Masters of Delusion

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Just when you thought the hard left couldn’t separate themselves any further from reality, something like this happens.  Arizona, which Messina says was only off the table in 2008 because the Republican nominee, John McCain, was the state’s senior Senator, is the main target in an Obama path to 270 that expands on his 2008 • Read More »

The walls are starting to fall.

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Jack Cafferty is not a fan of Eric Holder.  And he’s not a fan of George Bush, either, lest anyone think he’s being a partisan stooge for the right wing.  More …

Number IV

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Who ranks himself as the Forth Best President of all Time? Like you had to guess. In the full interview, Barack Hussein Obama said: The issue here is not going be a list of accomplishments. As you said yourself, Steve, you know, I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two • Read More »

The Essence

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There is more to the Occupy __________ “movement” than garbage, rape, drugs, robbery, public defecation, arson, inane slogans, Guy Fawkes masks, and general incoherence. As the cleanup (funded by taxpayers) continues, so does the analysis.  NRO has a very interesting post on this subject, starting with in-depth analysis of the movement of Frontier Labs.  Distilled • Read More »

Will Power

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George F. Will does a takedown of Robert Reich on ABC News, watch for yourself. The key point that Will brings to light is that government is using the tax code to transfer wealth from largely young and productive people to largely old and retired/non-working people.  The power of the state is being used in • Read More »

It’s raining soup out there

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All we need to eat is a bucket and the will to go outside. Jerry Pornelle’s “A Step Farther Out” shaped a lot of my worldview growing up. Not only did he nail what a world with DARPANET/Internet would look like, but he elquonetly and definitely laid out the case that the future of the • Read More »

A Leader of Significance

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Before most of us were born, before the Fall of Communism, before this year’s Arab Spring there was the Prague Spring. In 1968, there was a brief period of reform behind the Iron Curtain.  First Secretary (CPC) Alexander Dubcek brought about some minor reforms within Czechoslovakia during the early days of his administration.  They were • Read More »


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Although I would describe myself as a Conservative/Libertarian (akin to Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan) my party registration is Republican.  My guess is that many other readers like you share this viewpoint.  Despite what the Democrat Party/Academia/Legacy Media say, we actually aren’t evil. Witness… Bill Whittle sums it up pretty well in less than eight • Read More »

Keep safe in the woods

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My family and I went up to Payson over the Thanksgiving holiday to spend time with my parents and visit Tonto Natural Bridge. I have an extensive (and rather large…) “Go Bag” in my car, but I left it behind for this trip because I didn’t want it sitting exposed in the cargo area of • Read More »

Panned, (not)Mitt, and Tested

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CBS News reports their latest polls show that Gingrich “as being the best at handling an international crisis and the most prepared for the Presidency.”  Sounds about right. I was onboard the Perry Ferry and the Cain Train before one sunk and the other ran off the rails. While there’s something to be said for • Read More »

Car walker

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In shocking new emails uncovered by CBS News today, Obama appointees within the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration knew of and endorsed a plan to allow faulty car parts from Mexico into the U.S. in a effort to clamp down on sales of SUV’s and other gasguzzlers. Safety inspectors inside maquiladora plants along the Mexican • Read More »

Go git ’em guys!

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Kudos to John and Jim of KFYI for their on-air pledge to take up the charge against Holder, Napolitano, et al hold their feet (and whatever else is needed) to the fire over Fast and Furious.  Now if only the other local media had the same courage.  More …

Beyond The Pale

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Just when you think the hardcore left couldn’t sink any lower than forcing schoolkids to sing praises to Dear Leader Obama or using children as human shields at Occupy Wall Street, they manage to surpass themselves and sink even lower. Now their message is clear: Give us money, or Santa Claus gets it.  Santa Claus • Read More »

Twice in a lifetime

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As I said on Twitter,  Strikes, Iranian embassy siege, bad Democratic president, money woes. If this is the 70’s redux, why is there no punk rock? Same as it ever was. And we can add “Forcing out an oppresive but America-friendly regime in a Middle East country so that radical Islam takes over instead. Again.” • Read More »

Leaving Behind a Legacy…of Trash

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Would Mother Gaia approve of leaving behind 30 tons(!) of trash? That’s not the kind of legacy I would want to leave behind.  Trash, poop, disease, rape, robbery, and drug use will be what most people will remember this bowel movement by.  If the Occupy __________ participants think they will elicit much sympathy for their • Read More »