The Daily Show unloads on Obama.

My one-word review? Ouch. Left-leaning pop culture site Gawker calls this performance “The Night Jon Stewart Turned on President Obama.” Looks like the Era of Hope and Change has been read it’s Last Rites.

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September 30th, 2010 by admindude

Lisa Murkowski in ‘Senate Attraction’

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September 30th, 2010 by admindude

Who are the ‘Republicans’ supporting Rep. Mitchell?

This great video was sadly lost in my inbox for nine days (darn you, Overprotective Spam Filter!), but I wanted to post it now. A grassroots activist exposes the so-called “Republicans” supporting Pelosi lapdog Harry Mitchell of Arizona’s fifth congressional district.

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September 29th, 2010 by admindude

Democrat congresswoman issues panicked campaign email

Embattled Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-Ariz., CD1) has sent out a truly bizarre fund-raising e-mail which shows the panic over-taking her campaign. The message starts with news of Kirkpatrick’s impending defeat, followed by the start of a Kirkpatrick concession speech the day after the November election.

While most candidates – especially incumbents – put on a brave face and at least feign confidence, the pro-stimulus, pro-Obamacare Kirkpatrick is all but conceding the race to her grassroots challenger, Dr. Paul Gosar.

I’ve included the email below in its entirety (please excuse the few minor HTML formatting issues — I wanted to keep coding changes as minimal as possible.)

Ann Kirkpatrick for Arizona

FLAGSTAFF, NOVEMBER 3RD – The Secretary of State called the tight race for Congressional District One in Arizona for Republican challenger Paul Gosar at 3:00 AM last night.  In an upset victory, the NRCC- and Sarah Palin-backed candidate unseated Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick by less than 1,000 votes…

After conceding the race, Kirkpatrick delivered these remarks to her supporters and volunteers:

“It has been an honor to represent the folks of this district these past two years.  I was born and raised in the White Mountains, and this is my home-the only home I’ve ever known. It’s where I’ve worked my whole life and where I raised my two daughters.

Now I know folks will start to speculate where things went wrong and why we fell short, but let’s reflect for a moment on what we were able to accomplish in just two short years.  We passed a recovery package that prevented our economy from falling off a cliff and saved the jobs of thousands of teachers, firefighters, and law enforcement officers.  It wasn’t perfect, and I was brutally attacked for supporting it, but it delivered relief at a critical time when our country and state badly needed it.

Then we tackled our broken health care system – an issue that had long been too difficult to handle. The special interests may have targeted me for my vote, but I am proud of all we accomplished. We can only hope that your new Congressman, Paul Gosar, won’t succeed in his plans to repeal the progress we made. That would not be fair to families who can now finally cover a child with pre-existing conditions, who now don’t have to worry about caps on coverage if they are chronically ill, and who can pay their premiums each month knowing that their coverage won’t be taken away when they need it most.

I want to thank you all for…



With five weeks to go, we do not have to let Election Night end like this. But if we are going to stop it, we will need all hands on deck.

I know we all have lots of opinions, thoughts, and feelings about what we need to do next or how we can improve as a country. But many of the values we all share are under attack, and now is the time to come together and fight back against the National Republicans, corporate special interests, and New York City billionaires that are trying to take this election from us and reverse all we’ve done to build a better, safer, healthier and more prosperous America. 

The solution is simple and one we know well here in Greater Arizona – Hard Work!

For the next 34 days, we need as many volunteers as we can recruit to make calls, knock on doors, and share with voters the importance of this election in November. 

For those of you that may not be able to volunteer (though I hope everyone volunteers at least a few hours) – a contribution in whatever amount you can afford will help us keep charging forward.

Carmen Gallus, Campaign Manager



This email was sent to:
Contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Paid for by Kirkpatrick for Arizona
Your contribution will be used in connection with federal elections and is subject to the limitations and prohibitions of the Federal Election Campaign Act. Federal law requires political committees to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and employer for each individual whose contributions exceed $200 in an election cycle.

To unsubscribe, go to:

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September 29th, 2010 by admindude

Peace in our time

The League of Vacants

President Barack Obama has declared an end to the ninety-three year long US combat mission in France and told war-weary Americans “our central mission as a people” is to restore the sagging US economy.

Obama, who inherited the war from President Woodrow Wilson and is fighting another in Afghanistan, said he had fulfilled a 2008 campaign promise to end US combat operations in France.

After ninety-three years of bloodshed that has brought sacrifice from Americans and our allies and consumed vast resources from tight budgets, Obama said: “Operation Over There is over, and the French people now have the lead responsibility for the security of their country.”

Obama hailed the removal of all but 50,000 US troops, who will have a training and advisory role, saying: “This was my pledge to the American people as a candidate for this office, and today, I have fulfilled that pledge.” 

MSNBC news analysts hailed Obama’s decision to end a war that’s been over for almost a century. 

