HOA picks fight with the wrong Marine.

May 28, 2009 | By admindude | Filed in: Jon, Military, Politics.

Today’s “Outrage of the Day” comes from Dallas:

Frank Larison is a disabled veteran with more than 14 years of service, including more than a year of combat duty in Vietnam.

The 58-year-old former Marine now finds himself under attack by his Dallas homeowners association for displaying seven decals on his vehicle supporting the Marine Corps.

“To me, it’s being patriotic, and it shows that I served,” the veteran told FOX 4.

The board says the decals are advertisements that violate HOA rules, and must be covered or removed.

Otherwise, the homeowners association for The Woodlands II on The Creek — where Larimore has lived for eight years — says in a letter it will tow the car at Larimore’s expense. The board also threatens to fine him $50 for any future incident.

Here’s the local news station’s report on the issue:

I’m thinking that The Woodlands II on The Creek will be suffering from molten phone lines today.

47 comments on “HOA picks fight with the wrong Marine.

  1. Carl S says:

    If anyone tried to steal my truck because I had USMC stickers and my “GOD Bless John Wayne” sticker on the back, and my Purple Heart liscence plates, they would be met by a 12 guage since I would be defending my property from thieves

  2. Julia says:

    While I sympathize with the Marine … DON’T LIVE IN A HOA neighborhood if you care about your freedom.

    He is partly at fault for moving into a HOA neighborhood. He chose to live there and he signed the agreements.

  3. James McGill says:

    We seem to be fighting the wrong enemies. Why are we wasting time, energy and our soldiers’ blood in the middle east when there are such deserving enemies as The Woodlands II on the Creek HOA in Dallas that should be bombed instead. I would like to see an air strike called up on this gang of treasonous, Liberal weenies who are embarrassed to be Americans and are trying to destroy our country!

  4. anti-hoa says:

    “He is partly at fault for moving into a HOA neighborhood. He chose to live there and he signed the agreements.”

    Really, who would see a bumper sticker as an “ad”

  5. James McGill says:

    Since when is partriotism considered advertising? Treasonous Libby weenies are trying to destroy America because they are embarrassed to be Americans! They should move out.

  6. ExurbanKevin says:

    While I realize HOA’s have a lot of power, I’ve yet to see one that can call in airstrikes.

    Any guesses how long it’ll be until a Marine “accidentally” reads off the wrong grid coordinate and “accidentally” sends a 500lb GBU down on top the head of that HOA’s house? 🙂

    Follow-up question: Would the HOA then have to cite themselves for littering?

  7. James in San Antonio says:

    Stupid busybody lib HOA. That is what we get for letting those types in the state.

    Semper fi

  8. Rich Flocker says:

    He needs to add MAFIA sticker to his car – stands for Mandatory Association Foreclosing in America. These thugs should be sent to visit Jimmy Hoffa – along with all the HOA lawyers and Manager filth. Make Texas a better place – BBQ the fascist pigs with flame throwers. Here’s my bumper sticker collection…I won’t back down!!

  9. K in Dallas says:

    How about we do something constructive? Can anybody verify contact info for the HOA? Do they have a phone or address. The most I could find online is this: —-



    WOODLANDS II ON THE CREEK ASSOCIATION is in the Civic, Social, and Fraternal Associations industry in DALLAS, TX. This company currently has approximately 1 to 5 employees and annual sales of Under $500,000.
    Contact Information

    DALLAS, TX 75243

  10. Sharon says:

    According to another blog about this here is the contact info they have:

    Woodlands on the Creek II

    Royal/Fair Oaks Crossing
    104 Homes
    President – Darenda Hardy

  11. American Vet says:

    These HOA people complaining about a man who’s proud to have served his country, OUR Country, should go back home to their own country of origin and wave their flags there. This is America, Love It Or Leave It !!

  12. K says:

    Julia, did you say that out loud to yourself before you typed. The answer is no, or you would have realized just how stupid it sounded. Just because you live in an HOA neighborhood, does not mean you no longer live in AMERICA!

