Random Thoughts on the 0.0000000099%

A few more thoughts on the Occupy __________ charade.

What a waste!

You can get more information regarding this farce by going to this site.  The sad fact is, people are getting hurt, raped, and robbed at these events.  That information is being suppressed by the legacy media but the truth is these events are not a safe place to be, especially if you are a woman.

Just remember, its all fun and games until the free organic chicken runs out.  Freeloaders (aka “homeless”) taking advantage of over-educated and clueless kiddies, ha that will never happen….  There is an analogy I am looking for someplace, hmmmm.

Politics makes strange bedfellows and the Occupy __________ events are no exception.  I mean, how many times do you find the Nazis,  Communists, the Nation of Islam, CAIR, the Truthers, White Supremecists, Nanci Pelosi, and David Duke coming together in agreement?

For some hard takedowns of the sign-wielding 0.0000000099%, check out these posts (1, 2, and 3) from Human Events. OUCH!

Hopefully the cold weather will force the occupoopers to go back to their parent’s basements soon.  They have left a mess and now somebody has to clean it up.  Too bad it won’t be these leeches.  Down Twinkles!

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October 31st, 2011 by admindude

Northern Disclosure

The GOP candidates could learn a thing or two from Canada’s Conservative PM

The Tories aren’t “revolutionizing government, but they are certainly differentiating it from a large statist [government],” says Faron Ellis, a political scientist at Lethbridge College, author of a book on the Reform party’s rise. Whether led by Paul Martin, Stéphane Dion or Michael Ignatieff, the Liberals have proposed “a large state program for every problem real or perceived,” he says. The Conservatives’ approach: “governments can do things but they’re going to do it through incentivizing individuals and provinces.”

It’s about getting “rid of the idea that if things aren’t going well it’s because the government isn’t taking care of us,” adds Ted Byfield, whose defunct Alberta Report magazine first gave voice to the Reform party’s agenda — rid Canadians of “the entitlement mentality that has been bred into us.” 

Go Canada!

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October 30th, 2011 by admindude

Talking Sense

I saw this video a few days ago and loved it.  Take a few minutes and watch it, the protesters don’t come off well when they get confronted by Peter Schiff.

I can’t say it better than he can, so I will let it be.  What is on display here is ignorance versus knowledge, with a predictable outcome.  Most successful entrepreneurs are too busy working and creating value to go to places like Zuccotti Park and speak the truth.  Its comforting that there are a few like Mr. Schiff who will do that though.

If you want to see more, go over to Hotair and read Allahpundit’s post on this.  Oh, and there is more Peter Schiff talking to the Pee Party Protesters too.  Get out the popcorn, this is entertaining stuff.

You can also see more over on YouTube.

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October 28th, 2011 by admindude


These folks don’t deserve a state.

The Palestinians are a death cult and only bring misery to the world.

Case in point, the recent events surrounding the release of captured Israeli Army soldier Gil Shalit.  He was released after being abducted five years ago while at his post.  In exchange, Israel is in the process of releasing over 1,000(!) captured terrorists back to the Palestinian Authority.  You have one female terrorist encouraging children to blow themselves up to become martyrs.  There are countless more convicted terrorists who will no doubt attempt to kill innocent civilians again.

What could go wrong?

When there is a massive celebration to mark the release of these killers, you know there is something deeply wrong with this prospective nation.  This once again demonstrates why the Palestinian lands (Gaza Strip and West Bank) don’t deserve statehood.  The behavior they exhibit is that of a muderous tribe of primitive savages, not that of a real country.

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October 24th, 2011 by admindude

Couldn’ta said it better myself

demotivational posters - WELL THERE'S YOUR PROBLEM

Via Anarchangel

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October 24th, 2011 by admindude

Desperate for re-election, Obama turns to violence

Stop me before I kill again

Facing historically low approval ratings, horrid economic numbers and opposition from the right and left, President Obama has fallen back on the one thing he’s proven to do well during his time in office. 

Obama laid out his plans in a bizarre message delivered to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Oslo. 

“My administration killed Osama bin Ladin, and the American people loved me. We killed Muammar Gaddafi, and the press loved me. For the first time, I’m seeing things clearly,” the message read. “The American people chose me as their leader not to improve the economy or fix health care, but to kill the leaders of other countries. Therefore, I vow to kill one of the world’s leaders each month until I am re-elected, even I if I have to fly the Predator drone myself to do it.” 

Paul Krugman praised Obama’s message, saying “It’s clear the Obama has found a way get re-elected, rid the world of a few bad apples AND stimulate the world’s economy by breaking a few windows. And doors. And heads. “

Obama’s call to violence was also warmly received by Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, who welcomed “Obama’s bold leadership in foreign policy and willingness to think outside the killbox”. 

