Know thyself

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… know your enemy, and you will be invincible. 

Sun Tzu 

“A man’s got to know his limitations.” 

Inspector Harry Callahan

Greg Patterson knocks it out of the park with this post on Sarah Palin. Why is Palin attractive to conservatives? Because she knows what government can, and most importantly, cannot do. 

Government doesn’t have a monopoly on bad ideas. Government can simply do them on such a large scale that it really screws up people’s lives. Oh, and what happens to bad ideas in the market place? They go away. That’s why you don’t drive an Edsel or a Pinto.

Actualy, in the market place, even good ideas run their course and go away…that’s why you don’t go to the drive in movies, rent from Hollywood Video, or have a newspaper on your drive way. Ok, I guess there’s still one drive in theater in Tempe, and I think there’s a Hollywood Video in Avondale and I’m sure someone in Sun City get his news exclusively from the Republic.

Government programs never go away…that’s why we still have farm subsidies and Head Start. Those programs don’t work, but at least they are expensive. 

When all you have is a hammer, the entire world is a nail, and big-government politicians of the left and right think that government is the solution to (and not cause of) all the world’s troubles. We’ve had one President in my lifetime who understood how this hurts people’s lives and limits freedom. Let’s hope, (and pray) we have another, and soon. 

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