All the news that’s fit to quit

October 20, 2012 | By exurbankevin | Filed in: Advertising and Marketing, Arizona, Economics, Kevin, MSM and New Media.

It’s not enough for Newsweek to announce it’s going all-digital, now Arizona’s birdcage liner newspaper of record decides it doesn’t want people to sign up for their brand-spanking new pay-per-view website

Why do I want to click on that link?  

“Cookies must be enabled to view articles” as your search engine results? REALLY? What’s next, AzCentral, search engine results entitled “This Site May Harm Your Computer”? 

When (not if, when) the Arizona Republic disappears like the Phoenix Gazette and so many other local newspapers have done, it will have only itself to blame. 

One comment on “All the news that’s fit to quit

  1. Gunship Cowboy says:

    I followed the link to the article about the subscription service; however I couldn’t read it because I’m not a subscriber. After living in Mesa for 30 years and now living in Tucson, I USED TO BE an on-line reader of the Arizona Repulsive, er Republican, er Republic. Since I refuse to subscribe, i.e. pay money, I’ll only get to read the headlines. What a dis-service to their readers and the citizens of Arizona.