The Top 25 Conservative TV Shows of the last 25 Years

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Television has been dismissed as a cultural wasteland, and for conservatives, it’s a barren wasteland indeed, especially over the last quarter-century. Joe Friday doesn’t save the world from hippies every week: Today, the hippies are the heroes and conservatives (especially conservative Christians) are the villains. But there is still hope. There are still good conservative tv shows out there, you just have to look for them.

The Rules

No miniseries.
Basic cable or broadcast TV only.
No documentaries.
No news or opinion shows.
No sports.
Ideally, it should have DVD sets available for purchase.
Good TV. No “Highway to Heaven” or the like, they must be shows that you can talk about with some measure of pride.

The List

25. Chuck
Adam Baldwin’s Casey is one of the greatest scene-stealers in recent TV history. Any show with a character who keeps a picture of Ronald Reagan on his desk had to make the list.

24. Pitchmen
Hard-working, everyday Americans coming up with great ideas, and then working even hard to make them real. Capitalism at its very best, and a great testament to the American dream.

23. Hunter
Dirty Harry with an NFL star as the lead actor. Moral relativism? Rights of the accused? Talk to the .44, baby. Works for me.

22. The Goode Family
Ooooh so close. With Mike Judge at the trigger and the silliness of political correctness as its target, The Goode Family had the potential to be a cornerstone of conservative comedy. The director was willing, but alas, the scripts were weak.

21. Magnum P.I.
A show with a lead character who’s a well-adjusted, happy Vietnam veteran, something of a rarity in early 80’s television. Prior to Magnum, every Vietnam vet on TV was a ticking time bomb waiting to go off; Magnum showed all of us that while war may be hell, but it doesn’t have to be an eternal hell. 

20. CSI: Miami
Aside from Emily Procter’s dead-sexy ballistics expert/gun nut, CSI: Miami has (pauses, removes glasses) David Caruso’s Horatio Cain, who is Catholic and proud of it. Speaking of which….

19. The X-Files
A show that had a healthy dose of anti-big government paranoia. Agent Sculley was a both a person of faith and a person of reason, a rare thing in today’s post-Descartes world.

18. The West Wing
No, really. Hear me out.
Ok, the show itself isn’t conservative, (far from it), but The West Wing had well-written, well-spoken conservative characters who could hold their own against any liberal out there. In a medium filled with right-wing strawmen (coughcoughLawAndOrdercoughcough), Ainsely Hayes, Lt. Cmdr. Jack Reese (and others) were smart, erudite conservatives who proudly stood up against their liberal foes.
Or maybe I’m just a sap for a gratuitous Gilbert and Sullivan reference.

17. The Apprentice
Pitchmen for MBA’s. Another unapologetically capitalist show where hard work and brainpower are the keys to success. The perfect antidote to today’s entitlement society.

16. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Every week, Buffy drove a stake through moral relativism by acknowledging that evil exists in the world and we have a duty to fight it. Plus she was The Wittenburg Door’s Theologian of the Year. How can you argue against that?

15. Deadliest Catch
From the rough and tough he-man protagonists to the fact that their very existence is a vegan’s worst nightmare, there is nothing politically correct about this show.

14. Family Ties
The show that gave us Exurban Jon Alex P. Keaton. When your parents are hippies, the only way you can rebel against them is to be a conservative.

13. Max Headroom
Can’t trust the media, can’t trust the government, so what do you do? Rely on your friends and work hard. Oh, and have your brain uploaded to a computer. That helps. 

12. Dirty Jobs
With a President who thinks that a hard day’s work is hanging up window treatments, it’s good to know there are men and women out there who still know how to work for a living. 

11. The Cosby Show
A TV show that showed black people as everyday people living everyday lives. How unusual. 

10. JAG
Endorsed by the USN and USMC. And that settles that.

9. The Equalizer
A great snapshot of New York City at its worst, before Rudy Guiliani cleaned up the Five Boroughs and made it liveable again. Robert McCall is an ex-government agent who wants to change New York, one person at a time. Plus it has the best opening sequence of this list

8. King of the Hill
Mike Judge’s sloppy wet kiss to rural Texas. Simple, honest people living simple, honest, funny lives.

Proof that olive drab and grey matter don’t have to clash.

6. Walker, Texas Ranger
I had to put this show on the list or else Chuck Norris might hurt me.

5. Mythbusters
Nobody’s done more to de-mystify the world of firearms and bring the Second Amendment into America’s living rooms than Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. Together, they’ve shown us that with proper respect for safety, a gun is just another tool and not something to be feared or revered.

4. Top Gear
Unabashedly anti-global-warming and pro-fun, Top Gear is Thatcherism’s Last Best Hope. Teetering on the edge of fascism (or sharia), England needs a man like Jeremy Clarkson to show it the way to fast cars and freedom. Anyone who says differently can answer to The Stig.

3. South Park
Maybe not pro-conservative, but definitely anti-liberal. Each new show grinds liberal sacred cows such as global warming, rain forest deforestation and GLBT rights into tasty, juicy hamburger and then serves it up with a fresh, steaming helping of snark. Way over the top at times (as in all the time), South Park is a breath of fresh air and freedom in a world gone PC-mad.

2. Firefly
What happens if you want nothing to do with someone else’s “perfect”government? Where do you go, and how do you live as a free men or women?

1. 24
Like this was a surprise.

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