  13. Deborah says:

    Whoo Boy. I guess the man who works for Budweiser and has that giant Bud wrap on his company car can’t live there either, huh.

  14. Lisa says:

    You should research things before you make stupid blanket statements. He has been singled out as NO other tenent has been asked to remove their stickers: ie: Obama 08. Blatent discrimination. The HOA needs to remove every single sticker or none at all, as they all signed the same agreements. PS. USMC is not advertising… you can’t buy service. Obama 08… you can buy the presidency.

  15. juandeveras says:

    In Calif. the property management company frequently manipulates the HOA officers, but pretends that the HOA is telling it what to do. Here some anti-war lib called the property management company to complain and they in turn responded. HOA actions are frequently carried out in a very sloppy manner from a legal perspective. I would suggest the parties verify each step the HOA took in order to ascertain whether it was really legal.

  16. FT says:

    As many former Marines as possible should go there to the next Association meeting and voice their opinion to this slap in the face by these ignorant, gutless, spineless, disgusting cowardly clowns that would even think to ask a Marine to remove the stickers. If they try to tow the car, that action should be met with enough force or show of force from the Marines to make any tow truck driver think twice about hooking on to that car. These people who made this decision are in such dire need of as good an a– kicking as anyone ever got. I can’t wait to follow this story as i know these pieces of s— will regret their stupid decision.

  17. Randall Vidas says:

    If displaying the USMC seal is considered advertisement, then every person living in the neighborhood is guilty. Every car, truck, bicycle, or other mode of transportation advertises their company by placing a logo and/or dealership name on the vehicle! Mr. Larison should sue the HOA for discrimination since they have chosen to single him out over all of the other obvious neighborhood violators! SHAME ON THE WOODLANDS ON THE CREEK HOA!!! THANK YOU TO ALL VETS!

  18. James L. Johnson CPO USN-Retired says:

    Semper Fi, Shipmate! We’ve heard about this HOA’s Anti-American actions all the way in Oceanside, California. I live right next door to USMC Base Camp Pendleton and am sure there are at least two or three Texans onbase who would love to take leave, come to Dallas and kick some Anti-American Ass!

  19. UncaRay says:

    Having a bumper sticker acknowledging pride in an organization is not advertising. How many “My son/daughter is an honor student at “Whatever” elementary school” stickers will you have to remove? How many flags from lawns and houses have to come down because they “advertise” patriotism? How many Mary Kay decals and stickers have to come off of vehicles? (That is advertising, but tell them to remove those stickers and see what it gets you!) Sounds like you need to get control of your own life and keep your nose out of others’.


  20. Buzz says:

    Nor does it mean you have given up your rights to free speech and expression. I understand the President of the HOA is a simple-minded dummycrat Hussein supporter and we all know what Hussein wants to do to this country as far as free speech, among other things.

  21. Buzz says:

    Flood her with emails in support of the Marine.

  22. Buzz says:

    But you have to understand, most simple-minded dummycrat liberals aren’t proud of people like this Marine, who served his country, nor are they proud of this country so they try to destroy anyone who does stand up for the U.S.of A. They are followers of Hussein, the apologists-in-chief-surrender-monkey we now have in the White House.

  23. Dick Crow says:

    Better not be any stickers about meet me at the local Baptist Church, What would Jesus Do or even parking permits for your workplace. Forget Go-Team-Go for local or any kind of sports backers. Some mental paraplegic running the homeowners ass.n doesn’t have any real problems to pursue. Someone ought to burn a cross in her yard.

