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I saw this on the sidebar over at AoS today.

Apparently it is newsworthy when a candidate for political office purchases property in the state he is seeking to represent in the Senate.  Maybe former Senator Bob Kerry learned something from former colleague Dick Lugar…  Regardless, the story is a sad commentary on the state of the elites.

I’m all about recycling but c’mon people!  Bob Kerry served his country well in Vietnam and was elected both Governor then Senator from Nebraska.  He had his time and went on to lead the New School in NYC.  But to bring him back to run for Senate…again?

Beltway barnacles need to be scraped away from time to time;  witness Arlen Specter, Robert Bennett, and most recently Dick Lugar.  Running old hands like Bob Kerry and Walter Mondale shows a lack of imagination on the part of the Ruling Class.  These guys have done enough damage already and should remain out to pasture, bringing them back is a bad idea.  For a prime example of this look west to Governor Moonbeam (aka “Jerry Brown”) in California.

I don’t this will matter much in the final outcome.  I think Nebraska will send a Republican to the Senate this time around and Bob Kerry will sell his house to move back to New York City after the election is over.  But this action shows how the Governing Class is running out of both ideas and people to keep things rolling.  The times are a changin’ and new talent will emerge to take up the mantle of leadership.  Hopefully this new crop will address the issues that will confront us in the coming years.

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May 31st, 2012 by exurbandoug

Sedona: Where chakra alignment is free, but homeowners aren’t.

I’m shocked, SHOCKED that such behaviour would pop up in epicenter of lunacy that is Sedona

The latest attempt comes from Sedona, which made it a crime to rent residential property for fewer than 30 days, and the city defines “rent” very broadly. This means property owners are subject to punishments of up to 6 months in jail and/or a $2,500 fine for engaging in a wide range of activities, including purchasing a time share, contracting for home improvements, and even hiring a babysitter!

Attempting to avoid Prop 207 liability, the city of Sedona tried to masquerade the ordinance as a “health and safety” regulation, which is exempted from Prop 207. But the court of appeals saw through the façade and ruled that the city can’t avoid Prop 207 by merely claiming to advance public health without offering any evidence that the regulation actually does so. 

So after you buy that 5000 square foot casita that overlooks Bell Rock and is perfectly aligned with the energy vortex, you can forget about using it as you see fit: That house is the government’s, not yours! 

And besides, babysitters? Isn’t that something that those icky tacky breeeders use? Some of them even vote (GASP!) Republican! We can’t have those types of people here, we’re a diverse, multicultural community! 

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May 31st, 2012 by exurbankevin

Back on the Choom Gang

This is your (future) President.

This is your (future) President on drugs.

Any questions?

Barack Obama’s prolonged drug use may explain a lot, like his utter incompetence while in office and seeming disinterest in the duties that come with the office he holds.  Getting high with the “Choom Gang” back in Hawaii may have been a lot of fun but it obviously addled young Barry’s mind.  If you have ever seen brain activity scans of high school-aged kids and compared the marijuanna users to non-marijuanna users, you will know what I am talking about.  Despite what the hippies say, extensive dope smoking negatively affects brain activity.

But that was just the start.  In Hawaii it was all fun and games when Barack and his buddies lit up some local weed.  On the Mainland however, cocaine and poppers were added to the mix.  Nobody knows how long this went on for but O’s drug use wasn’t just a phase or passing fancy.  Then again, Obama was a celebrity in the Chicago Democrat Party and was being groomed for greather things.  A (political) celebrity using drugs is not unusual and not worthy of MSM investigation.  Heck, I’ll bet Barry did lines with several of the reporters/journalists/commentators who followed him throughout his career.

…and here we are with an ineffective President with a drug-addled brain.

According to Doug Ross, Barack’s (Hawaiian) dealer wants his bong and dope back that the (future) Choomer in Chief took.

See, you don’t need to get high to get your laughs…just read ExurbanLeague to get your kicks.

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May 30th, 2012 by exurbandoug

I’m not a captain, but I play one in the movies

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook earlier this month. 

Pro or anti-gay marriage feelings aside, why do people think that celebrity status immediately conveys political gravitas? Do people REALLY think that the opinion of the actor who portrays a comic book character in the movies (talk about meta…) matters more than any other person’s opinion? 

Or do they also think that 9/11 Truther and noted national anthem chanteuse Rosanne Barr is a typical working class mom? 

Oh, and if you decide to rouse people to your cause, please, for the love of God, don’t use Papyrus font.

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May 29th, 2012 by exurbankevin

Happy Memorial Day


“I want to take these few minutes today to thank our men and women in uniform and their families and to ensure them their government and their fellow citizens are determined to provide them with the equipment, training, and, just as importantly, the respect they have so richly earned. With their help, the United States remains at peace.

Our allies enjoy the same benefit. Our national determination to defend freedom at the borders where it’s threatened is fully matched by the quality and spirit of the more than 2 million soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who proudly wear the American uniform.

I received another letter from one of our ambassadors in Europe. He wrote that a 19-year-old trooper in our armored cavalry had asked that he send me a message. It was: ‘Tell the President we’re proud to be here, and we ain’t scared of nothing.’

