Funny but Sad

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Saw this on Hillbuzz yesterday and had to share. Its funny because it mocks The Lightbringer for his “accomplishments” but also sad because the joke is on us. Stay thirsty my friends. More …


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Summers are warm and muggy in Washington, DC.  Now, they are going to get a lot hotter for some in the Obama Administration. If you don’t get your news exclusively from the MSM, you probably heard that President Obama is exerting Executive Priviledge again.  This time, he won’t release documents pertaining to Operation Fast and • Read More »

Signal to noise ratio

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Rodney King’s death today was the impetus I needed to sit down and write about something that’s been whirling around in my mind for a long time now.  Some of the big topics in the dextrosphere these past few years have been over-reaching government surveillance, botched law enforcement policies and the increasing militarization and corresponding trampling of • Read More »

Ruling by Fiat

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Not a FIAT! By fiat. Many years ago, my college professors would discuss the many abuses of power President Richard Nixon engaged in when he was in office.  The Enemies List, the assocted Dirty Tricks, the Plumbers, CREEP, and others were described as sinister parts of an abusive Executive Branch.  After Watergate, they became a • Read More »


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The liberal order won’t go quietly, it will go out with a bang. As I read articles from around the blogsphere, there seems to be a drumbeat.  The sound is an impending change in politics and economics from the Post War model towards something else.  Along the way, the structures that supported and sustained this • Read More »

What Scott Walker can teach the House Oversight Committee.

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A lesson for the House Democrats and Republicans alike: Investigating the murder of a Border Patrol agent and the killing of hundreds of Mexicans with guns provided to them by our government isn’t a political football to be tossed about, it’s the right thing to do because it is the right thing to do.  The • Read More »

Revolution Underway

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The Post War Era that we have all lived in is coming to an end. …and it will be televised! I want to continue a thread from my last post about where our nation is at in its history.  In history, there are turning points that mark the end of one era and the beginning • Read More »

The Bus Stops Here

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David Axelrod and Attorney General Reinhard Heydrich Eric Holder are apparently at loggerheads over the politicization of the Justice Department.  Axelrod said that he was particularly concerned about protecting the Department of Justice from any undue White House influence or political pressure. “I was very sensitive to the fact, Candy, that in the last administration • Read More »

Midway in the Battle?

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The Battle of Midway took place just over seventy years ago.  This is the IJN Mogami which was sunk on the second day of the battle. It was a turning point in the Pacific Theatre during WW2 and represented a massive victory for the United States.  Four of Japan’s fleet carriers were sunk and thousands • Read More »


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Even though yesterday was a big day, it was an even bigger one 68 years ago. Operation Overlord, also known as “D-Day”. Tens of thousands (eventually hundreds of thousands) of American, British, Canadian, Polish, Free French, and other Allied soldiers landed on the beaches of Normandy that day.  Thousands more airborne troops landed further inland • Read More »


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This qualifies as news. …and it wasn’t close either. Think about this for a moment, Wisconsin is a Rust Belt state with a long tradition of liberal/progressive politics.  It went to Obama in 2008 by 14 points and hasn’t gone Republican since 1984.  The state is heavily unionized as well, especially along Lake Michigan and • Read More »

All shook up

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Maybe the Democrats are right. Maybe confused, unfocused messaging IS their problem after all. Consider these blog articles in the feed from The New Republic, published less than six hours apart. “Six Ways the Wisconsin Recall is a Curtain-Raiser for November” and “Stop Forecasting November With Wisconsin’s Recall Election” Y’all might want to huddle up • Read More »


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I’ll admit that I don’t watch TV, read newspapers, or subscribe to any magazines.  But I saw this online and wondered if its news. I don’t think it is. Give this some thought, is it news if a fictional, comic book character is identified as being gay?  I mean, there is no shortage of real • Read More »