Canaries in the coal mine

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Katie Pavlich has a great article up on Townhall warning us not to get complacent about the Cyprus savings seizures

As a reminder, the United States government has been eying and researching how Americans use their 401k plans for quite some time now. Recently we saw the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau suggest the government help “manage” retirement plans.

The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is weighing whether it should take on a role in helping Americans manage the $19.4 trillion they have put into retirement savings, a move that would be the agency’s first foray into consumer investments.
“That’s one of the things we’ve been exploring and are interested in in terms of whether and what authority we have,” bureau director Richard Cordray said in an interview. He didn’t provide additional details. 

You people. You’re just like children. You can’t be trusted with your money, you need the government to watch it for you. 

And in case you were wondering what the future of medical care looks like under Obamacare, Canada is showing the U.S. what it’s future looks like

“I had my first appointment with my family doctor for my feet in 2002,” she says. “The original problem was my bunions. They rub in your shoes and you can’t walk properly. They are very sore. My family doctor made me an appointment to see a foot surgeon in Halifax to get the problem fixed.

“That was 11 years ago.”

In what seems like a parody of complaints over medicare waiting lists, Wendy Berringer is still, 11 years later, waiting for that appointment. Her would-be foot surgeon, an otherwise staunch defender of public healthcare, says there is nothing he can do about it, not when Ms. Berringer’s foot problem isn’t life and death — and not when his waiting list is 3,500 names long — and not when he is the only foot and ankle man in the entire province. 

An ELEVEN YEAR wait for bunion surgery. Canada has a single-payer health care system: The government decides how much health care should cost, and pays doctors accordingly. If you don’t want work for what the government says you’re worth, you don’t become a doctor, you do something else. 

This is the future of America. Fortunately, there’s still time to change the future. 


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