“This proves that Obama has the courage and fortitude to stand up to America’s enemies overseas,” said Keith Olbermann, “If Obama can whip the Kaiser, he can whip Al-Quaeda.” 

Government leaders also had praise for Obama’s leadership and harsh words for how the war was conducted. Speaker of the House called Obama’s statement “A clear rebuke of General Pershing’s commitment to the failed strategy of trench warfare.” Representative Alan Grayson said in a prepared statement that the end of this decades-long conflict was proof that “Obama richly deserves his Nobel Peace Prize and should be canonized by the Pope as soon as possible.” Senate President Harry Reid called on the entire country to pause and reflect on the end of this conflict this November 11th at 11 am. 

Complaints from Republicans that World War One has been over since 1919 were dismissed by historians, who once again cited Obama’s intelligence and grasp of the facts as the reason for World War One’s eventual conclusion.

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September 29th, 2010 by admindude

Spice invaders.

We Arizonans have been scolded by politicians, media figures, actors, musicians and more, all for a misunderstanding of our wildly popular immigration bill. Just as the debate was finally fading away, an upscale spice retailer has decided to rub salt in the wound.

The Arizona Republic, the newspaper-cum-opinion journal that breathlessly created the false narrative of SB1070, proudly advertises this subversive spice blend:

Arizona immigration law: Spice maker uses new blend to counter bill

Penzeys Spices has introduced a new blend called Arizona Dreaming, with the message that Mexican culture is a beloved part of the state’s – and the country’s – food heritage.

The idea started several months ago, while [CEO Bill] Penzey was cooking for his pregnant wife, who was finding some dishes repellent. He also was following the stories on Arizona’s new immigration law, Senate Bill 1070. So he started experimenting with Southwestern flavors…

Penzey wrote a letter to go with the launch, saying: “In our need to restore our sense of self-control, are we actually going to reward our politicians who are not working to bring us together, but instead forsaking America’s beautiful 234-year-old history of diversity? . . . The Arizona I know has plenty of happy feelings to spread.”…

National customer response to Arizona Dreaming was mostly positive, but a few comments were negative, Penzey said.

In the fall catalog, released two weeks ago, he wrote: “From the overwhelmingly positive response we have received to Arizona Dreaming, I am heartened that clearly I am not alone in rejecting the stories of anger and fear that are grabbing the headlines.

The “anger and fear” have been generated by the histrionic sensationalism of the opponents of this mild new law. Nevertheless, congratulations on the new spice: I never knew smugness had a flavor.

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September 28th, 2010 by admindude

Creepy Democrat Photo of the Day

“On behalf of the common good, we will have to take some things away from you. Let me start by consuming your eternal soul.”

Creepy photo via Reuters in Amman, Jordan.

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September 28th, 2010 by admindude

C is for caution. And Canada.

Because you can’t spell “Racist Nazi” without at least one “eh”:

Mounting violence and lawlessness in the northern region of Mexico has prompted the foreign affairs department in Ottawa to issue a travel advisory for parts of Mexico.

On Tuesday, officials changed their advisory for Mexico’s northern border with the United States from “Exercise high degree of caution,” to “Avoid non-essential travel.”

“Canadians should avoid crossing Mexico’s northern border by land, as shootouts, attacks and illegal roadblocks may occur at any time,” the advisory reads. “Criminals especially target SUVs and full-size pickup trucks for theft and carjacking along highways of the states of Nuevo León, Tamaulipas, Baja California, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango, Sonora and Sinaloa.” 

And if you believe that there’s a chance, a slim chance that this sort of violence can spill across the non-existent border into Arizona and other border states, you’re a racist

H/T to IrishSpy on Twitter.

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September 28th, 2010 by admindude

Which is the moron, and which is the elite?

One of the central tenets of the Democratic faith is that Democrats are innately smarter the Republicans. After all, Democrats are for education unions programs, science, tolerance, diversity, and all that smart stuff. Only idiots and the easily fooled vote Republican, and anyone who’s smart is by their very nature a Democrat. 

Or not. 

It’s not their fault: Anyone can get taken in by a good marketing campaign, and Obama ran one of the best.

The difference is, some of us knew that Obama was an empty suit long before these people did, which causes me to ask who are the real rubes: Those who think they are smart, or those who are smart enough to know their limitations? 

* With apologies to the Bard for mangling a King Lear quote in the post title. 

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September 27th, 2010 by admindude

Mission Accomplished

Let’s set the scene: It’s Saturday morning, and my sons, Connor (age 7) and Dylan (4) are downstairs watching The Fresh Beat Band on Nick Jr. 

Fresh Beat Band

Mrs. Exkev, wanting to show Connor what a keyboard player does: “Connor, what was the guy in the back, the black guy, what’s he playing?” 

Connor: *blank stare* 

Mrs Exkev: “The guy in the red shirt.” 

Connor: “He’s playing piano.” 

My seven year old has no idea, no concept of skin color. 


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September 25th, 2010 by admindude