  24. Dick Crow says:

    Better not be any stickers about meet me at the local Baptist Church, What would Jesus Do or even parking permits for your workplace. Forget Go-Team-Go for local or any kind of sports backers. Some mental paraplegic running the homeowners ass.n doesn’t have any real problems to pursue. Someone ought to burn a cross in her yard.
    I’m insulted and I live all the way up in Minnesota.
    Maybe this complainer should move to Cuba, Russia, China or Mars

  25. Anthony Bonefede, Marine Vet says:

    Marine Larison deserves a huge apology by the anti-American HOA. His plight has been heard in NJ. Semper Fi Devil dog, fight the good fight. My impression of Texas has always been a patriotic, kick yur butt, stand up and be an American state. I know Im right, so this HOA must be made up of outsiders. Stand your ground Marine Larison. Duty, Honor and Corps i not advertising, it is a way of life for many Americans. The HOA will lose this battle, because it is a battle of ignorance. Semper Fi, Marine

  26. Sherry says:

    Julia? are you dense? He bought a home, and yes it is in an HOA, however he did not give up his rights as an American to display on his privately owned car his pride in having served in the Marines. The HOA really should only have a say in what is On the Buildings, and physically attached to the grounds, not what any one person has on their individual Car. I love how you put the blame on him!

  27. Gus Philpott says:

    Larison’s vehicle stickers are NOT advertising. What’s up with the idiot who is Board President? Since at least one Board member didn’t know about the letter, did the Prez send it without Board discussion? Larison’s First Amendment rights must be protected.

  28. Dan Sheldrake says:

    Mr Larison, I make decals for a living and I am also former USAF member at your service. I have had go rounds with city,county,state police who did not like decals I made for people to display on their vehicles your vehicle is tastefully decorated and shows your pride for your service. Should you find your display vandalized or dammaged in any way contact me and I will personally make you any decal you require free of charge. Show your pride as we all do and do not be detered by this HOA. Need support I can come down from Illinois with a few other vets in a 36 foot rolling display of pride (Motor Home) and we can have a Lil military excersize Reunion. stickitdecal@aol.com

  29. Janet says:

    Do you have any other address for Woodlands on the Creek II. When I was sent this article, several names and emails were included. Seems they were for a condo association in Florida. I wrote a letter and blasted them and also copied it to the governor of Texas. I want to re send it, but need to know that exact email in which to address this outrage. I hope Mr. Larison will not cave into this IDIOTS.

    Thank you,


  30. rafy says:

    All I can say is go down to the Vietnam Memorial, look at those hallowed names inscribed, and tell our fallen brothers its an advertisement. Our seal is bought and paid for with the blood of our brothers. We wear it on our persons, our cars, our character and take it to our graves. Semper Fidelis!!!

  31. Margo Conklin says:

    I guess Texas is really serious about seceding from the Union. To say that Mr. Larison’s Marine Corps decals are “advertising” is ludicrous. What if he had six “God Bless America” decals? What then? HOA’s really enjoy the power but as they say – power corrupts. So you don’t paint your mail box pink, but to be proud of your service to America should be applauded.

  32. Common Sense says:

    If USMC is an advertisement, then so are the L for Lexus and BMW since they advertise cars. So, that means no cars allowed? What about the dealership logo with name and city, that’s more of an add than any veteran emblem. Most car license plates and trunks have stickers telling where you can get your own. Use common sense, apply to all totally if to any at all.

  33. Janet says:

    Here is what I wrote to the HOA ….

    Please email the president of the Dallas home owner’s association (HOA) D. Hardy: Hardyd4099@aol.com

    Please share this story with everyone you know. You can read the story by going to this address.


    If anyone wants a copy of the email I sent to the HOA send me an email at Tenderheart7744@aol.com. I will be more then happy to share it.

    Every month my HOA sends out flyere by hand they just drop them in your driveway… hmmm isn’t that advertising? What a bunch of fools.

  34. Matt says:

    Absolutely ridiculous. A marine decal/decals considered ads? Is the guy with the University of Virginia sticker advertising the school? Or maybe he’s just proud to be an alumnus. This board should be replaced. What a joke.

  35. Janet says:

    Mr Larison has been there for 8 EIGHT years so what the HOA did was to target him because he is a Marine. It does not get any simpler that then. He is not at fault at all.

