Winning? – The Denouement

October 29, 2012 | By exurbandoug | Filed in: Current Events, Democrats, Doug, Politics.

Some claim to know a lot about winning…

Over the past few weeks I have written a bit about winning the 2012 Election.  For a long time we were told by the Legacy Media that Obama was winning and would sweep Romney aside this fall.  Well, the election is next week and that does not look that will come to pass.  This should come as no surprise, the MSM has shown itself to be neither accurate nor balanced in reporting on the race.

Despite claims to the contrary, the Obama Campaign has not presumed that it is winning either.  This was evident before the Demolition in Denver, but that event made it apparent to all that President Obama was in deep trouble.  To recap, here are the previous posts I’ve written about this subject.  Take a look and have a good laugh…

Tuesday November 6th will provide the denouement to this real-life drama and a new chapter will begin.

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