Winning in the End

October 23, 2012 | By exurbandoug | Filed in: Culture, politcs.

Even Frank Rich recognizes the salient truth, Small Government will ultimately triumph in the US.

By margins that approach or exceed two to one, a majority of Americans believe that government regulation of business “does more harm than good”; that the federal government should only run things “that cannot be run at the local level”; and that the “federal government controls too much of our daily lives.” Intriguingly, this animus almost uncannily matches that at the time of Goldwater’s trouncing in 1964. LBJ’s whopping 61 percent popular-vote total was matched by the 60 percent of Americans who told pollsters they were deeply concerned about the growth of bureaucratic federal government.

The awakening that has taken place over the past three years provides further evidence that despite almost a century of progressivism, the default behavior of most Americans is still set to limited government.

Maybe there is something in the water…

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