  36. Gal says:

    What part of the news story do you not understand YOU MORON… there were many, many other autos there with so called ADVERTISEMENTS on their vehicles very CLEARLY TELEVISED ON THE NEWS STORY right along with this marine but nothing done to them…

    HOA’s have no right to be judge, jury and executioner without due process YOU FRICKEN FOOL! People like YOU make are what is wrong with AMERICA. I BET THE AMERICAN FLAG in the woman’s office also offends you as well.

  37. Gal says:

    I apologize for my harshness and my outright rudeness to Julia… I AM NOT ANGRY AT HER at all and I am sorry. Very sorry.

    I am angry that this man was singled OUT. I am angry that someone would deem a bumper sticker an advertisement of any sort. I am angry that a bumper sticker showing membership to a SERVICE of our COUNTRY is deemed a violation (HELL THIS MAN FOUGHT FOR THE FREEDOMS those idiots have and which they exercised in MANDATING HE REMOVE THEM OR PAY THE CONSEQUENCES.) I am angry at what our country is coming to. I am angry at the WOMAN PROTESTING THE AMERICAN FLAG BEING DISPLAYED IN AN OFFICE because she was NOT FRICKEN AMERICAN YET she works here, she earns her LIFE HERE which I am sure is much better than where she came from IF NOT SHE WOULD NOT BE HERE…

    I am ANGRY and I AM ANGRY and I AM ANGRY! Julia, your post seems to have brought lots of disdain for you but maybe it is not about you but instead what is happening to our COUNTRY!

    I think I can kiss my country goodbye… BECAUSE TODAY’s AMERICA is not the AMERICA IT ONCE WAS! IT IS NOT THE SAME COUNTRY I LOVED AND LIVED FOR… IT SURE IS not getting any better by the millions of ILLEGALS that TRASH OUR FLAGS by flying theirs on top of ours… etc… I HAVE NO MORE ENERGY FOR THE AMERICA HATERS any more. ALL I CAN DO IS BE GLAD I AM 52 years OLD and WILL NOT HAVE TO LIVE IN IT TOO MUCH LONGER the way it is now.

  38. Brandi D says:

    This sounds like discrimination to me. Apparently people can display political bumperstickers but not a Marine bumpersticker. I think the man should talk to an attorney about this!

  39. Dick Crow says:

    There has got to be some ex-Marine lawyer somewhere that might take this case on pro-bono. Get one other ex-Marine in the apts that has a decal and you have a class action lawsuit. I think he probably has suffered a lot of mental anguish from this. They should be finantially responsible for that ( $$$$$$$ ). I am ex-Air Force, but we are all in this boat together and a rather exclusive club, I might add. Grab them by the kahunas and squeeze hard.

  40. Rich Flocker says:

    Our country is going to hell because we’ve become tolerant of HOAs and their fascist “rules” that the mafia claim are “agreements made when you buy your home”. This is the problem – we didn’t agree to surrendering our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, and all claims that we did are FRAUDULENT. We need to start shoving these CC&Rs down the throats of the enforcers, literally. Fascist Pigs obey…wallow in your filthy rules.

  41. Melissa Bee says:

    Both of my parents were D Day plus 17 days on Omaha Beach and were in France through the Battle of the Bulge/VEDay. And my dad was recalled for Korea; we spent those years at Fort Campbell.

    I find the HOA’s behavior very offensive.

  42. Nice interaction guys 🙂

  43. Craig Castanik says:

    DITTO I recently got a notice to remove my patio furniture,gas grill, and fire pit from my patio because we didnt have one of there required 6’fences up. All these items cost us $800.00 so they are not ugly. Fines will be assest in 7 days. This is against my constitutional rights and if anybody knows how we can CRUSH these ignorant communists please let me know.

  44. Craig says:

    K THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  45. Craig says:

    Hey, i have some I hate HOA stickers for sale any tackers LOL

  46. Craig says:

    Sir Thank you for your service to this great country. I just E-mailed my representative and asked her why our govt. can allow these communistic thinking people to continue, lets all pressure our elected officials.