Two Views

Tina Korbe over at Hotair has a great post about the two competing worldviews that are fighting for supremacy.  For most people, the struggle between classical liberalism and modern progressivism has been a shadow war.  It was largely fought in the background by academics in universities and think tanks.  This has gone one for decades and has served as intellectual fodder for decades.

Not any more, you now have two mass movements that represent each belief system.  This video illustrates the foundations of each movement and its historical antecedents.

Thomas Sowell wrote about this in A Conflict of Visions and other writers in recent times have also broached this subject.  The fact is there are two vastly different visions of mankind, both of which are incompatible.  This has been marked by conflict for decades, what we see now is a renewed vigor as the struggle enters a new phase.

As I see it, the postwar liberal consensus is breaking down under fiscal and social strain.  The modern progressives will fight with all their strength to preserve it because its failure will cause their worldview to be discredited.  The rise of the Tea Party and growing dissatisfaction with government-imposed “solutions” is another sign that an important point has been reached in this ongoing struggle.  Things are going to continue to get interesting as the fight continues.

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November 29th, 2011 by admindude

They turned us into a Newt!

Public Policy Polling’s last poll of the Arizona GOP shows that Newt Gingrich is leading the pack here in the Copper State. 


I’m a little surprised by that, given the proximity of Perry and the demographic affiliations the state for Romney. 

On the other hand, since the debates began, Newt hasn’t made any serious mis-steps. He’s been the smartest guy in the room at each debate, and his years in front of the mic have made him immune to the gaffes that have halted the rise of the other not-Romney candidates. 

But there is still this to deal with: 

Aside from the fact he was perched next to Ida Lowry Nancy Pelosi in this video, I like what Newt had to say in his environmentalism book. I don’t want gloom and doom and Neo-Malthusianism, I want my kids to enjoy the future and enjoy the Earth the live on. I want an environmentalism of optimism. Americans (and the rest of the world) aren’t going to save the Earth until they know the future will be better than today, otherwise, why bother? Just eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we have a new carbon tax. 

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November 27th, 2011 by admindude


When a bowel movement is not properly disposed of, it created sickness and disease.

When a whole movement’s bowel movements aren’t disposed of, you have a s***** situation.  In one case, 200 pounds(!) of human feces was discovered near one building in Santa Cruz, CA.  Imagine how much poop has been deposited on sidewalks and parks all across North America (we can’t forget the occupoopers in the Great White North after all) over the past several weeks.

By folks like this

Just remember that somebody has to pick all that up, paid for by taxpayers.

When you have a moment, hop on over to Verum Serum for a more complete listing of the mayhem/incoherence/foolishness surrounding Occupy __________.

HT to Hillbuzz for the OWS Waste sign.

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November 26th, 2011 by admindude

Poopstock, the Album

Down the road there will be tell-all biographies, documentaries, and the coffee table books.  But to start with, there will be the album.


This adds even more irony to the whole Occupy __________ bowel movement.  You will have wealthy recording artists like Jackson Browne, Third Eye Blind, Devo (down twinkles!) and others cutting an album to fund the Alliance for Global Justice.  Accompanying the (big record company) acts will be the drumming circle jerks from Zuccotti Park and…filmmaker Michael Moore.

Hey, people gotta eat you know.

Can these loonies see the sillyness of all this?  I mean if capitalism and income disparity is bad, then abandon it and live a communal existence where people don’t rely upon corporations for their needs.  Michael Moore could give up his nice house, Jackson Browne could sell one of his mansions, and Devo could donate their turtlenecks to Goodwill in the spirit of the movement.  Instead, these artists will make money off of the protesters and continue to live a comfortable life away from the rabble they ostensibly support.  Hmmm, seems like they are exploiting the protesters for financial gain…

Strange days indeed.

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November 25th, 2011 by admindude

Giving Thanks…for Capitalism

Humans have to constantly re-learn history.

Case in point, the first Thanksgiving.  The Sonoran Alliance posted this article from a while back that dicusses the real history surrounding the Pilgrims, Thanksgiving, and their behaviors.  Its neither idyllic nor happy, but the privations and hard lessons learned during that time can teach us a lot about who we are.

You see, human nature has not changed since the beginning of civilization.  The Pilgrims learned a hard lesson that collectivism/socialism resulted in shortages and starvation.  It also resulted in laziness and idleness that threatened the colony’s existence.  This despite the land being fertile with an abundance of wildlife.  The ingredients for success were there, initially the behaviors were not.

But the Pilgrims learned the hard way, they adopted capitalism which incentivized its members to work and be productive.  The result was abundance and a healthy colony.  Over time this ethic permeated the various colonies that eventually became the United States of America.  This is why our nation has been so successful in evolving from an agricultural colony to the wealthiest nation on Earth.

So on this day, let us give thanks for the abundance that capitalism provides for all of us.

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November 24th, 2011 by admindude

No cheap grace *

Jes' waterin' the hippies

For all my casual snark over the pepper-spraying of the Occupoopers, the fact remains those students stood down as an act of civil disobedience and paid the price for doing so. They did the crime, they did the time. 

If anything, this makes their protest even more valid, because they were willing to make a sacrifice for their cause. It’s the rest of the Occupoopers who disgust me, and not just because of their hygiene. 

The Occupoopers cast themselves in the mold of other civil rights heroes like Rosa Parks, the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. and Ghandi, but they recoil in horror at the thought of going through the same trials those iconic figures went through. What the Occupoopers fail to realize is that the world reveres tMLK, et al because of what they were willing to go through for their cause and the courage they showed in the face of adversity, not because of a flowery speech or scores of uptwinkles. 

