Abandon hope all ye who enter here

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I’m about to start carving our Jack O’ Lantern for tonight, but I wanted to have something else to decorate our house with tonight. Something scary and timeless, that represented our deepest fears. Something I could put in the yard that would portray sheer hopelessness and despair.  Something that would tell everyone who passed by • Read More »

¡Viva la Reformación!

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In honor of Reformation Day, allow me to pursue my Vocation in design and commerce. Quite a while back, I created three “Viva la Reformación” designs featuring Martin Luther, John Calvin, and John Knox. As Bono might say, Che stole the iconic rebel pose and so we’re stealin’ it back. The three designs are available • Read More »

Saturday Movie Blogging – The Gumball Rally

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So much better than the Cannonball Run series. Raul Julia said it best, “In a Ferrari, what is behind me, is not important.”

Golfing: 96 hours. Afghanistan strategy sessions: 20 hours.

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White House Spokesferret Robert Gibbs announced that Obama met with the Joint Chiefs of Staff to discuss the war in Afghanistan. Gibbs bragged that Obama will have spent 20 hours on Afghanistan strategy sessions (after today, of course). Gibbs even called this 20 hours over nine months “an extensive and exhaustive review” of the situation. • Read More »

The Bible: 600 pages. PelosiCare: 1,900 pages.

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For all the Democrats’ environmentalist rhetoric, they sure love killing trees. David Harsanyi runs some numbers: The King James version of the Bible runs more than 600 pages and is crammed with celestial regulations. Newton’s Principia Mathematica distilled many of the rules of physics in a mere 974 pages. Neither have anything on Nancy Pelosi’s • Read More »

Quote of the Day, 10/31 Edition

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“While they don’t explicitly say so, it seems natural for New York and Pennsylvania papers to endorse Corzine, considering all that he’s done to bring New Jersey jobs to those states.” – Jim Geraghty

Trent Franks jumps on board the Hoffman Express

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From a press release we just got today: “When conservative candidates lose in a Republican primary and then run as a third party candidate in the general election, they almost always end up splitting the Republican vote, allowing the Democrat to win and badly hurting the very causes they sought to protect. “Thus, I have • Read More »

Sting on Obama: “He’s sent from God!”

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Between gigs, Sting performs as an Andrew Sullivan impersonator. Of the people I turn to for geopolitical strategy, Sting ranks somewhere between the fat guy from *NSYNC and Tara Reid. Nevertheless, the British singer, bassist and ur-metrosexual recently shared his wisdom on American polity: Sting isn’t a religious man, but he says President Barack Obama • Read More »


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How can gun violence be up 86% in Great Britain? They’ve got cameras. They’ve got laws. They’ve taken away everybody’s guns. And knives. And pointed sticks. So how come gun crime has almost doubled since then? It’s almost as if criminals break the law or something…

Apparently, they’ve run out of real work to do.

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The interminable internecine warfare between Maricopa County government officials and offices reaches a new low. Maricopa County Manager David Smith is requesting that high-ranking employees in the County Attorney’s Office tell him whether they have leaked confidential information about county business. The request came late Monday in a two-page letter that asked eight employees to • Read More »

“Col. Sanders paging Col. Qaddafi”

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When describing the United Nations, “competent” isn’t the first adjective that springs to mind: A man impersonating the Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Sanders managed to dupe his way into the UN headquarters in New York and shake hands with a senior official. Dressed in the fast food icon’s familiar white suit and black bow • Read More »

All we are saying is give sloth a chance

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Let’s face it, the problems we’re facing aren’t caused by a lack of government action, they’re caused by government sticking it’s nose into places where it just just doesn’t belong. How can we stop this? How can we get the camel’s nose back out of the tent? Simple. Elect the lazy. Look, if it works • Read More »

The Manliest Man That Ever Wuz.

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The Dos Equis pitchman just relinquished his title as “The World’s Most Interesting Man.” Long-time ExLg fans might remember our post on the exploits of real-life action hero, Max Hardberger. (Even his name’s out of central casting!) Here’s a recap: NEW ORLEANS — If repossessing a used Chevrolet can be tricky, consider retrieving the Aztec • Read More »

Why I live in Arizona.

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Over the weekend, I took my daughters to Roosevelt Lake for their first camping trip. Here was the commute: Don’t see that in Jersey. I hadn’t driven the Apache Trail since my dad took me as a boy. In the increasingly homogenized Valley of the Sun, it’s important to  regularly share Arizonan exceptionalism with my • Read More »

When everyone is a racist, nobody is

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The recent surge in support for the Neo-Nazi British National Party should serve as a wake-up call to America. No one could accuse the Tories of today of being an hard-core right wing party, so in the absence of an effective check to Gordon Brown’s runaway left-wing politics, the body politic is looking to the • Read More »

Tactical Coffee

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Caleb from meets a would-be mugger in broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon. No shots were fired, but his account is further proof that tactical awareness and stress inoculation training can do a lot for you when it’s for real.

We stand on guard for you

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To paraphrase Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez (alias The Rat), when you have to fight, fight. Don’t talk. And right now the Obama administration is all about talking in Afghanistan and not about fighting. But that’s nothing unusual. And even the Canadians are getting upset about it. Capt. G.B. Rolston, who served in Kandahar • Read More »