Attack Botch

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Suppose they gave a snitch party and nobody came?  The creators and managers of the Obama campaign web site “ATTACK WATCH” have not Tweeted since September 14, and the last “Attack File” was posted September 12.  I’m starting to worry about them. Attack Watch hangs out with a tough crowd: Crooks, liars, drunks, gunrunners and perverts, just • Read More »

(The) Mind of (a wannabe) State

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With all the talk of a Palestinian state, perhaps some historical perspective is in order.  Take a look… You can say this about the Palestinians, they are a predictable and hostile lot. When offered a state and peace with Israel, they have always said “NO!”  Even now, they would rather continue fighting a conflict with • Read More »

This video has been removed by the user

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Remember the video I posted a while back from Ford?  Well, its been removed by Ford from YouTube at the request of the Obama Administration.  Apparently criticizing automakers who took taxpayer “bailouts” is not acceptable in the current political environment. Chilling indeed… You can read more about it here, but here is a key concept • Read More »

Quote of the Day, 9/27 Edition

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“Tea Partiers, if you want a scandal that highlights your critique of how large and dangerous really big government is, Gunwalker is it.”  – Sipsey Street Irregulars  More …

For the Children?

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When it comes to education, the default call is for more money.  Anybody who opposes higher spending (and taxes) for education is branded as cruel and heartless.  After all, its for the children. But what about the results? If we are to examine the Department of Education, more money has not resulted in better test • Read More »

Econ Beat

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Flowin’ wit da big papa Economists, old school (20th Century) style. Representin’ on the mic, straight outta Cambridge…John Maynard Keynes! And from the mean streets of Vienna, his posse calls him F.A. but we call him…Hayek! Its how we roll yo! If you want to see Round Two, go here. More …

Debunking Global Warming

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Here is a fun, yet insightful, video regarding global warming. …err, “Climate Change” is the new term used. Call it what you will, here is the video. Those of us on the center-right need to do more of this.  In a media-saturated world, content like this will help get the message across that the Global • Read More »

Perspective on Dubya

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A lot of people can answer “yes” to this question. This is despite some bad decisions and policies.  Let me list a few of them… Medicare Part D No Child Left Behind “Compassionate Conservatism” The Clear Skies Initiative AMBER Alerts Increasing regulation Nominating Harriet Myers to the Supreme Court Not vetoing a single spending bill • Read More »

Looking Back

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Bill Whittle from Afterburner talking about what we got right after 9/11. There is something else that Captain Ed reminds us of: But there’s another issue with Iraq that sometimes gets forgotten. We had enforced a no-fly zone in Iraq using bases in Saudi Arabia for 12 years while Saddam refused to comply with more • Read More »

The Contrition of a Liberal

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Canada overwhelming rejected the center-left Liberal party in general election this year, Led by Michael Ignatieff, a Harvard professor and intellectual whose world view was primarily shaped outside of Canada, the Liberals, who once thought of themselves as the rightful permanent ruling class of Canada, are in disarray, unable to pick a leader and unsure • Read More »

Ponzi Game

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From Big Journalism, an article regarding Paul Krugman’s thoughts on Social Security. In practice it has turned out to be strongly redistributionist, but only because of its Ponzi game aspect, in which each generation takes more out than it put in. Well, the Ponzi game will soon be over, thanks to changing demographics, so that • Read More »

A Bad Ponzi Scheme

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..according to, Chris Matthews! Watch for yourself. This was back in 2007 so its nothing new.  If Establishment liberals like Matthews and Russert were talking about it back then, you know the issue of Social Security’s unsustainability/pending insolvency is not a partisan one. Chris Matthews may be a hack but at least he can add.  • Read More »

Liveblogging the CNN / Tea Party Debate

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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, (about four ears, to be precise…) and the last liveblog I did was from the privacy of my own living room, with just my wife, kids and cats around me.  Today, though, I’m in the friendly confines of the Goldwater Institute along with dozens of • Read More »

Drive One

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This ad was linked over at AoS and I liked it so much, I’ll post it here for your viewing pleasure. I think this ad will resonate with other car buyers who don’t want to purchase from an automaker who has been bailed-out with their tax dollars. Well-done Ford. More …


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In a democratic republic, we get what we want in our leadership and politics. Look here… We own it! Not so long ago the debate was about increasing the debt limit.  More accurately, increasing the amount of money the government can borrow so it can pay for programs the voters demand.  Since We The People • Read More »