Reagan and Newtown

December 27, 2012 | By exurbankevin | Filed in: Crime, Culture, Guns, Kevin, Medicine.

Not much to disagree with here in Robert X. Cringley’s thoughtful piece on stopping the next Newtown/Aurora/Columnbine before it happens

Today, thanks to the Internet and laws supporting victims’ rights, I can find where convicted sex offenders live in my neighborhood, but I can’t find my local Adam Lanza. And maybe that’s okay and my Adam deserves some privacy. But not only can’t I find him, neither can the local police, local medical officials, or even the FBI. We don’t keep track of these likely threats to our communities when it would be so easy to do so.  It doesn’t even require Big Data, just plain old little data that’s been sitting all along with educators, health care professionals, gun sellers and pharmacists.

That’s what we should do in response to Newtown but instead we’ll now have a big argument about banning guns or putting police in schools. Probably very little will be done to simply identify and treat the hostiles within our society.

We didn’t do it when the wacko was named John Hinckley Jr. and the victim was Ronnie Reagan, himself, and we probably won’t do it now. 

Any lawyer will tell you that a criminal requires motive, means and opportunity. Instead of banning (some) some guns and hoping that infinitesimally small reduction in means will somehow reduce the other two, why not reduce the amount of unstable people in our communities? 

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