Of Riddles and Mysteries

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According to Winston Churchill, “Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.”

According to me, President Obama’s Libyan War “Is a mistake wrapped in confusion inside a void.”

…and it will get worse methinks.

The Libyan War has all the makings of a catastrophe on many levels.  Whatever coalition that existed a few days ago is rapidly falling apart and the strategy for what happens next is not being articulated.  Right now I don’t know if anybody in either NATO or the Arab League has a definitive objectives for the next phase of military operations.  This spells trouble in the days ahead.

This situation is going to have an impact on the domestic political scene, perhaps moreso than in North Africa.  There are going to be Congressional hearings on why the President went to the United Nations instead of Congress for authorization before launching attacks on Libya.  Both sides of the aisle are angry that the Commander in Chief bypassed them and ignored the Constitution.  Expect both Democrats and Republicans to take the Administration to task for not working with Congress on this matter.

Back to the larger question of US involvement in this conflict.  There is no shortage of corrupt, oppressive, and evil regimes in the world.  Sadly, K-Daffy’s Libya is one of dozens of such countries, but does that justify our country trying to right its manifold wrongs?  I don’t think Libya (or Somalia, or Bosnia, or Kosovo, or Lebanon, or Haiti, or most other Third World hellholes) are worth a single drop of American blood or a penny of our nation’s treasure.  Let the Libyan people fight for their own freedom and enlist the support of their neighbors and Europe in their struggle.

As Richard Haass writes:

At the end of the day though, the Libyan intervention is more than anything about the role of the United States in the world. The United States cannot and should not intervene in every internal dispute where bad or even evil is on display.

Those of us on the center-right need to speak clearly about our opposition to this military action.  We must not be characterized as the party of war by supporting the President’s military actions in Libya.  An alternate policy of military restraint, clearly defined national interest, and limited interference in other nation’s affairs must be articulated loudly and clearly.  The alternative is to acquiesce and become complicit in an unwise military action.  After all, a facile military victory over a small North African country would not make our nation’s interference in Libya a good policy.

Just out of curiosity, I wonder what (Vice President) Joe Biden thinks now…

Strange days indeed!

UPDATE:  Oops, I got it wrong again.  According to the Obama Administration, our military attacks on Libya are “Kinetic Military Action” and NOT war.  Just so we have that clear.

UPDATE II:  Fixed spelling errors, sorry readers for my mistakes.

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