Not everyone was pleased with Obama’s plan, though. Filmmaker and activist Michael Moore criticized Obama for “Spending too much time trying to fix problems overseas and not paying enough attention to the bankers and capitalists who need to be killed here in America.” 

House Speaker John Boehner was scheduled to speak to the press later today about Obama’s new policy, but cancelled the news conference after the hotel where it was scheduled to take place vanished as a result of a bizarre airstrike accident. 

Attorney General Holder was informed of the incident, but stated the Justice Department will not investigate further. “You can’t really, you know, ‘dust’ for airstrikes,” he said.

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October 22nd, 2011 by admindude

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the holodeck

This PEGS the Cool-O-Meter

A four by nine meter video dome surrounds the player as they stand on an omni-directional treadmill that lets you walk wherever you want to go. Ten infra-red motion tracking cameras and a sensor on your gun enables the picture to follow where you point it and a Kinect hack controls your jumping and crouching. The fun doesn’t stop there — 12 paintball markers mean that every time you get shot in the game, you’ll feel it. 

Via Everyday, No Days Off

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October 22nd, 2011 by admindude

Occupy __________ Speaks, Part V

I now present the final installation of Occupy __________ Speaks.  There is much more good video out there and I encourage all of our faithful visitors to seek them out.  Know your foe, understrand their worldview, and learn what their objectives are.  The way to continue moving forward on the center-right is to present a clear alternative to the occupoopers who garner so much attention in the MSM.  They protest, beat drums, and smoke weed utter platitudes in an attempt to bring about change.  We can be more effective be engaging our neighbors, educating our friends, and taking action where it counts most…at the ballot box.

Enough already, here are some deep thoughts from the Pee Party.

Some final thoughts on this week’s professional protests:

Its a high-risk strategy, but the Democrat Party is getting behind the occupoopers.  The President himself is siding with the Pee Party as he tries to energize the progressive/liberal that helped elect him in 2008.  However, this ignores the current administration’s deep ties with Wall Street and the large companies it has helped since assuming office.  Could be the old magician’s trick at work here, it will be interesting to see if the voters fall for the sleight of hand in 2012.

As an after-protest sorbet, read this post on a man who raised himself up and succeeded.  Freedom won’t die as long as we have people like Charles Payne striving for success.

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October 21st, 2011 by admindude

Occupy __________ Speaks, Part IV

Another day, another update. You wouldn’t want to miss the brilliant intellects on display after all.

…and now a few random musings related to this bowel movement.

They don’t like Jews very much either, how open-minded of them.  Strange how those who are ostensibly the most educated, “open-minded”, and “tolerant” exhibit base behavior like this.  Maybe it is a sort of quasi-religious zeal that drives them to this.  In any case, it is both ironic and sad to see this from the lefties.

Now for some perspective, the kiddies at the Occupy __________ are really the top 1% of the global population.  Many have university educations, wear (dirty) clothes, and can travel to “spontaneous” protests.  They also have access to adequate supplies of food, water, and connectivity to sustain themselves.  I wonder how many of them will give up their iPhones, Nikon cameras, Birkenstocks, North Face jackets, and other worldly goodies to show solidarity with their fellow human beings?

There are people out there that have succeeded without expensive educations and without the same self-pity shown by the 0.0099%.  Maybe instead of taking up space and interrupting wage-earners from their labors, the protesters could take what skills they have and develop themselves.  It would take time and effort but if they have marketable skills or can otherwise add value, they could pay off their student loans and become contributing members of society.  Of course, that would mean regular showers, cutting back on dope smoking, and a change in wardrobe but hey, sometimes one has to make compromises in life.

That also means respecting private property and…other people.  You see, even if you try and suppress it, free love sexual assault is still a crime.  Just because somebody is out with you protesting, occupying, and pooping in the park with you does not mean it’s OK to rape her.  Incidents like this shows the utter contempt these maggots have towards anybody except themselves and their carnal desires. 

Give the occupoopers credit though, they are show whose side they are on.  Clear choices are needed now after decades of moderation (and mediocrity) that lead us to where we are.

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October 20th, 2011 by admindude

Occupy __________ Speaks, Part III

And now…your daily leftist, hippie, protester update.

Behold the open-mindedness of our left-wing brethren…

Although the whole Occupy __________ thing is energizing liberals, normal people (the ones who pay taxes and work) recoil when they see video like this.  After going to OWS and talking with the participants, the author of this post observes that most participants are socialists and communists.  These aren’t the kind of people and viewpoints that the Silent Majority is going to suddenly embrace.

But at least their ideas are out and the open and being exposed now.  Nobody can claim ignorance about what the protesters stand for.

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October 19th, 2011 by admindude