If you want Rosa Parks’ results, be prepared to accept Rosa Parks’ abuse, or else your movement comes off as nothing but a bunch of whiny spoiled-brat college kids. 

Which is just what it sounds like now. 

* And if you don’t know who Deitrich Boenhoffer is, you should. That’s what REAL courage against oppression looks like.

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November 23rd, 2011 by admindude


Think back thirty years ago.

If you were alive back then, you may recall the recent malaise and economic stagnation.  Then came a revolutionary figure in the form of Ronald Reagan…

But what became of that revolution?

There has been discussion in the center-right blogosphere regarding an article by Steven Hayward (AEI) that states that the Reagan Revolution failed.

My opinion is that what we see today is evidence that the has not failed.  The Reagan Years represented a pattern interrupt in postwar American politics.  Since FDR, the political consensus was generally progressive/liberal in that both parties saw government as a tool to solve social, political, and economic problems.  Think about it, other than Reagan, were there any other conservative Republican Presidents from 1945 until today?

I’m talking real conservatives, not “compassionate” conservatives in the mold of George W. Bush.

Looking back, one can say that the Democrat Party was the party of Big Government whereas the Republican Party was the party of Not Quite as Big Government.  Remember that Nixon created both the EPA and OSHA during his term.  Whatever was said by Republican Presidents, what was done was general acceptance of increasing government involvement in people’s lives.

After all, its what the voters wanted.

Then came Reagan, who changed the tone significantly.  Despite not having a Republican majority in the House of Representatives, he did get tax cuts, tax reform, and regulatory reform passed.  Add to that a defense buildup that helped bankrupt the Soviet Union and a resolute foreign policy accompanying that, and you have a record of success.

However, there are some who would argue that the Reagan Revolution was a failure because in the following years government has continued to grow.  Some on the right of center argue that Big Government is a fact of life that is here to stay.  The recent example of George W. Bush and the Republican Congresses lend creedence to this belief.

The legacy of Reagan though is the change in thoughts and a challenge to the prevailing belief systems.  He made people uncomfortable, including many in the GOP, for taking a hard line on many positions (think PATCO, the USSR, and monetary policy).  Time proved him right on these and many other issues.  His clarity of belief and disciplined thought enabled him to be a successful and beloved President.  All of this inspired a generate of people (myself included) to challenge the liberal status quo and believe in the great things the USA represented.

I think what we are seeing today is an awakening on the part of normal people who see where the postwar consensus has lead us.  Our current situation is the result of decades of creeping government interference in markets and institutions.  Many of those who came of age in the late-70’s and early-80’s recognize the similarities of those dark days with today.  The solution offered then was embracing the essence of America with abiding hope and faith in our nation.  There was leadership in Washington, DC but the work was done by the people all over the nation.  The economic growth and dynamism the resulted from the Reagan Revolution was coupled with a deep belief in who we were as a nation.  Perhaps that was the root of the success we enjoyed during that time.

The point of this rambling post is to say that rather than the Reagan Revolution being a failure, it was a success that was not sustained.  Inertia kept things going great into the 90’s but both leaders and voters slowly turned away and forgot what got our nation to where we were.  Now, we see people harkening for a return to a hopeful era marked by leadership and strength.  Perhaps we won’t see a Reagan but there is a yearning for those who will lead with the confidence and knowledge that he exhibited during his two terms.

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November 22nd, 2011 by admindude

Hippie – tested, NYPD approved

I bought a pocket-sized pepper spray blaster yesterday to fill in a gap in between by karate lessons and my sidearm

I’m not saying this was the reason why I bought Sabre brand pepper spray, but it didn’t hurt. 

Here hippie, hippie, hippie.

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November 22nd, 2011 by admindude

That Guy?

The occupoopers may be “educated” but don’t know much about history.

Consider the Guy Fawkes masks.

There is a lot of irony in this.  You see, Guido Fawkes was an English terrorist who attempted to blow up Parliament in the Gunpowder Plot of 1604.  Before that, he served in the Spanish Army as they attempted to crush the Republic of the Seven United Provinces (precursor to the Dutch Republic).  You see, Catholic Spain did not like it when the (mostly Protestant) northern Netherlands decided they preferred freedom over servitute to the Hapsburgs.

I doubt many of the over-educated/factually-challenged kiddos realize that their hero was a religious zealot and mercenary who was bent on destroying representative political institutions.  My guess is they thought V for Vendetta was a cool film and wanted to emulate its protagonist.  Strange how a figure associated with religious tyrrany and monarchy can become associated with a bowel political movement.

Does Occupy __________ really want to be associated with that Guy?

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November 21st, 2011 by admindude

The European Model

We could learn a lot from our European friends…about what NOT to do.  Watch and enjoy an informative video on this subject.

Beauty and brains are a lethal combination 😉

Back to the key concepts though.  Think back to high school or college where the teacher/professors/instructors talked about the European welfare state model.  Words like “fairness” and “compassion” were used liberally to extol the virtutes of the Old World.  Fast forward to today and we hear media/academics/politicians bemoan how wealth inequality is much less in Europe than in the US.  Oh how wonderful it would be if we emulated our cousins across the Atlantic.

President Obama and others like him believe this, hence the rush towards greater state involvement in the economy.  The problem is, our nation is rushing head-long into a socio-economic trainwreck that Europeans are experiencing right now.  No matter what side of the Atlantic you are on, economic reality is going to bite hard.


Bad economic policies go hand in hand with bad policy.  Witness the recent EU ban on the claim that water can prevent dehydration.  Such is the wisdom that eminates from the bureaucrats in Brussels.

HT to HotAir.

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November 19th, 2011 by admindude