Two Views

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Tina Korbe over at Hotair has a great post about the two competing worldviews that are fighting for supremacy.  For most people, the struggle between classical liberalism and modern progressivism has been a shadow war.  It was largely fought in the background by academics in universities and think tanks.  This has gone one for decades • Read More »

They turned us into a Newt!

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Public Policy Polling’s last poll of the Arizona GOP shows that Newt Gingrich is leading the pack here in the Copper State.  Waaaaa?  I’m a little surprised by that, given the proximity of Perry and the demographic affiliations the state for Romney.  On the other hand, since the debates began, Newt hasn’t made any serious • Read More »


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When a bowel movement is not properly disposed of, it created sickness and disease. When a whole movement’s bowel movements aren’t disposed of, you have a s***** situation.  In one case, 200 pounds(!) of human feces was discovered near one building in Santa Cruz, CA.  Imagine how much poop has been deposited on sidewalks and • Read More »

Poopstock, the Album

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Down the road there will be tell-all biographies, documentaries, and the coffee table books.  But to start with, there will be the album. Poopstock. This adds even more irony to the whole Occupy __________ bowel movement.  You will have wealthy recording artists like Jackson Browne, Third Eye Blind, Devo (down twinkles!) and others cutting an • Read More »

Giving Thanks…for Capitalism

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Humans have to constantly re-learn history. Case in point, the first Thanksgiving.  The Sonoran Alliance posted this article from a while back that dicusses the real history surrounding the Pilgrims, Thanksgiving, and their behaviors.  Its neither idyllic nor happy, but the privations and hard lessons learned during that time can teach us a lot about • Read More »

No cheap grace *

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For all my casual snark over the pepper-spraying of the Occupoopers, the fact remains those students stood down as an act of civil disobedience and paid the price for doing so. They did the crime, they did the time.  If anything, this makes their protest even more valid, because they were willing to make a • Read More »


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Think back thirty years ago. If you were alive back then, you may recall the recent malaise and economic stagnation.  Then came a revolutionary figure in the form of Ronald Reagan… But what became of that revolution? There has been discussion in the center-right blogosphere regarding an article by Steven Hayward (AEI) that states that • Read More »

Hippie – tested, NYPD approved

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I bought a pocket-sized pepper spray blaster yesterday to fill in a gap in between by karate lessons and my sidearm.  I’m not saying this was the reason why I bought Sabre brand pepper spray, but it didn’t hurt.  More …

That Guy?

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The occupoopers may be “educated” but don’t know much about history. Consider the Guy Fawkes masks. There is a lot of irony in this.  You see, Guido Fawkes was an English terrorist who attempted to blow up Parliament in the Gunpowder Plot of 1604.  Before that, he served in the Spanish Army as they attempted • Read More »

The European Model

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We could learn a lot from our European friends…about what NOT to do.  Watch and enjoy an informative video on this subject. Beauty and brains are a lethal combination 😉 Back to the key concepts though.  Think back to high school or college where the teacher/professors/instructors talked about the European welfare state model.  Words like • Read More »

Reality Bites, Slackers

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Bill Whittle does it again… Somehow I doubt the majority of the over-educated, under-clued occupoopers have had to work outside performing manual labor.  Furthermore, I doubt many of them have camped in primitive conditions for more than a few days at a time.  As for hunting and fishing, well you can guess the answer is • Read More »

Endgame, Down Twinkles

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I guess many big city (mostly Democrat) mayors are getting tired of the stink and mess. Their parents weren’t there to pick up after them, so cash-strapped cities have to go in and clean up. The sloppiness of these kiddos is reflected in both thought and deed.  In Portland (OR) the city had to haul • Read More »

The view from up north

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A great perspective on the Occupy ___________ movement from a Canadian journalist.  The Occupiers declared government broken and corrupt, but the long list of issues they want addressed — homelessness, discrimination against minorities, treatment of veterans, war, child poverty, reduction of economic inequality, social justice in general — all require even more government. The Occupiers • Read More »

A Day in the Life

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I was going to write something about a day in the life with corporations but this guy does it so much better.  Witness for yourself… Most of the population can see through the Occupy __________ movement and recognize it for what it is.  The Unlikely Conservative illustrates this in a funny, informative, and hard-hitting manner.  • Read More »

Mighty Me

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There are several occupational hazzards associated with being a Professional Wrestler. Sometimes it compells grown men to dress like clowns. Other times it causes them to utter nonsense. One thing is for certain though, Jesse Ventura (aka “Mighty Me”) still loves getting attention. Case in point, when he did not win his court case…the former • Read More »

Our Tax Dollars at Work

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A couple of weeks ago I heard about this guy on the Jim Sharpe Show. Another example of your tax dollars at work. Yes, you see Stanley Thornton, Jr. is “disabled” and collects a check every month courtesy of the taxpayers.  His case made the news both here and overseas since he was accused of • Read More »

It’s Veteran’s Day

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“‘Where did we find such men?‘ Almost a generation later, I asked that same question when our POW’s were returned from savage captivity in Vietnam: “Where did we find such men?” We find them where we’ve always found them, in our villages and towns, on our city streets, in our shops, and on our farms.” • Read More »

Jus’ Sayin’

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Hey, as long as rumors and innuendo are on the agenda let’s ask an uncomfortable question. What about the press suppressing coverage of Barack Obama’s sexual peccadillos? If the legacy media is going to go after Herman Cain, why not investigate the current President and the much more substantial rumors surrounding his behavior. Queue the • Read More »

Hold Your Horses!

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Hold your horses, got another great example of Occupy __________ hypocrisy. Occupoopers in Oakland are ostensibly protesting against institutions like big banks, like Wells Fargo.  After all, these banks were considered “Too Big To Fail” by the Bush Administration so TARP was created to bail them out.  Therefore the kiddies target the banks as a • Read More »

An Immodest Proposal

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Just like Robb, I also have a proposal for the Occupy _______ crowd.  You complain that seven years of studying for your B.A. in Comparative Religions (with a minor in Women’s Studies) has left you unprepared to earn a living wage and has saddled you with enormous amounts of student loans.  There are millions of • Read More »

Springtime for Acorn in Zuccotti

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The Occupy _________ hippies would have us believe that their foul-smelling brand of astroturf is an American version of the “Arab Spring”, where pro-democracy uprisings broke out in several oppressive middle Eastern countries.  There’s a few flaws in that theory. More than a few, really, but I only have time for one.  Unless all my • Read More »

MSRP $6.99

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You can tell when a movement (or is it an Astroturf™ campaign?) has gone corporate… Ironic that this coloring book features capitalists, inventers, and other people who have added value (and financial renumeration) for their efforts. Unlike themselves… Its not that selling a coloring book (for $6.99) is a bad thing after all.  The whole • Read More »

This one goes out to the “Common People” of Occupy Wall Street

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And their gardeners, au pairs, valets and all the rest of their domestic help.  Sing along with the common people sing along and it might just get you through laugh along with the common people laugh along even though they’re laughing at you and the stupid things that you do Because you think that poor • Read More »