Media, Mohammed, and Muslims

October 29, 2012 | By exurbandoug | Filed in: Art, Culture, Current Events, Humor, Politics, Religion.

The story is told of a group of people that conducted riots when cartoon images of a religious figure were published.

Not that one…these ones!

Now some  (including President Obama) said that an amateur video on YouTube caused a series of riots across the Middle East and North Africa, resulting in the deaths of dozens, including the US Ambassador to Libya and three other government employees.  Apparently people exercising their right to free speech is enough to get some Muslims upset, so much so they suddenly decided to attack US Embassies.


Let’s see if what the Administration said (and the Legacy Media mindlessly reported until the truth came out) made any sense.  Is this an excuse to riot?  Would you blow yourself up over this?  How about this image?  Maybe you find this VW commercial offensive but is it worth risking bodily harm to yourself?  If you saw this video by Pat Condell would you rush into the street and behead the nearest infidel?  Its a drawing, but do you consider it a threat to your religion?  Would you risk your well-being over a fake ad for a children’s toy?  If you caught anybody trying to draw Mohammed would you detonate a suicide bomb in retaliation?  This all seems like a stretch, then again I am not an Islamist.

…or maybe the attacks were planned and conducted by terrorists.

Even President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, and some members of the media acknowledge that fact…weeks after the attack.

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