Perish the Thought!

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I don’t know what her excuse is, but the Chairwoman of the DNC is upset that her Republican colleagues in House want to make illegal immigration…illegal. Perish the thought! Watch for yourself…this would be laughable if she weren’t serious. But wait, there’s more!  Read this article about bailing out Chrysler and GM…while she drives an • Read More »

Clarity from the Sheriff

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…as in Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu. The other day I heard him on the Mike Broomhead Show and Sheriff Babeu talking about immigration issues.  He has just sent an open letter to President Obama describing how dangerous the border with Mexico has become.  This was in response to the President stating that the border was • Read More »

What’s Good for GM…

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…is good for country (of China). A government-owned automobile company (GM) is sponsoring a movie celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party.  In an odd way, this makes sense since the CCP has a great deal of power regarding access to over a billion new consumers.  Plus, GM now sells • Read More »

A Uniter Indeed

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0-97…against! When not even a single member of your own party, which controls the Senate, votes for the President’s budget…you have a problem.  The money quote from The Hill: ‘The Senate just voted unanimously against proceeding to the president’s budget. That’s right, unanimous opposition to the president’s budget that spends too much, taxes too much • Read More »

Sheriff Joe has done the impossible:

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He led an anti-immigration and drug smuggling raid WITHOUT calling the media first. Of course, in this case, the fact that the raid is against some of his sworn deputies might have something to do with his curious lack of p.r. flacks.  The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office says three of their officers have been arrested • Read More »

I wanna be a lifeguard

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Behold the power of David Hasselhoff!  The highest-paid full-time Newport Beach lifeguard in Orange County receives more than $210,000 and the lowest paid of all 14 on the 2010 payroll is still on $98,000. City records showed 13 of the lifeguards collected more than $120,000 and the two highest-paid were on $211,000 and $203,000, reported • Read More »

Moat issue

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This is what Obama calls secure.  Watch the latest video at This is how the federal government is fighting illegal immigration.  No, Mr. President, we don’t want a moat. What we want is a secure border so Border Patrol agents don’t have to walk around with M4 assault rifles and body armor 100 miles • Read More »

The Return of the Jihadi

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Some people have their knickers in a twist over the U.S. Seals shooting Osama Bin Ladin while he was unarmed.  I think it’s no big deal. In a few years, George Lucas will come out with a Special Edition version of the raid on OBL’s HQ, and in this version, Osama shoots first.  More …

Will the last one out of the Liberal Party please turn off the lights?

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Let us pause for a moment and bask in the warm, healthy glow of 40 years of pent-up schadenfreude. Since the early 1900’s, the Liberal Party has seen themselves as Canada’s rightful leaders, no matter what democracy and the will of the people say. The people of Canada just don’t UNDERSTAND how fortunate they are • Read More »


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Apparently Osama isn’t the only man in the Islamic world who consumes pornography. Seems its quite common for American forces to find pornography during raids and searches of Islamist domiciles.  Regarding the large stash or porn found at Osama Bin Laden’s mansion, one expert stated: “Of course they found porn! Every damned jihadi loves porn.” • Read More »

Business. Rules.

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Wow. I turns out that if your state is friendly to business, business is booming.  A new report from South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint’s office shows that right-to-work states, or states which prohibit forced unionization and dues payments, are economically outperforming states without the worker protection. According to DeMint’s study, right-to-work states enjoy more • Read More »

Don’t Be Evil

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Time for Google to live up to its motto.  Over the last day or so, I have written several posts criticizing Google’s treatment of Ann Althouse. So did my guest blogger Aaron Worthing. I collected several examples of people getting locked out of their Google accounts in the last 24 hours after criticizing nitecruzr on • Read More »

Terrorist Tosser

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It must get lonely living with your wives and friends in your mansion. It looks like the late Osama Bin Laden needed to get some self-satisfaction. The pornography recovered in bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, consists of modern, electronically recorded video and is fairly extensive, according to the officials, who discussed the discovery with • Read More »

The moat in Obama’s eye

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If that’s what Obama considers “safe”, I’d hate to see his idea of a dangerous border.  The “moat” isn’t full of alligators, it’s full of sharks, and Obama has sailed across it. More …

Let them eat queque

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Just when you think Obama couldn’t be more out of touch and aloof and insensitive, he manages to exceed himself.  Countering Republican calls to focus on border security before moving to a comprehensive overhaul, Obama said their demands have been more than met by his administration but “they’ll never be satisfied.” “Maybe they’ll need a • Read More »

The Glory days of Conservative Television

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… are right now.  Consider this: Since I wrote “The Top 25 Conservative Shows on TV“, we now have: Top Shot: A reality show that is re-introducing marksmanship into our culture Only In America with Larry the Cable Guy: Pure Americana from the small towns that make up the bedrock of this country Top Gear • Read More »

Long shot

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“Obama Planned Bin Laden Mission In Midst Of Filling Out NCAA Bracket”  – Mediaite  Well, that’s one way to win the office pool: “Secretary Gates, Kentucky beat Ohio State and blew up my Final Four. I hereby authorize the military to conduct a full scale offensive on Lexington and the surrounding regions in order to • Read More »

When Doves Attack

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Bin Laden dies and erstwhile doves cry…tears of joy over his demise? From the talented Iowahawk: …I also completely underestimated the capacity of America’s erstwhile “peace community” for turning on a dime and embracing the kind of all-American xenophobic flag-waving bloodlust they only recently decried. So today I stand proudly with my new friends of the • Read More »

God keep our land glorious and free

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For the first time in my life, I’m proud of my country *. Canadians gave Prime Minister Stephen Harper his first majority government Monday night, a ringing endorsement of his handling of the economy through one of the most devastating recessions in memory. I’d argue that as of right now, with a Tory majority in • Read More »

Quote of the Day, 5/2 Edition

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“Assassination is now a declared option for nation states, according to a Nobel Peace Prize-winning president of the United States, even if the target is in a location where the US is not officially at war.”  – Bill Sweetman, Aviation Week More …


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“We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail.” – George W. Bush  “Damn right we won’t.”  – The United States military More …