Planning to Fail

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These guys couldn’t get it right despite all their plans. …and many thought they were “Too Big To Fail” as well. Over at the Belmont Club, Wretchard wonders if the latest initiative out of Washington, DC is doomed to failure and frustration.  As he writes: But one of the subtle problems facing an economic planner • Read More »

What a Weenie!

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I’d respect the guy more if he would take an honest job hawking foodstuffs and cashing in on his good name. Alas, that’s not in the cards. Still, former Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has to figure out a way to pay the bills.  That may be a challenge given his lack of marketable skills and • Read More »

War Power to You

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The Kinetic Miliary Action or whatever the Administration calls it is still going on in Libya. Charles Krauthammer asks an important question in his opinion article in the WaPo the other day.  After all, who takes our country to war?  The money quote: But the question of war-making power is larger than one president’s blundering. • Read More »

Whoop-de-doo for Subaru

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Imagine an automobile manufacturing plant that has not laid-off any employees over the past two decades, builds a high-quality product, and does so for a reasonable price. Yes they can…in Indiana!  From Business Week: In its 22-year history—a period that has spanned three recessions, a global financial crisis, massive U.S. auto bankruptcies, and the departure • Read More »

Oil’s Well

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It seems like an unnecessary step to me, then again I am not a Nobel Peace Prize winner either. I’m talking about President Obama’s plan to release 30 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.  Its such a bad idea, even Gannet-owned USA Today says not to do it.  There is no compelling • Read More »

The dog that DIDN’T bark in the night

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Media bias is sometimes overt, like the New York Times ignoring the ATF’s role in Project Gunwalker, and sometime covert, like ignoring a story altogether.  Consider this: We have a major scandal reaching into the highest reaches of the Oval Office is unfolding before our eyes. Even Jon Stewart can’t cover for the administration anymore.  • Read More »

Safety Valve

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I’m a freak.  That’d be the response you’d get from the vast majority of my Canadian Facebook friends if you asked them about me. Most of them just can’t understand my love for the shooting sports or why I carry a sidearm with me almost everywhere I go or why I’m not gung-ho for a • Read More »

Quote of the Day, 6/10 Edition

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“But then, I keep forgetting the calculate into this view the forgetful, venal stupidity of the public official. That’s where I was wrong.” – Jeff Jarvis More …


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I really haven’t been following the saga of Anthony Weiner (D-NY) much but he has certainly demonstrated that he is not a person of integrity or honor.  However, as of this morning he will continue to represent his district in Congress.  He may well ride this storm out and continue to hold office even as • Read More »


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Looks like former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is not afraid to hit Present Obama on his latest travel excursion.  The tweet says it all: @BarackObama sorry to interrupt the European pub crawl, but what was your Medicare plan? OUCH! I wouldn’t mind seeing Tim Pawlenty take over for Barack Obama.  After all, he took office • Read More »

Going Postal

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As in, going bankrupt. If you want to get an idea of what vexing choices are ahead of the US Postal Service, read this long yet informative article about it.  There are many issues (unions, regulation, mission, scope, etc.) that are affecting the USPS’ financial viability.  This matters because their issues will affect services that • Read More »

Franking Privilege

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For most Congressmen, the Franking Privilege means sending mail to their constituents for free. For Barney Frank (D-MA), it means sending his male to get a job with an agency his committee regulated.  Of course, the Congressman said there was no conflict of interest and said questions about potential conflicts of interests were “nonsense.”  Apparently • Read More »

The Wiener and I

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I can sympathize with what Democratic wünderkid Anthony Weiner is going through. I’ve also tweeted out a picture of my junk to my followers, and boy, it is big.  More …

Schultz Knows Nothing

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Like this fictional Seargant… …he knows nothing! I’m talking about Ed Schultz calling Laura Ingraham a “right-wing slut” on his radio show.  Granted, only a few thousand people heard him utter those words but it was enough to make him issue an apology and for MSNBC to suspend him for a week. Ed Schultz demonstrated • Read More »