Big Mommy is Watching You.

May 11, 2010 | By admindude | Filed in: Uncategorized.

Good morning to my fellow marketers! And remember, if you’re tossing around any ad ideas for a restaurant, grocery store or cereal company, make sure you clear them with the White House. Oh yes, creative types — you are about to be nationalized:

The review by the Task Force on Childhood Obesity says one out of every three children is overweight or obese. The task force is a key part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to solve the problem of obesity within a generation. President Obama ordered the comprehensive review of the issue.

The report includes familiar themes, emphasizing the importance of improved nutrition and physical activity. It also calls for some new and dramatic controls on the marketing of unhealthy foods.

The task force wants junk food makers and marketers to go on what amounts to an advertising diet. It says media characters that are often popular with kids should only be used to promote healthy products. If voluntary efforts fail to limit marketing of less healthy products to young viewers, the task force suggests the FCC should consider new rules on commercials in children’s programming. It also challenges food retailers to stop using in-store displays to sell unhealthy food items to children.

It’s for the children, you see. It’s crucial for an all-powerful government to protect them from Tony the Tiger, Ronald McDonald and especially those doupleplus ungood Coca-Cola polar bears. Our health is paramount!

Barack Obama read the report while sitting in the Rose Garden, nodding frequently and puffing his way through a pack of Camels.

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