Cooling-off period

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It’s not been a good month for global warming alarmists.  – CERN research shows that the largest source of heat in the solar system has something to do with the temperature of the Earth.  – Turns out the Earth is durn good at getting rid of excess heat. – The polar bears are doing quite • Read More »

The Experiment

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Over the last hundred years or so, the United States and most of Europe has been experimenting with the social welfare state. Hmmm, how’s that working out? Noemie Emory writes about this “Fling with the Welfare State” over at The Weekly Standard.  The crux of it is the difference between goods and rights, which are • Read More »

A time for sorrow, a time for strength

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I’ve been to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. I’ve walked between the 168 silent, empty chairs, one for each of the victims. Those who would recklessly talk about the armed resistance need to visit Oklahoma CIty and contemplate what happened on that fateful day.  I grieve for the people of Norway today. I don’t have • Read More »

Debt Debate

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Take a step back from the current debt ceiling debate and think about the larger picture. Some ask why the Democrats did not pass tax increases when they controlled the House and Senate.  There is an easy answer (they want to force the Republicans to pass tax increases) and demonstrates crass political opportunism in the • Read More »

Jumping the Shark?

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What if we are witnessing Big Government jumping the shark? Walter Russell Mead writes a long, but worthwhile article on this subject.  One item he addresses early on are New Deal programs like Fannie Mae.  He writes of its problems… The fall of Fannie Mae is bigger than just another politicos run wild scandal.  It • Read More »

Yes Ma’am I Do…

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I guess she did not do her show prep before this interview. As a result, she did not cover herself in glory. Captain Ed over at Hotair delivers the money quote: Since Brewer made an issue out of having an economics degree before engaging in economics debates, she must have a doctorate in the subject • Read More »

Calling BS on BO

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Glad to see some members of the GOP calling BS on the MSMs rehashed talking points. Exhibit A. – Cokie Roberts getting owned. Exhibit B. – Bob Schieffer being worked-over by Marc Rubio (R-FL) I stopped watching the MSM years ago but it looks like there are some in the GOP that are not afraid • Read More »

Gunwalker explained.

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In 2009 the Federal Government bought a controlling ownership of General Motors. During the negotiations for the purchase and eventual sale of GM, high-ranking officials within the Department of Transportation hatched a scheme to get people out of their SUV’s and into smaller, more fuel-efficient cars. Under the direct orders of the Transportation Department, key safety • Read More »

Endless (Non-Recovery) Summer

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At least one can dream of an endless summer… However, the reality is a bit less glamorous for many (most?) these days. Last year, summer job growth was sluggish and the notion of a “Recovery Summer” became the butt of jokes.  This summer is looking even more anemic than 2010.  This despite Trillions(!) of taxpayer • Read More »

Ready. Fire. Aim.

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Robert Farago is gobsmacked by the Obama administration’s arrogant new restrictions on Constitutional rights. Could the Obama Administration really be this . . . this . . . dumb? Yes, and moreso. Seriously, it’s like Obama wants to lose the Presidency. And the Senate. And keep the House in the control of the GOP. And • Read More »

The guilted age

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Confession time: I’ve not watched one second of Nancy Grace, Glenn Beck or Greta van Sustern. I don’t even watch Fox News unless a disaster strikes somewhere in the world. Heck, I don’t watch TV news, period. Why should I sit and have someone read the internet to me?  I am therefore one of the • Read More »

Mr. Obama, tear down this tax law.

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Kudos to House Majority Leader John Boehner for knowing when to hold ’em and knowing when to fold ’em. Obama needs a deal more than Boehner does, and Boehner knows it. Here’s hoping the GOP leadership continues to show some backbone and bring our fiscal house into order with sensible spending limits rather than the • Read More »

Taxing Matters

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MSM opinion writers like David Brooks write that tax increases are necessary part of any debt ceiling deal beween Congress and the President. Call me a no-brained simpleton, but I think that is bollocks. Much of this comes back to The Narrative regarding the last decade.  Richard Fernandez writes about it over at the Belmont • Read More »

Turn The Page

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This picture used to adorn my bedroom. Kids like me who were too young to remember Project Apollo watched Crippen and Young take Columbia into orbit back in 1981.  But its coming to an end, time to turn the page on the Shuttle Transport System. …and what have we learned?  Popular Mechanics has an article • Read More »

Walk, don’t talk

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Commenters over at Greg Patterson’s raise a good point: Where are the statements / media appearances from Arizona’s lawmakers on Operation Gunwalker?  And is it just me, or has America’s Toughest Media Hound™ been unusually quiet ever since his chief aides were fired and two of his deputies arrested from drug smuggling? More …

Peevishness is not a campaign strategy

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Obama has come out swinging in his bid to win re-election. At the presser, Obama challenged the idea it’s radical to raise taxes on “millionaires and billionaires.” “I don’t think that’s real radical,” Obama said on Wednesday. “I think the majority of Americans agree with that.” In response Democrats praised Obama’s performance at the presser • Read More »