Cooling-off period

It’s not been a good month for global warming alarmists. 

– CERN research shows that the largest source of heat in the solar system has something to do with the temperature of the Earth

Turns out the Earth is durn good at getting rid of excess heat.

– The polar bears are doing quite fine, thank you. The “scientist” who predicted they’d all drown? Not so much.

News stories like this are enough to send Al Gore chakras into orbit. I almost feel sorry for him right now. 


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July 28th, 2011 by admindude

The Experiment

Over the last hundred years or so, the United States and most of Europe has been experimenting with the social welfare state.

Hmmm, how’s that working out?

Noemie Emory writes about this “Fling with the Welfare State” over at The Weekly Standard.  The crux of it is the difference between goods and rights, which are at the heart of the healthcare and retirement programs that are bankrupting governments and companies.  The money quote:

…goods and rights are not the same things. People tend to concur upon rights (except for the speech rights of those who oppose them), and they do not depend upon others to supply and pay for their rights. With goods, there is always a political argument: about the value of the good, who is to get it and who is to pay. And all this comes down to the question of “fairness,” about which there is no end of disputation and grief.

As they say, read the whole article because it contains a lot of wisdom you won’t normally hear.

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July 25th, 2011 by admindude

A time for sorrow, a time for strength

Ok CIty

I’ve been to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. I’ve walked between the 168 silent, empty chairs, one for each of the victims. Those who would recklessly talk about the armed resistance need to visit Oklahoma CIty and contemplate what happened on that fateful day. 

I grieve for the people of Norway today. I don’t have any answers, just empathy and sorrow. I will say, though, that preparedness is always the first step in defense, and you are (and always will be) your own first responder. One and one half hours is too long to wait for the police: You need to be prepared to instantly defend what’s important to you, not rely on the punctuality of law enforcement.

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July 23rd, 2011 by admindude

Debt Debate

Take a step back from the current debt ceiling debate and think about the larger picture.

Some ask why the Democrats did not pass tax increases when they controlled the House and Senate.  There is an easy answer (they want to force the Republicans to pass tax increases) and demonstrates crass political opportunism in the face of a looming fiscal crisis.  The “tax and spend liberal” tag is a sticky one and smart Democrats don’t want to be marked with it.

Others state that we could be coming upon the One True Debt Ceiling that Congress has no control over.  In essence, there is only so much debt that investors (both private and sovereign) can purchase from the US Treasury.  When those funds run dry, there won’t be any buyers of debt even if the statutory limits are raised.

The good news is that the world’s economies have not collapsed, and that the United States still represents a better investment risk than other countries.  Funds are still flowing into the Treasury, albeit slower than before the Great Recession.  The problem is, the Federal Government (and many states) is spending money faster than it is taking it in.  Hence our current predicament.

Monty over at AoS has a good post about the difference between liquidity and solvency.  Read the whole article but here is one of the key points worth repeating.

Sovereigns are learning an uncomfortable truth about how to avoid insolvency: limit the welfare state. It is good and necessary for a sovereign to look after the most weak and helpless and downtrodden among its citizens; it is both the civilized and the moral thing to do. But when the ranks of victims expands to encompass one-third to one-half of the entire population, something has gone badly wrong and disaster cannot be far away.

Unless the scope of the welfare state is addressed (primarily Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid), any proposed deals are akin to putting Band-Aids™ on a severed artery.

We’ll see what happens in the coming days and weeks but don’t expect a miracle…

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July 23rd, 2011 by admindude

Jumping the Shark?

What if we are witnessing Big Government jumping the shark?

Walter Russell Mead writes a long, but worthwhile article on this subject.  One item he addresses early on are New Deal programs like Fannie Mae.  He writes of its problems…

The fall of Fannie Mae is bigger than just another politicos run wild scandal.  It stands as one of several signs that our current way of life is reaching its limits and that big changes are on the horizon.  The Fanniegate debacle tells us that the progressive ideal is in the process of jumping the shark.

Read the whole thing, its worth your time.

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July 21st, 2011 by admindude

Yes Ma’am I Do…

I guess she did not do her show prep before this interview.

As a result, she did not cover herself in glory.

Captain Ed over at Hotair delivers the money quote:

Since Brewer made an issue out of having an economics degree before engaging in economics debates, she must have a doctorate in the subject herself, right? Not exactly. According to her Wikipedia entry, Brewer has a baccalaureate in broadcast journalism (magna cum laude). Apparently they didn’t teach interviewing skills at Syracuse, or logic either, as a requisite for the degree.