In James Michener’s book ‘The Bridges at Toko-Ri’, he writes of an officer waiting through the night for the return of planes to a carrier as dawn is coming on. And he asks, ‘Where do we find such men?’ Well, we find them where we’ve always found them. They are the product of the freest society man has ever known. They make a commitment to the military—make it freely, because the birthright we share as Americans is worth defending. God bless America.” 

Ronald Reagan’s radio address, National Armed Forces Day, May 15, 1982

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May 28th, 2012 by exurbankevin

Witness for the delusion

Arizona is SUCH a hotbed of enthusisam for Obama that Ron Barber, the Democrat running to replace Gabby Giffords won’t say whether he’ll for for Obama or not. 

Because nothing screams “SWING STATE” like a congressional candidate running and hiding from endorsing his party’s Presidential nominee. 


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May 25th, 2012 by exurbankevin

Upping the ante on a losing hand

First, they were giving away dinner with Obama for free. 

Now they’re giving away a dinner with Obama AND Bill Clinton in return for your email address

Next up, it’ll be Bill, Obama and they’ll dig up the dead Democrat President of your choice and prop up his corpse at the dinner table for you. 

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May 24th, 2012 by exurbankevin

Not News to Us

I’m going to pick up on a theme that ExKev has written about in the past.  That is the notion that Barack Obama could win Arizona in November.

If you have lived in Arizona for any length of time you know that it is a fairly conservative-libertarian state.  It should come as no surprise that Republican candidates have done well here over the past 40-50 years.  That trend is likely to continue this fall at all levels.

Listen, even Democrat pollsters can read the numbers and it does not look promising for them in AZ.  If Obama couldn’t win AZ at the zenith of his popularity in late 2008, he’s not going to win now after four years of abject failure.  Unless something drastic happens, Arizona is not going to be a swing state this time around.

Romney also has three letters going for him in the state, L-D-S.  You can count on the Mormons turning out in force as they usually do for Republican candidates, especially for LDS ones.  Mitt will benefit from the organization, turnout, and energy his church will bring to bear in the fall.  I would expect a fairly easy victory for Governor Romney in Arizona as a result.  Obama can hope that this will change but he is likely to be disappointed.

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May 24th, 2012 by exurbandoug

On Missed Opportunities

If you have three minutes, go here to see a video and read a column that talks about the missed opportunities during the Bush Administration.  Senator Coburn clearly and directly addresses the problems with spending that took place when the GOP controlled the House, Senate, and Presidency.  Those four years represented a squandered opportunity to reduce spending and reign in government.  Instead, we got No Child Left Behind, the TSA, Medicare Part D, and other programs that have contributed to our nation’s debt.  As the Senator says:

Careerism isn’t just a problem for Democrats. It’s a problem for Republicans too. When the number one goal is to make yourself look good at home, rather than fulfill your oath and fix what the country needs to have fixed, you’re actually adding to our downward spiral, and so I think it was a missed opportunity of tremendous proportions that the Republicans didn’t embrace what they said they believed in during those times.

–Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK)

The GOP will retain the House, probably take the Senate, and looks increasingly likely to win the Presidency.  However, the Bush years should serve as a cautionary tale to those in both the Executive and Legislative branches.  Unless there is a concerted effort to reduce (in real terms) the size of government, the cycle will repeat itself a few years down the road.  Time will be wasted, trillions more added to the national debt, and an opportunity to turn the country around will have been wasted.

There are signs that GOP leaders realize this but will the majority of the party have the strength to do the right thing, both for the country and future generations.  Some Republican Governors are boldly taking action at the state level (witness Chris Christie in NJ) but it will take much more than that to correct the path we are currently on.  At least people like Senator Coburn realize there is a problem.

More than anything else though, We The People need to demand that our leaders do the right thing and reduce government spending.  It will be difficult and painful but also necessary.  I hope we are up to the challenge that confronts us.

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May 22nd, 2012 by exurbandoug

It’s true: There’s a war on women

Let’s do the math, shall we? 

Leader of a fringe group of disgruntled extremists? Check

Violent acts against the effigy of a political leader? Check

Violent acts against the effigy of a WOMAN political leader? Check 

Yep, that’s the Republican War On Women™, all right. 

Except, of course, that it’s the leader of a public union beating the tar of out of a Nikki Haley piñata that we’re talking about, and not a Republican doing the violence. 

The video in question features former AFL-CIO of South Carolina president Donna DeWitt smacking a Haley piñata with a baseball bat at DeWitt’s retirement party over the weekend.

It is accompanied with text under the video that reads in part, “Gov. Nikki Haley has been vicious to organized labor in South Carolina, saying in her State of the State address that ‘unions are not needed, wanted or welcome.’ After years of being treated like a union thug, Donna Dewitt gets sweet revenge at a reception in her honor.” 

The only reason she was “treated like a union thug” is because SHE IS A UNION THUG. 

I’ll expect the mainstream media to be FILLED with outrage over this violent eliminationist rhetoric beating in absentia aaaaaaaany moment now.

But only if they’re not too busy worrying over Ann Romney’s ponies, that is. 

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May 22nd, 2012 by exurbankevin