Why Gun Politics Matter

March 2, 2013 | By exurbankevin | Filed in: Guns, Kevin, politcs, Politics.

Between immigration, the sequester and the ongoing disaster that is our foreign policy, you might wonder why so much ink is being spilled over gun control, especially if you don’t own a gun. It’s just guns after all, they say, so why are so many people so worked up about what type of gun you can own and how many bullets it can hold? 

Because, as I’ve said before, guns are the gateway drug to freedom. Let me explain. 

By the simple act of owning a gun and having it on your person, you are divorcing yourself from the very idea of the progressive agenda. You don’t need to worry if there will be a cop around when you need one, you are becoming your own first first responder. With the simple act of taking care of your own protection, you’re calling into question the need for big government to bath you and dress you and tell you what to eat. By defending your life and the lives of your loved ones, you accept the idea that there might not be an armed state-approved representative (i.e. cop) around when you need one, thus defeating the idea of big government in the first place. 

If a politician, ANY politician, isn’t comfortable with you taking charge of defending your life, they’re not comfortable with you taking charge of your health care or your retirement or children’s education. If politicians want to be in charge of decided when and how you can keep yourself alive, they’ll want to be in charge of everything else in your life as well. 

This is why the Second Amendment is so important: It’s tripwire for big government. If a government doesn’t trust you to save yourself from a rapist, they don’t trust you with anything else, either. 

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