It appears to me that a “Journalist’s” academic rigor gets trumped by her blatant ignorance in this case.

HT to Matt Lewis over at the Daily Caller for posting this gem.

UPDATE:  Found the whole interview over at AoS and replaced the original 0:19 second clip that only shows Contessa getting schooled.

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July 20th, 2011 by admindude

Calling BS on BO

Glad to see some members of the GOP calling BS on the MSMs rehashed talking points.

Exhibit A. – Cokie Roberts getting owned.

Exhibit B. – Bob Schieffer being worked-over by Marc Rubio (R-FL)

I stopped watching the MSM years ago but it looks like there are some in the GOP that are not afraid to go after Obama’s shills in the media.  The Narrative and its talking points are being exposed as frauds, along with the flawed logic behind them.  For the demographic that still watches network news, this must have been entertaining and possibly even…enlightening.

HT to AoS for the videos.


But wait, there’s more!

Charles Krauthammer takes-down Nina Totenberg.

Takeaway line:

(we now have a) completely compliant, pliant, supine press accepting every leak out of the White House


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July 18th, 2011 by admindude

Gunwalker explained.

In 2009 the Federal Government bought a controlling ownership of General Motors. During the negotiations for the purchase and eventual sale of GM, high-ranking officials within the Department of Transportation hatched a scheme to get people out of their SUV’s and into smaller, more fuel-efficient cars. Under the direct orders of the Transportation Department, key safety systems within Chevy and GM SUV’s were sabotaged and the NHTSA was told to cover it all up.

The operation was a success: Highway deaths in SUV’s skyrocketed and the Federal government’s push for greatly increased fuel and emissions standards breezed through Congress. 

The cost in human life, however, was devastating. Entire families were wiped out in horrific traffic accidents all over the United States, resulting in hundreds and hundreds of deaths in the United States and everywhere else GM SUV’s were sold. 

Eventually, due to courageous insiders and the diligence of new media, news of the government operation leaked out to the public, but surprisingly, traditional media such as newspapers and TV ignored the scandal. As long as the SUV’s were off the road, what’s the point of worrying over a few dead people? The greater good (cleaner air, smaller cars) was accomplished, why rock the boat over a few innocent deaths? 

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

Replace “SUV’s” with “assault rifles”, swap the Transportation Department and the NHTSA for the Justice Department and the ATF, and now you’ll see why Operation Fast and Furious matters. Because of the direct actions of the Justice Department and the ATF, innocent people died in a bizarre conspiracy hatched to try and outlaw a safe and legal type of firearm.

What sounded like a paranoid fantasy with cars is happening right now with guns, and the people in the Obama administration who did this need to be held accountable for the deaths they have caused.

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July 16th, 2011 by admindude

Endless (Non-Recovery) Summer

At least one can dream of an endless summer…

However, the reality is a bit less glamorous for many (most?) these days.

Last year, summer job growth was sluggish and the notion of a “Recovery Summer” became the butt of jokes.  This summer is looking even more anemic than 2010.  This despite Trillions(!) of taxpayer dollars spent and low interest rates.

Wretchard writes that summer does not beckon, instead circumstances suggest that the current order is going away.

…the post World War II structure may abruptly be juddering to an end. We are living through the crisis of the elites, whose ranks encompass but a few of the “oligarchy” Hamsher fears. Big government, multinational institutions, giant welfare states, and large scale public sector unionism may be dying.

Instead of a Recovery Summer, we may be witnessing a Readjustment Winter.

Get ready to ride the waves, its going to get even rougher out there soon…

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July 12th, 2011 by admindude

Ready. Fire. Aim.

Robert Farago is gobsmacked by the Obama administration’s arrogant new restrictions on Constitutional rights.

Could the Obama Administration really be this . . . this . . . dumb?

Yes, and moreso. Seriously, it’s like Obama wants to lose the Presidency. And the Senate. And keep the House in the control of the GOP.

And because of that, with Ginsburg and Breyer probably stepping down next term, the Supreme Court would shift right. Just as the AWB energized gun rights organizations, this boneheaded move by the Obama could send the Democrats into a tailspin rivaling the shellacking the LIberal Party took in Canada’s last national election

Short term pain in return for long term gain might just be worth it.

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July 11th, 2011 by admindude