retired from the Pentagon in 1993 to accede to • Read More »

Keep Dope Alive

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Just a reminder: In the name of imposing restrictions on “assault weapons” here in the U.S., the Justice Department of the United States gave aid and comfort to the Mexican drug cartels by illegally sending thousands of rifles across the border, resulting in hundreds of deaths in Mexico and the United States.  We have not • Read More »

Human Rights For Me but Not For Thee

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Why, it’s almost as if a progressive’s commitment to human rights is masking their own inner loathing of humanity or something.  When an earthquake rattled the nation’s capital in 2010, the former head of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ordered her frightened staff to stay inside their shaking building so they could attend a ceremony • Read More »

The Illogical Conclusion Of The Matter

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Victor David Hanson points out the obvious: Smart people can and will disagree. Danger lurks, however, when we start to label those who don’t agree with us as “shameful” or “lying”.  “The current sophistry of using catastrophic current events to rush legislative agendas or build political capital is as natural as it is also dangerous • Read More »

Churlish In Charge

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The one thing I don’t understand about Obama’s foot-stomping temper tantrum yesterday was, what did he EXPECT to happen? We all knew that going into this that gun control was toast in the House, so why did he act so upset yesterday that he didn’t get his way? I half-expected him to announce he was • Read More »

Topical Delusion

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With friends like these, who needs enemas?  Mark Kelly, husband of former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, said he might use their gun control advocacy group to work toward the ouster of Sen. Jeff Flake in 2018 if the Republican senator from Arizona votes against firearm legislation. Flake, a former U.S. congressman, and Giffords are known as • Read More »

Maybe speculation, maybe not.

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The bombs at the Boston Marathon used pressure cookers to contain the explosions. Pressure cookers aren’t all that common in sea-level areas like Boston.   Pressure cookers are common, however, in the high altitude regions of Nepal, Afghanistan and Pakistan… … where they’re used to make bombs and IED’s. Terrorists groups tend to stick with • Read More »

It takes a village (idiot).

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It’s funny how people like Melissa Harris-Perry think that “the community” should raise my kids, but then turn around and tell me it’s up to us parents to censor the sex and violence in movies, tv and video games: The “community” isn’t responsible for policing moral standards, we parents are.  “We’ve never invested in public • Read More »

RIP Baroness Thatcher

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Bring me my Bow of burning gold;Bring me my Arrows of desire:Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!Bring me my Chariot of fire! I will not cease from Mental Fight,Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:Till we have built Jerusalem,In Englands green & pleasant Land

It’s the voters, stupid

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First, it was (Slow) Joe Biden stealing speeches from Neil Kinnock. Now it’s the Democrats stealing their immigration policy from Britain’s Labour Party.  As shown by demographer Eric Kaufman of the University of London, religious couples across all cultures are for obvious reasons (including but not limited to abortion) having more children per family than • Read More »

Don’t Mess With Texans

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Rick Perry ain’t a-kiddin’ here, folks.  “Any organization that is operating in the state of Texas outside the bounds of our laws are going to be put on notice that we’re going to hunt you down and we are going to punish you and do our best to remove that type of threat to the • Read More »

DIY Nation

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Just spitballin’ here, but if we are, in fact, creating a nation of interns because of Obamacare and a bunch of other bad policies from the Democrats, who does that help long-term? Does a nation of people used to fighting and scratching for employment help the Democrats, with their bastions of rank-and-file unions and resentment • Read More »

Two unrelated, related stories

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Journalists in the country formerly known as GREAT Britain could be required to purchase a license from the government in order to practice the right of free speech.  (British) newspapers will face the threat of full-blown state regulation if they do not sign up to a royal charter proposed with cross-party agreement, a leading MP warned • Read More »